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In this video we would like to present the HVOTE Token in an understandable way. For more details please check our whitepaper.

Sold Tokens increase the value of the underlying steem account

The HVOTE Token is directly linked to the steem account @happyvoter. When somebody buys newly issued tokens on steem-engine, the proceeds of the sale goes 100% into the steem account and it is used to power up. With every new issued and sold token the value in Steem Power of the account increases.

The objective for the steem account is to grow in value

The objective of this account is to grow. There are several income sources:

  • Vote selling over smartsteem
  • Curation rewards
  • Author rewards
  • Revenue from referral programs
  • Market Making on Steem-Engine

Big token holders get upvoted

If you own at least 2% of the HVOTE tokens in circulation you become a Big token holder. As such you will get upvotes to all your posts from @happyvoter.

Weekly updates

The account is updated once a week. The Token value is calculated. The big Token holders are defined for the following week and the automatic upvotes are set. New sales and buying orders are put on the Steem-Engine market. Tokens are sold slightly above the real token value and are bought back sligthly under this value. This is to ensure that token holders don't loose in the process.


Why buy HVOTE tokens?

Since the underlying account will never power down, the token value expressed in Steem can only go up.

The Token can be traded 24/7 on steem-engine. Transactions are free and we provide every week new orders to keep the market liquid.

Token holder can influence the price of the token simply by upvoting and resteeming the posts of @happyvoter. If they refer other people to the token, they will indirectly profit.

Become a big token holder to get all your posts upvoted by @happyvoter and profit from the structural gain in value of your tokens.

HVOTE allows you to get upvotes and to earn steem at the same time!


A project run by @achim03

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