- The World's First Blockchain Powered Decentralized Collaborative Pixel Canvas

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@boxxa and @adept are proud to present the world's first blockchain powered decentralized collaborative pixel canvas.

To clear up any confusion, it costs nothing to participate. Setting pixels is completely free. Buying pixels is completely optional!

What is a collaborative pixel canvas? is a 1000x1000 pixel image ( 1 million total pixels ) where users set the color of a chosen pixel every 20 seconds. Specially formatted comments are left on this post and parsed to build the whole image. Additionally users have the option to buy a pixel for 1 SBD and ensure nobody else is allowed to change it. The canvas updates in realtime and will evolve organically as individuals and groups draw on it. The idea was inspired by Reddit's 2017 April Fool's social experiment called /r/place. To glimpse the awesome potential of take a few minutes to watch the time-lapse video of the /r/place pixel canvas.

Anyone with a Steemit account can login and instantly start collaborating with others across the world and express their creative vision pixel by pixel.

Here's a step by step guide on how to join in!

  1. Go to
  2. Click the Login button in the upper right corner to login securely with SteeemConnect using your private posting key.
  3. Choose a color from the palette on the left.
  4. Click a pixel of your choice! You may zoom in using the magnifying glass buttons on the right or with your mouse wheel.
  5. A popup will appear with a few options. You have the option to attach a message (or link URL) with the pixel and here is where you make the choice of buying the pixel for 1 SBD or just changing it's color. ( Note: anyone else can change the pixel when you choose the Post Comment option. )
  6. You may place a pixel every 20 seconds. If you enabled notifications on you will be alerted when you can place your next pixel!

How will help minnows get noticed?

The pixel canvas acts as a sort of visual Trending page where everyone has an equal chance of getting noticed. All it takes is the patience to draw something eye catching!

What's special about buying and owning pixels?

When you pay 1 SBD to buy a pixel you are given the exclusive right to change it, upate it's color and message or transfer it to another user. Pixels can be thought of as a non-fungible asset or virtual real estate. We expect pixel exchanges to popup as the community realizes the value potential that comes with owning them. Launching an ICO for your SMT? Grab some prime pixel real estate on to advertise!

What will the money be used for?

We're just getting started developing innovative and value adding applications for the Steem ecosystem. All funds raised will be used to further development of our projects. We can't wait to show you what the future holds!

We will be continuously updating and adding features to the app.

If you have any questions, suggestions or need help please feel free to post in the comments below!

Let's have fun and create something amazing together!


WOW man I had this idea same time you did and we talked about this and im so glad you did this! VERY cool man I have been watching your progress om this project! tell ! @stellabelle will LOVE this! So will @neoxian and @thejohalfiles @freedom @dan @sneak @berniesanders and @fyrstikken and many other whales will be happy to see this!

here is proof that 7 months ago I did actually have this idea and I know we talked about this, and you had this same idea when I did maybe even before me, but this is the proof!

SO happy you actually finished this and that @ned supported it!

I am SO happy you finished this man! You manifested an idea and now let's take MORE ideas from reddit! Like reddit Secret Santa, we need a STEEMIT secret Santa like i talk about in this post!

Also let's learn more from reddit projects that work, we can port all reddit projects

We should learn as much as possible from reddit, they did all the hard learning, now we just leap frog over them!

Haha wow man, doesn't surprise me you thought of this 7 months ago! We're going to decentralize the best of reddit for sure.

Yes we should learn.
It's good effort.......

It would be great for the minnows if you mention how it actually works

lol what? are you kidding me? He explained exactly how it works in very clear instructions....

Agreed @tytran . Have not seen your comments on none of my recent posts. Your suggestions and feedback is greatly appreciated. @gold84

I had some ideas on how to improve the steemit interface, and thought you would be interested. Here is one of them:
Looking forward to your thoughts when you get a chance.

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Looks nice :-) Good idea and good job

thats right

Any new idea for the good of steem community is welcomed! Bravo!

help me upvote, comment follow meh

Let me congratulate you on an amazing idea!

...but assuming each of the 1 million pixels is replaced 3 times (which seems reasonable from watching the video), it will use a month worth of Steem comments!

It has got to be the most expensive video storage format imaginable! ;)

Hah yes, imagine if we had an actual Animated GIF version of this and could create flip book style animations using this method.
I wonder if we can also expand the canvas so @adept can just keep selling pixels forever!

I can't believe I didn't think of the inflationary aspect you mention - that's genius!

@steemreports, that's the power of crowdsourcing! What one person would take a lifetime, the crowd can do in days or weeks.

I wish this had been an original idea.
It would have been easier to support.
But hey, thanks for trying to turn steemit into Reddit one project at a time.

I for one just want to take the best aspects of reddit and bring them here, not all of them.

Please bear with us while we update the site. Should be back up in a few minutes.

The site is back online! Thanks for your patience!


Well done @adept. Well done @boxxa. You both have great influence on future dev.

wah .. a new breakthrough in the internet world, yes .. this application may be very in need in the future. we will review it in more detail .. success for you.@steempixels

Wow is a wonderful idea I can't wait to join

I like to think my resteem made a $110 difference to your project.

If it makes you feel any better, mr. sub 7k followers :p

must.. resist.. urge... to.. get... triggered... here.... must... not respond....

yes, yes it does. we can't all be the awesomeist.

Soon he will be at 8000 and we can post this meme gif

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And then arbitrary vaporwave

Oh wait thats right, now that Bitcoin is near 8000 its time for the vegeta memes to come out to play!

begeta is busy doing pushups training waiting for Bitcoin to be "over 9000"

vegeta is training!
Bitcoin will be at $9000 soon too!

Haha my man.

(learned about it on Discord, can take 60$ off of that figure)

How did it get on your Discord? Which Discord. I think if we track this down my ego will be satiated.

Why on @fyrstikken 's discord chat of course! Join us and help assemble a massive stake pool where we will eventually have 10% of the network and then 20 and eventually 50. RNow I bet we have a good couple percentage points of the network when you combine all the whales and dolphins and minnows on discord chat but when you then combine all of the followers that we all have you could end up with a huge influence on the blockchain AND a good percentage of the stake! We will be able to steer the course of the steem blockchain like a ship towards a VERY bright future. We can ALSO agree to all stop powering down and ONLY power up!

Very cool...will have to join this...upvoted and following

Thats awesome haha

Block chain is indeed an amazing technology! I thought it's only for cryptocurrencies but it seems to have so many uses now.

a great post which gives us more information regarding steem pixel

This post has received a 37.48 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @adept.

Thank you booster, are you self aware yet? Will you ever learn to do things like....never upvote people who power down a lot ? To ensure that only people who powerup and never power down are the ones who get the upvotes?

Nice and awesome post.

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Wow this is amazing i can wait wehn this is start

Thanks @steempixels
It's simply great IDEA using technology steem from pixels. I appreciate you creativity. We all must participate in the ICO.
Hope stay with @steempixels Successfully journey💪👍✌👏👏👏👏👏

What will you do on the future with this?

how u getting this much up vote

wah .. a new breakthrough in the internet world, yes .. this application may be very in need in the future. we will review it in more detail

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such a great idea... glad in steemit we get loads of innovative stuffs that brings great value to appreciate this ..will key in definitly..thanks for sharing

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Good post.LIKE it..yeap!!Let's have fun together.

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Just looking at the picture as it develops is really entertaining.

Happy to see this post. Pixels is good idea. Thank you

Sir richard @ritzzard you might want to check this out.

This is amazing!! I can’t wait to see what we create!!

This is really an awesome idea and implementation! Well done!

Oh really...???

This is an amazing concept and actually giving people something with what they paid for will actually work.


Great peoples have great choice steemit :)

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Keep Good work steem team !Thank you for awesom platform

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Great work! I had a similar idea except based on user's steem power or gridcoin magnitude, really cool to see this in production :D

Nice one very colorful

good work

It's a cool app I love it.

A shiny mew appeared.

can't wait to join.. really fantastic idea... genius..

Just looking at the picture as it develops is really entertaining.

nice idea but i dont think buy any pixels right now : D

1 SBD is a bit steep to expect to make an ROI.

How about 0.1 SBD ?

Or better, price it in STEEM, so value/cost grows together.

Thanks for the suggestion @transisto. The 1 SBD price was chosen from the precedent set by the original Million Dollar Homepage.

Welcome steemit pixel.

think of the inflationary aspect you mention

You are good,,,

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Greetings to you

What an amazing art project. I Love it.

Love it already !

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This is a big step forward. What about a music collaboration platform. And a writing collaboration setup? All on the blockchain. Thanks for thinking ahead of every body.

Seems like a good idea however it makes me wary that I have to sign in to my steem account

Steemconnect is an official Steemit Inc. project.

Looking good!

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This is mind blowing and I'm heading towards the site.

This is exactly what anime clashes with nerd dreams are made of. I can just cry right now. Awesome

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What's up with the Mario? Wow!

site its down

Thanks for the update

very informative's great!!

There's a couple of problems with your site you should check out guys, need to patch a vulnerability and perhaps change your SSL cert provider:

Thank you. Going to push some bug fixes in the next 48 hours. This has been added as a request.

No problem. Good luck with the project 😸

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It reminds me something like 15 years ago there was this 1 million dollar pixel site with the same concept:

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