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I have developed a new tool for viewing and summarising all the financial transactions relating to an account. It also shows the value of transactions in one of five fiat currencies by default (USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD), and uses the daily average prices for this purpose.

The previous transfer ledger I created has been removed from the website, as it used a double-entry method and was confusing. This uses a single-entry ledger and is easier to use, but it does still help to be familiar with pivot-tables to get the best information from it.

It features a very versatile pivot-table/chart library, which allows the data to be viewed in many ways, but it can be confusing to those who don't spend much time doing data analysis. I will probably make a video about how it can be used in the near future, but let me know if you have any questions about it in the meantime.

Currently you can only view transactions going back as far as 1st April 2017, and if there are a very large number of transactions the tool might return less data than that to manage server resources.

Please check your figures before relying on this data for tax purposes. I developed it for that purpose, but haven't spent a long time checking I've got everything correct yet, as my tax isn't due for several months ;)

Please let me know if you do find anything wrong, or have any suggestions.


Hi steemreports. Been looking for how to contact you. My witness is "steemgigs" and i run a full rpc public RPC node 256 gb. I don't know how public it is in terms of how many developers know about it or use it but i would be glad that that's the case, instead of it just staying idle. I saw a portion of steemreports that enlist that full rpc nodes. Would love to see mine enlisted as well. Thank you very much


Thanks for letting me know and providing public access - I've added your RPC node now.

I do need to change the interface soon though, as it's getting quite cluttered, and hard to use! :)

I'm @andybets in if you'd like to discuss anything.

Very nice tool, one question: Wouldn't it be more usefull if the totals on the bottom would add up all the income and subtract all the outgoing numbers? Adding it up seems a little strange to me, do you have a special reason for doing it that way?

It would be better to have it work as you're saying, but the library that I used to create it doesn't easily allow me to do that.

Ah okay, I thought you had a reason to do it that way ^^
Well I'm looking forward to new updates :)

wow, I made more on here than I thought and it show's when you don't post. Thank you for that! Upvoted (>")>

That's one useful piece of software. Thank you!

Thank you for making my life easier, I appreciate it <3

Thanks for that - nice tool to get a shot overview about the financial transactions.

Good piece of software, but it looks to simple for me.

I think I might be needing this in the very near future if things go right

I like the initiative, though not sure this is the optimal approach, if using monthly averages.

To keep in mind: averages won't give accuracy.

Could end up overpaying the taxman with this. Though likely to overpay even more, considering this'd be averaging to consider 'earnings' simply as "income" - overlooking that matter of capital gains/losses.

Of course, the capital gains/losses matter is a fucking headache and a half, because how do we determine which exact Steem being withdrawn was earned when?

That question aside, I think it'd probably be possible to improve upon this design as could probably pull data from the blockchain - and possibly APIs from exchanges like Poloniex/Bittrex, if not from Steem itself - to determine the precise dollar value (in any denominated currency, pulling exchange rates from other official sources) of each precise curation & author reward at the time it was sent.

Would be more complicated to program, though I'd be happier using that as a starting point rather than attempting to use averages - even if it didn't address the capital gains/losses factor...

It uses historic daily currency rates (from, not monthly, so I think the accuracy should be good enough for most purposes. Though it's not yet well tested.

Today I found your great software and I will use it!DQmVMXHxLr2mSPx6.gif

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