Steemdice bug found

in steemdice •  10 months ago

It took you guys a while, but the first bug in steemdice was found and exploited today, resulting in a dry bank.

Congratulations to the successful thieves! :P

The python watch script did not check if the numbers are in range. Betting on "lower than" a really high number resulted in the script failing to calculate the correct winning factor, paying out a way too high amount.

The issue has been fixed and the account refilled. All legit winning transactions should be paid out now, post a comment here if you still miss one.

Visit to play!

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Hello sir, how are you? Can you help me in buying the power from the site minnowbooster a week ago and I am trying to buy and no one wants to? You can borrow a little of your strength. Thank you.
Sorry For Disturb

Not sure what steemdice is. can you provide a link explaining it. Would liek to learn. Thanks.


link added


Thanks. I want to make sure that i understand how the game works. If you win you can nearly double your money correct? What happens if you lose? do you lose the full amount you bet? Thanks


Kenapa game dadu tidak bisa main lagi

in the battle there is a profit and there is a loss May be always lucky

thanks for sharing the informative post about steemdice.

I hope it is not critical for the project. And it will became you stronger 💪💪💪💪

I did not know there was a betting site here in Steemit.

This is so sad :(

Hope there is enough to recover from


I think he will survive ;)


I dunno... :P

it seems like the scams and phishing and hackers have multiplied as the price of STEEM has shit the bed.

I will comment.
hopefully i am not spam and hope you @steemdice1 and @pharesim likes.
i do not understand about steem and sbd.
can you tell me about steem and sbd.
why did the steam and sbd prices go down?
Thank you very much @steemdice1 and @pharesim


Steem and SBD are connect with Bitcoin now. All cryptocurrencies are in this condition now. Bitcoin is going down, Steem and SBD are going down with it. It is sad, but try.


oo yes yes yes yes.
i will try to learn to understand steem and sbd.
Thank you very much


You are welcome ☺☺☺☺

I salute and appreciation with attitude @steemdice1. Although dry bank you had time to say "congratulation"

gracias a los traductores tengo la informacion, good post

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good news