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RE: My Steem solar/electricals diary-Day 4 [10th May, 2024]: Painting day

in #steemelectriclast month

Gradually, the project will be completed. Seeing the transformation of this space daily makes the diary interesting to read. Well done!

Ohh! Quiz award received with thanks. 😄

@adylinah mention two colours.., unfortunately, one wasn't correct but the other one was correct.

I will try to attempt today’s quiz;

  • The next thing would be fixing of the shelves (This is still in preparation by the carpenter).
  • Cleaning of the floor
  • And fixing of the sign post of this shop

Answer: Cleaning after painting is important so therefore, cleaning of the floor will come first, After that, shelves can be fixed and lastly, fixing of sign post.


Let's see if your order is what I have on my action plan...

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