Rising of SteemJ #2 ~ GetOpsInBlockReturn fix

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SteemJ was poorly maintained in the last year and is actually not even working anymore – I will change that.


#Get SteemJ working again

Hello Steemians!

SteemJ is a project that allows you to communicate with a Steem node using Java. The project was started by @dez1337 in the end of 2016. This is the second post to define what changes have been added to the steem api and what changes I have been performing to get steemj running again.

What I have been doing:

  • Getting into the SteemJ Code base
  • Identifiying currently non working API calls and Methods
  • Getting into the Steem changes since Steem 0.20 release
    This leads me to the next non-working api call which is get_ops_in_block for Account history (you can check the api call here : https://developers.steem.io/apidefinitions/#account_history_api.get_ops_in_block ) Hence, what I have done so far:
  • Got the api call working by fixing the deserializer as the operation json value is stored in a different key “value”
  • Added Test Cases for account history get_ops_in_block
  • New keys have been added to the JSON output
  • Fixed instance names for classes
  • Fixed some wrong imports
  • Identified additional issues with test-cases (Also caused by the test-network has been shut down)

This leads to my second PR with those changes which was merged a few days ago, but could not update you . Hopefully, I would be able to add more test cases for the api call and make it working in the near days.

I’ll update you as soon as I'll make more progress.

General information

What is SteemJ?

SteemJ is a project that allows you to communicate with a Steem node using Java. So far, the project supports most of the API calls and is also able to broadcast most of the common operation types. Further information can be found on GitHub.


How to add it to your project?

SteemJ binaries are pushed into the maven central repository and can be integrated with a bunch of build management tools like Maven. The Wiki provides a lot of examples for the most common build tools. If you do not use a build management tool you can download the binaries as described here.


The project became quite big and there is still a lot to do. If you want to support the project simply clone the git repository and submit a pull request. I would really appreciate it =).

git clone https://github.com/marvin-we/steem-java-api-wrapper.git

If you want to stay up to date or just like the stuff I am doing it would be great if you could press the button below =).

follow me

Thanks for reading and best regards,


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~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thank you @sun.shine408 😍

Thanks for the work man! Is there a way to contact and talk to you? I've been working with the Java Api and the nodejs one and both of them give me the same error message when i use the getTransaction function. The error message is: Assert Exception:_account_history_api: account_history_api_plugin not enabled. Any idea on how to fix that? i looked online but couldn't find anything. Thanks

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