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Here is a new page showing various views of the Sincerity API data.

This is mainly reporting about spam and account classification, but there is also a report showing which Steem apps and clients are currently being used most for posting and commenting.

I expect there will be at least a few more tools here in the coming weeks.


Interesting reports, but what exactly is Pending Payout Indicator in Pending Payout Spammers?

It is a probability based indicator of the amount the account will earn when the comments and posts payout if the votes stay as they are. It would be preferably to list the payouts due, but that takes more computation, so a shortcut is used which may be less accurate, but hopefully still useful.

Some very interesting stuff here, including some people who really deserve a bit more attention (and who should really know better) - not that I want to name names and be flagged into oblivion for doing so.

Thanks! Exciting, and most depressing if the payout indicator is in USD.


  1. Specify period.
  2. Specify meaning of pending payout indicator (as commented before). Don't forget to specify what the number means (STEEM/USD/SBD...).
  3. Specify what is meant with Invoming votes diversity.
  4. Sum up at the bottom.

Good points. I have updated the page to clarify that the payout indicator doesn't represent any currency unit and to explain vote diversity. The period is currently 14 days, but may change in future.

Thank you for information. I am refresher. I ask for help. . tnk you

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These programs and applications may be of good use.

Nice article..
Thanks for this..
I learnt from it..
Am anticipating for tools also in weeks to come.

It would be great especially for the account classification .
Hoping to see more posts from you.

could you possibly analyse old accounts as well and not ony those which have done something recently? i dont have an example at the moment but i wanted to make som sample training data with the help of your api and within the first 4 Million blocks 80% of the authors are not active anymore or are pow accounts(only a small percentage)in total approx 40k accounts.

I thanked for the info but but you have not accepted. it does not matter. Thank you anyway.

I appreciate your post. Pls help me .
Tnks for upvote

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