Taking manual votes up to 1 steem each

in #steemegglast year

Hello, in the meanwhile while everythings going on, I will accept manual upvotes up to 1 steem each...

If you have auto votes on balance with us, we will try to send some of these votes out as well

If you want to que up votes against your auto balance please do the following...

send 0.001 steem with memo: 1 or 2 https://steemit.com/steemegg/@steemegg/still-down-if-you-see-me-buying-votes-from-other-accounts-its-to-test

esentially the

  • 1 is the posts we used to give
  • 2 is going to be double what those were, and they will be costing you 2 free upvotes
  • note... if you dont have an automatic balance with us then just send 0.5 steem or 1.0 steem for your vote...


    Huii , this will work this time ?
    I sent a 2 , hihi .
    But there should be a way to find out when the prepaid votes run out , I searched on the steemegg.com and did not find out , so I sent another 10 Steem with $purchase to find out , hihi .

    Да я понял ваш ответ. Но я не понял? Я вам отправил 0 .5 Steem . Я не
    ил не голоса, не возврата. Проверти .Спасибо за содействия.

    Yes, I understand your answer. But I didn't understand? I sent you 0 .5 Steem . I got no vote, no return. Check it out. Thanks for the help

    i will try to figure it out it would help if you could send me the post your talking about.

    hello my friend! I still have paid votes, will you give them? I don't care if they are double or not. The main thing is that they are.

    @udabeu denkt du hast ein Vote durch @investinthefutur verdient!
    @udabeu thinks you have earned a vote of @investinthefutur !

    Hey @steemegg do you operate @trx-steem? I just sent 500 TRX and its been over an hour.

    Sorry @intrepidthinker I will look into it right now -> Possibly I am short on steem but will resolve this for you before you read this =)

    Thank you. I wasn't sure if you operated it or not.

    yea its me alright. althought sadly the exchange I use to buy steem is banning us users soon so ill have to find some way to buy steem but in the meantime its going

    @steemegg What exchange are you using? I use Bittrex currently.

    i use bittrex but they always have steem locked. it is coinex but who knows whats gonna happen after the ban its in a few days.

    as others have brought up. its like a real life conspiracy theory to keep steem off the exchanges. every exchange either has it offline or doesnt offer it.

    I haven't heard anyone say that but I sure have wondered myself why its not on more exchanges. It's strange.

    One of my users has talked to him about it its not a conspiracy but its definetly something... all the exchanges do the same thing... its like its always down the steem withdrawals and they just tell you to submit a ticket... never gets responded to... thats just my own personal experience not the conspiracy lol idk just poking fun at the fact that its so hard to get steem...

    Yea i do know that, however this is me talking about loading up the tron / steem swap that i run. / a more broad availability of steem being suppressed on the exchanges.

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