Messi vs Ronaldo

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It is very difficult to tell Ronaldo neither Messi best. It is unlikely that one of them is best named or behind others. But many of them are in disagreement. For example playing with a left foot plays better on the right foot for another. One goal was happy and the other goal was happy. One is weak in the plastic, the other is better than the Pilinti One is happy about the condition and the other is very happy with the condition. One wants to go to the gym and the other can not live without the gym. The total of 10 people said that the D. came. One can run very fast with the ball, then the other ball runs with it. However, Ronaldo gives blood to the man, he donates a lot. It has records that donate gold boots to help with its prize. But Messi donates a lot. It's hard to tell who's the best.


Who is your best?

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