SteemPeak now displaying STEEM-ENGINE tokens in wallet page

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Some users will notice a new section in the wallet page of SteemPeak... let's talk about it.


Wednesday @aggroed announced the opening of the market interface over at

In regards to that interface we should note that our very own @asgarth had something to do with it in helping that project:

Special thanks go to @asgarth for building the market UI on the website!!!


Beyond @asgarth helping them in particular with their user experience none of us have helped on Steem-Engine at all but we wanted to help their project with some general user experience help and transparency ... we do have a mission to give Steem users one place to have all the tools they need in ONE PLACE.

We don't have any stance on which tokens are actually useful or have tested functionality. You should really study and make wise decisions on your own. Also a new market does not always reflect a long term idea of what prices can or will be.


So with the release of the market @asgarth put together a quick addition to the wallet page and included BALANCES for tokens.

IF and only IF the user has any of the sidechain tokens then they will be displayed in a transparent manner in their wallet page on
For example the creator of Steem-Engine @harpagon:
Or the above example:

You can change the user name to any name and see the tokens they are holding


Now's probably a nice time to remind you that we run a witness server to help process the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote so we are in a position to process more of them.

@SteemPeak ->
This works for all witnesses btw

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to copy paste the Active Key at least.

SteemPeak is presently Witness #40 only after about 4-5 months with our server.


That is why I only use the @steempeak!

Because we keep on coming out with new features all the time... and can be counted on to be on top of new stuff like this?

Yeah! Oh, and I almost forgot, the witness vote is yours too ;)

You guys and gals, seriously are awesome. This is why you're one of the most beloved projects on Steem because you're always iterating and moving forward. Great work!

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You guys are always on top of development, great update!

Thanks we like being known for that!


Time to add you as a witness!

This is a great addition! Proper support for Steem Engine tokens, even smaller support like this, I think is important 👍

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Keep those updates coming! You are definitely my favorite web based, Steem front end.

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This is a killer update ♥️

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It would be helpful for steemians. Thank you

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I just noticed this in my own wallet and was suitably impressed!


Glad to hear it!

Linking up with you, i'm just learning all of this.

Wish we could tell everyone about it.

Each time when trying to login (using steemconnect) the app hangs with notice "Post cannot be found". Using Brave on a Galaxy S5.

@novacadian are you sure this is the correct error message? Can you take a quick screenshot to share with us?

It says "Post not found" but did not remain long enough to get into the screen shot. It then hangs on the page in the screen shot.


I'm pretty sure this is not steempeak but @partiko ;)

Are you sure to not have configured Partiko to open the steempeak links on your phone? So you login on steempeak but when steemconnect redirect you after the login Partiko try to open the page?

Not intentionally. Using your login link from the screen capture below it takes me to steemconnect then the page in the previous screen capture. My prefered portal is steemit. Not sure what is taking me to Partiko. Whatever it is it is making access to steempeak impossible.


You were correct. After uninstalling the Partiko app login was successful. My apologies for the confusion.


Awesome ;)

We aern token ENG when will use steempeak?

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Hi @jozef230, no you cannot earn token using SteemPeak. You can check on steem-engine how to get them.

Thats good to have this information. Steem community is working hard on improving the network and Snax wants Steem to grow, and to become larger than ever before. We want to help Steem by letting people earn more money on their posts, with Snax and without leaving Steem or other socials:

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