Steem-Engine and my Tribe tokens

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Last week, @anomadsoul reminded me that that liquid rewards from the @actifit n @blocktrades competition Post that I've been doing each week for the past 3 months was to fund the prize of a Steem Fest ticket and accommodation for one lucky Steemian. I'd totally forgot and have been powering up almost everything for months now, and so it was a bit of a shock to have to find around 1000 STEEM.

Initially I thought'd I'd need to power-down a week, but I got there though mainly with the help of what was in my Steem Engine account. And so that made me think, how much have I been sending that way / how much has been pulled out / how much has everyone deposited and withdrawn. Time for a little nosy.

The chart above shows the daily transfer totals, to and from 'steem-peg'. I've excluded 'steem-peg' sending to/from 'steem-peg', but everything else is there. Unfortunately, the chart doesn't look so brill thanks to a couple of days where the transfers from 'steem-peg' were pretty big. The busiest day was on the 22nd of August where 516,000 STEEM was moved out of Steem Engine - 495,000 of that went to 'sct-wallet'. I didn't delve too much into that account but did notice that it's taken over 13,000 STEEM in the last 30 days in beneficiaries alone. Damn!

The second largest withdrawal was on the 28th June, just over 400,000 STEEM with 396,0000 of that going to ''. This was delegated to 'sct.voter' until the 19th of this month, but has since been returned.

Excluding 'steem-peg' transferring to/from 'steem-peg', between the 12 February 2019 and 24th September 2019, 4,601,543 STEEM has been sent to Steem-Engine and 3,843,336 has been withdrawn. I've seen a couple of people mention Steem-Engine devaluing Steem - if there is 750,000 STEEM in S-E somewhere, in my opinion that's not a big deal. And if just one of the Tribes could kick off a major on-boarding effort, this would go some way to balancing the books.

Even though I now have approximately 45435 accounts for Tribe-related purposes, 'all' my deposits and withdrawals to 'steem-peg' (Steem Engine) have been via my main account. The numbers tell me I've sent 2170 STEEM to 'steem-peg', and taken 876 out - 1294 'in' to Steem Engine is the final figure. My initial feeling is that this isn't so bad, but without taking a look at some of my Tribe token holdings, who knows......

Below is a table of the main liquid holdings across my tribe accounts (valued over 10 STEEM), and their current value (at 25/09/2019) in STEEM.

TokenAmountStatusValue in STEEM

* Would have trouble shifting for that amount

The above totals 955 STEEM, but if I tried to sell the lot right now I think 850 STEEM would be closer to the mark - which if that was the case would leave me 400 STEEM short of the total investment into Steem Engine. But there are more tokens - all these are staked though and so the numbers don't really mean that much and are here for me to look back on (and cry, or cheer) in the future.

TokenAmountStatusValue in STEEM

8965 STEEM worth of staked Tribe tokens.

At face value, that 400 or so STEEM I'm short on the In/Out of Steem Engine looks pretty good, but as these tokens are staked (some taking 9 months to fully un-stake), what's more important is how they are fairing as far as curation rewards - although, I do need to sell and not stake, which hasn't been happening much at all.

Perhaps I should do a week where I sell everything earned in the tribes and see what that total is?

And then there are these monster card thingies:

Part of me wants to offload my Splinterlands cards - 14000 STEEM would put me well on the way to Orca, but I do have FOMO here and faith that Yabap can work his magic. We will see what happens.

In other news, work is still a load of crap and taking up far too much of my Steem time. But at less than 14 cents a token, most of us don't really have much choice.

Cheers all,



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Cheers Asher! Been missing your posts. Glad to cross your path today. Hopefully work is not too stressful. Catch you next time man! ✌🏿❤

Hi Jill!

Work is still rather duff but not stressful so I guess that’s a good thing. It’s just time out of my day that I could think of 50 ways to better spend - save not spend is what I need though!

Thanks for dropping by, enjoy the rest of your week 😁

So many staked tokens.

I've been collecting and staking 99% of what has been earned, they soon build up!

devaluing steem? How in the world is 750k steem that is tied up in steem-engine tokens devaluing steem? What devalues steem is... more steem being sold on exchanges than the demand to buy steem. Steem that is transferred to steem-engine isn't being sold, it is being held as a peg - that is totally different than selling it on an exchange. Steem that is tied up in steem-engine tokens is certainly not devaluing steem, and in fact the more steem tied up in steem-engine, the better as far as the value of steem is concerned. This is pretty basic - I don't see how anyone could actually argue otherwise? Whatever % of that 750k total is pegged in relation to staked steem-engine tokens, is basically the equivalent of powered up Steem - it is Steem that can't be withdrawn/sold until/unless the tokens are unstaked and they return to liquid form. Who in the world is saying that steem-engine is devaluing steem?

Who in the world is saying that steem-engine is devaluing steem?


I'm not sure it's only the haters, can we add 'confused' to the list?

Ain't nothin' worse than a confused hater...

They are most dangerous and sound a bit like me on a Monday after 3 hours sleep, although I'm better at resting these days.

I can't even remember Monday; I don't think I hate it.

I've gotten used to them I guess :)

Yeah. Mondays tend to grow on a person after awhile...
like warts.

Yes, SteemP is pegged to Steem and simply sending Steem to Steem-engine doesnt do anything to the price of Steem.
Steem-engine tokens on the other hand are nothing more then Steem alt coins.

Saying that Steem engine is reducing the price of Steem is true to a degree, depending on which token youre talking about. Tokens that are essentially bots whose value comes from being able to buy votes on Steem are indeed devaluing steem.

Well said :) But it's too late for me to go and find the people I've seen mention it - maybe the DB can help me, tomorrow.

so, 750k Steem to back up how many tokens?
Could you get this data?
And their value in Steem equivalent?
Becausse you alone have 9k staked tokens.
And I guess some users have even more...

Some have way way more. Unfortunately I don't know how to access the Tribe stuff, except via the discords and some web-pages, but it would take a long time to get a figure together.

It's an interesting question though, perhaps @crokkon can help although I think he's been very busy away from Steem at present.

Not sure what exactly you're looking for? Are token numbers meaningful in any way, since everybody can create an more or less arbitrary supply + inflation?
Unrelated: is STEEMP the only way "into" the tokens, aren't there more pegged tokens like from bitshares or others?

Good points. I liked the way you used meaningful in a sentence as opposed to meaningless :)

There are some pegged ones but I wasn’t aware you could go directly.

haha, I didn't think about the choice of words when writing them :)
There is definitely also @steemfinex for STEEM <-> STEEMP, not fully sure for other pegged tokens.

@holger80 should know this, too, but he's been quiet in the past weeks

I think I am at a total plus in the steem out versus steem in from Steem Engine. Well , so I like to tell myself. It does look quite good on paper when you look at it like above.

Sell the cards. Become big fich!! :O)

That does seem to be the case looking at your main account transfers - but is there an alt or two hiding somewhere? :p

I can't sell, what if they moooooooon? :O

An alt!!?!?! HEavens above, how could this be? Have I been hacked?!


Hung, drawn, and quartered!

It was him!!!

points and runs away

Why are you pointing at me again!

I just look like the guy! My face is common! It wasn't me!

The evidence is inconclusive and so you are free, to point and run away :)

It was them!!

I got the weedcash going phatty!!! Blaze that shit! Stake and vote!

I have some of those, staked too but on my main account which I don't think votes many ganja fans :(

Well if you throw me votes then yes it does!!! Keep growing and staking those crypto!!!

I need a few more of them to make creating an alt worthwhile 😎

Hit me up and I'll share some dank content... And yeah weedcash people do pretty well.

Come join the dark side...

And do believe that buying weedcash and staking it isn't hard. I've just never figured it out yet.

But when I throw votes I believe it carries weedcash too. Might want to check.. but might be on weedcash posts?

Hmmm up late gaming. Baked... Lolz

I think I have as much in Steem value in Steem Engine staked as I do on my Steem account now which is pretty amazing for a few short months.

Yes, and I have a feeling I know which token is boosting your Tribe token stake :D

Is it the TRENDO token? :OD

😂. Zzan and mediaofficials I reckon!

Oh yeah, those will be the ones!

They know what's up, or do they?

Let’s hope they do, I place a considerable amount of blind faith in various crypto’s lol still better than pissing my money away like normies do on consumer goods but to each their own

But back to staking, It’s either that or start getting ripped and flexing on Insta and getting a large enough following to shill fit tea and USN! I’ll leave the choice up to you

Yeah, screw insta :)

Might as well spin the SE wheel and see what happens! :D

I'm selling all my tokens and all my cards to power up :s still no dolphin

That is allot of good information. You have allot of Tribe tokens, did you get airdropped the bulk of them or did you purchase/earn them? I know new tribes like to airdrop based on PAL holdings (Which I wish they would stop doing).

I initially was going to set up an account for each Tribe that I use but decided against it as I figured it be too much work.

On a side note....

I came across a new Steem game and its going to be the first 3D game on the chain. Its beta release starts in 2-3 days and its going to have a mobile version right out the gate.

I thought it might be something you may be interested in. If so signing up through an affiliate link will give a 20% in game bonus ( signing up directly ( will not.

Thanks :)

Airdropped the PAL, bought a load, got a bunch of LEO. Kept the PORN and added a few, bought a fair amount of SPORTS, CCC, STEM, but nothing close to the totals they are at now.

Most have come through curation, although I do a daily sportstalk post and a splinterlands posts on alts.

Think I've just signed up through you, although the login box at the top is still there :) Cheers!

Nice, I just started posting the odd topic on Sports and Leo. So ... many Tribe ... Sites LOL !

Thanks for using my link!

Hey @misterengagement, always found your stats post to be quite intriguing. By the way, have you ever pulled up engagement stats for 'Steem Fantasy Premier League' because If am not mistaken you are the writer of it?

Hi, yes I’m writing it this year at present, I think I’m the 3rd or 4th. What stats would you like to see?

Was just curious to know how many steemians actually participate in that league because usually that post is over-rewarded and always in trending(except last one for now).

Edit: Now the last one is again in trending, lol

There are 210 people in the league, and each one must have had a certain rep/time on Steem to qualify.

I admit, the level of engagement isn't what it used to be, but that can be said across the platform at present I think.

One thing worth mentioning is that 50% of the post rewards are used as prizes for the top 20 at the end of the season. I take 30% as author, and @acidyo takes 20% for organising the contest.

Holy shit, the Splinterlands thing is really on my mind - this is THE best time to sell them as we'll probably never get this many STEEM per card - but will the cards outperform STEEM itself at some point?

Sweat on forehead.

😨. Exactly!

Tough call isn’t it. I’m using a lot of time up each day to play for my daily quest, that much more steem could bring in 3/4 extra curation > DEC + free cards?

YESSS! I'm still not sure. Hahaha. FOMO!

I’ve not looked into that one, do you know what the value in holding them is?

I don't know exactly but if you hold on to them and change your earning settings on their site you can earn good profit and more tokens

We always have to make decisions. Some will be good ones, others will be bad ones.
As long as we make more good ones than bad ones we will be okay!


I'm hoping to start making more good decisions now I'm 40! :)

Mhh, let me tell you from my experience that you are trying to give yourself false hope :)
It will just take longer to make the decision :)

Here have a !BEER to think about it!


View or trade BEER at steem-engine.

Hey @abh12345, here is a bit BEER for you. Enjoy it!

Collecting tokens is pretty slow atm. Just like regular curation rewards. If only there was something good to read during European day time....

Yeah it's gotten rather quiet during the day hasn't it :/

I feel the exact same way about Steem Monsters Cards.

Only I've been considering just selling all my cards and then purchasing and sitting on sealed packs.

People are crazy if they don't think Steem Engine creates value. I on the other hand, thing the value of Steem Engine creates is limited as it's kind of a middle project. Something to bridge the gap until SMTs. Cleaning up the interface and have some graphs tracking daily sales prices and just a trade history section to see what tokens you sell buy/sell orders for, but forgot about would go a long way on that platform.

If it doesn't take too long I'd be interested to see what I've deposited into Steem-Engine (don't think I've withdrawn any Steem yet).

That could work, I'm thinking STEEM is low but the card $ value of the cards is the highest it's ever been - is there a chance to sell now and buy back later if the desire is there.

People are crazy if they don't think Steem Engine creates value. I on the other hand, thing the value of Steem Engine creates is limited as it's kind of a middle project. Something to bridge the gap until SMTs.

Yep I agree - something to keep the minions busy :)

You have sent 21.3620 to steem-peg and not sent any STEEM the other way.

Nice I'm up to 67 steem-peg not counting the value of the rest of my tokens :D

Woop So much staking happy to see those big stakes...
hope so someday ill have such stakes...

Even i am staking everything i am earning hope so someday it will all turn into something of great value for me as well as the community.

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Good luck to you! :)

You sure are big fish in a lot of those ponds, @abh1234. I have a lot of tokens too – over 40 of them, but not with so high stakes. I am trying to figure out the best practice for them with posts on my blog and it is quite a big topic. I am one of the “confused” but definitely not a hater.

Right now I go stake once a week for some of them and use the tags on my posts when it makes sense. I am happy to see you come in voting with your alt-accounts at times. Very helpful and motivating. I did read someone’s post were they stake half each week and put the other half at a low price into the market. Then they have steemmp each week when they go back in. They transfer that and power up steem.

Please do update for this topic. I dPoll on this blog too and any polls about tokens prove that we are all confused.

Maybe delegate some of those cards?

This is Sharon at fitinfun using this blog to talk about tokens :)

Staking some and selling some tokens makes sense, who knows where they will end up.

I try to curate each day with my accounts, and so the regular posters do stand a better chance of a vote :)

It's tough to work out at what level to pitch a post regarding SE tokens, but I do think there is enough in the previous 3 posts on the subject to get started. If you have staked to 1 account, then you'll want to check in on the following link and change my username and the token name at the end.

Here you can check on the VP on the token, and up the multiplier if it is at or close to 100.

I would create a list of links containing all the accounts/tokens you use:

I only have a couple of LEO in my main account, and so i'm not too bothered that the VP for LEO is at 100. But I do have the multiplier set at 4, and so a main account vote of 10% on a post that is tagged with steemleo will get a 40% vote.

Oh wow! Thank you so much for this help, @abh12345. I will get going with this to do better with my votes.


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