New Tool: Potential Post Rewards Calculator (includes STEEM Rewards)

in #steemdev2 years ago

I made a calculator for calculating SBD, STEEM, and SP rewards of a post given its displayed $ value.

Use the calculator here

Note that variables such as STEEM price have to be input to current values.

Some might have noticed that post rewards system has been updated to include STEEM rewards, making old post rewards calculators/formulas obselete.

Not being able to find any new calculators or resources with concrete formulas on how to calculate the new post rewards, I dove into the Steemit source code to find them out.

Here are the new formulas:

SBD_Post_Reward = pending_payout * (percent_steem_dollars / 100) * (sbd_print_rate / 100)

where pending_payout is the dollar value displayed on the post, percent_steem_dollars is 50% by default, sbd_print_rate is currently ~50%, according to Steemd.

SP_Post_Reward = (pending_payout - (pending_payout * (percent_steem_dollars / 100) ) ) / price_per_steem

where price_per_steem is the current price of STEEM in USD.

STEEM_Post_Reward = (pending_payout * ( percent_steem_dollars / 100 ) - SBD_Post_Reward) / price_per_steem

where SBD_Post_Reward is the post reward in SBD that was previously calculated.

The formulas are not 100% accurate, but work pretty well. I found them in the source code line 373 onwards, if anyone wants to check. I edited the formulas above for more clarity by the way.

Steemit now shows post rewards on the post themselves, but I thought this might be useful for developers or people wanting to calculate profit for voting bots or something.

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