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I have released my own token known as the LOOK token. :)
I have a solid plan for it, but I need assistance in the starting stages.


I currently need a bit of help with a few things.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me for free if they are simple things... but I am understanding that this may require compensation for someone's time/efforts. If you would like to help me for "free" though, I will issue you a portion of the tokens for your help. Something reasonable to the rest of the people that will be using it, but also something reasonable to you for your efforts. If you are seeking payment and I do not have any free options, I will be compensating you with steem as well as a portion of the stake as well. This will be negotiated prior to any work being done.

A little info.


I will enable staking for sure, because I intend to have my own front-end as well. Not only that, I want people to be able to earn with my token similarly to the way they would with steem and many of the other tokens available.


There will be no "mining" of the LOOK token. It will simply be distributed through traditional means of social media. (Posting, commenting, etc.)


The supply is incredibly high, but that is because I am considering long-term growth and I want there to be enough tokens to accommodate any large growth, as well as to be able to support any projects that I see major potential in.


There may be a few airdrops from time to time as well.
I do not want to constantly be airdropping this token, as I would prefer it be earned/traded/used more and I feel that when you are constantly being supplied with something that you will not seek it out as passionately. This should (theoretically) increase the overall demand for the token over time.


My discord is: LookPlz#7496
Please, feel free to contact me whenever, about the help with development!


Contact me on Discord @lookplz. !giphy phone+call

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Sure, what is your discord name?


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