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HVOTE Tokens are issued and traded on the Steem Engine Platform. The video below will show you step by step how to proceed to buy, sell or trade HVOTE tokens.

You need a Steem account

To trade tokens on Steem-Engine, you need a steem account. You can create a free account on steemit. It might take a couple of weeks till your account is verified. You can pay for an account and create one immediately using a service like Account BuildTeam. You can pay for your account with the most current cryptocurrencies.

Sign up to Steem-Engine

Use your posting keys or the Keychain tool to sign-up to Steem-Engine.

Deposit Steemp

To trade on Steem-Engine you need the currency Steemp. It is pegged to Steem and can be easily purchased simply by transfering Steem to Steem Engine. There is a 1% deposition and withdrawal fee.

Trade the token

Trading on Steem-Engine is free of fees. You can create buy or sell orders and also cancel them for free

Check your tokens

You can see how many token you own directly on Steem-Engine. You also see your tokens on the Keychain tool or in your wallet on Steempeak.
Tokens can be sent for free to any other account through Steem-Engine or Keychain.

Buy HVOTE Token now


HVOTE Whitepaper
HVOTE Explorer
HVOTE Market on Steem-Engine


Dear @achim03, @happyvoter

I was wondering, if you're running this project as an experiment and it's more of a learning process for you? Or do you really have some long run idea for Hvote? just curious.


Hi @crypto.piotr,

Thanks a lot for your comment. It's indeed a bit of everthing ;-). This project is a kind of exeriment but there is a real business idea behind it.

The fact is that most people who are on steemit have low SP and their upvotes are worth close to nothing. Bigger accounts have higher upvote values and get much more curation rewards. So you need quite a lot of SP to really profit from steem. The idea of this Token is to tokenize a steem account that has as sole purpose to grow over time to become a big account with a lot of SP.
Every token holder is a kind of shareholder of the account @happyvoter. The value of the account in SP defines the value of the token (SP / by number of tokens in circulation). Every owner of the tokens owns a part of the account. I've designed the project in a way so that the token value (expressed in steem) can only grow.

What are the advantages of owning HVOTE tokens?

  • You become owner of a part of the @happyvoter account. This token can be sold at any time on the market
  • You can profit from the structural value increase of the token. However it might become only profitable after a certain holding time.
  • You can directly influence the value of your token by interacting with the @happyvoter account by giving upvotes and resteems. Or by signing up through its referral links to steem related d'apps. You can also increase the value of the token by referring other people to it. Every token that is sold increases the value of every token in circulation.
  • If you own more than 200 tokens, you are a Big token holder and all your posts will be systematically upvoted by @happyvoter account. There is a distribution key of these upvotes so that the upvote power stays high.

The token value can only grow and it is a good idea to buy some tokens now ;-)

Sorry this got a bit long ;-)

Best regards,

Dear @achim03

I missed your comment somehow and I only had a chanc to read it a moment ago.

Have a great upcoming weekend buddy :)

Cheers, Piotr

Have a nice week-end too !

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