Announcing new web-client for Steem/Golos blockchains

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 Hello, Steemit! We are happy to share our announcement with you! Today we have launched new project based on media-blockchains Steem and Golos: is a blockchain aggregator that selects best content from Golos and Steem and delivers it to users with user-friendly and modern interface. sets an objective to make exploration of content from Golos and Steem more convenient and customizable and make the obtained information more relevant for users.

 We plan to realize such important features as

  1. Tags subscription
  2. Delayed posting
  3. Private messages
  4. Post drafts

 And much more that will make exploring and creating content on Golos and Steem blockchains more accessible for a wide range of users.

Current form of

 Visitors of platform can choose which content source they are interested in — Golos or Steem blockchains. Selection is performed with a button switch located in the top right corner. A menu to the left displays categories (tags) from the active blockchain.
 In each category a reader can see 3 top posts that are currently trending in this category and a short feed of recent posts in this category.

Why is convenient and it gets even better

 We created following our own desire to have an easy way to read selected content from Golos and Steem without getting stuck in posts that are of low quality or not relevant for us.
 While testing our client at home we discovered that such filtering of information is really convenient for us. Using our platform is like reading a classic newspaper — it takes just 15 minutes while drinking a cup of your favorite hot drink and keeps you up-to-date on all important events. Only in this case the “newspaper” gathers in one place all top news from the blockchain. But this is just the beginning of our project. Step 1. Starting point

 At the moment the platform is not personalized and main features are realized in the following form:

  1. Aggregator gets content from Golos and Steem and divides it in two independent post feeds.
  2. Default categories in the left menu were selected by us from the most popular categories in Steem and Golos (art, bitcoin, photography and so on). But you can set up customized tags for your feed already. In order to filter content using customized tag list enter the url path in the address bar of your browser similar to the following:,bitcoin,photography
     Just type your selected tags separated by commas (without spaces) after the last slash and enjoy reading.
     If you are using both Golos and Steemit platforms you can create an url for Golos using the same principle, for example:искусство,еда,блокчейн
     Keep in mind that for Golos you can use tags written in latin or in cyrillic. OnePlace will remember your choice of categories for Golos and Steem when you switch between blockchains. In order to return to the default tags list you will need to clear cookies in your browser.
  3. To upvote or add comment to a post users are redirected to or platforms.

 These features will be improved and extended in the nearest future. What to expect: Step 2. Customizing the client

  1. Personal user cabinets will be added to the platform. Users will be able to choose categories for the left menu in a more user-friendly way. Writing tags in the url will not be needed anymore — this is just a temporary measure.
  2. Registered users will be able to select which blockchain they are interested in — Golos, Steem or both, and get information according to their preferences.
  3. Registered users will be able to choose how many top posts are shown in each category.
  4. Users will be able to upvote, comment or create posts from client. Thus you will be able to interact with content of both Golos and Steem in one place.

 We will not tell you more about our further plans for now. Let us show our hand gradually to allow for some pleasant surprises :)

Why is beneficial for Steem token holders

 We believe that an alternative interface to interact with content of Steem and Golos blockchains will eventually bring new users, for whom the idea of blockchain-based media may be interesting, but who find existing interfaces too complex to use or filtration of non-relevant content insufficient. client development will concentrate around the task of improving user experience on our platform. Thus we expect not only to  offer more convenient interaction with Steem and Golos blockchains for existing users, but also to attract new users to the best content generated in both blockchains.

Our team:

@ubik — design, front-end
@walter — architecture, back-end
@awispa — branding, design, marketing
@iloilo — UI/UX consultant

 All our code is open-source under the MIT license. Github repository.

 If you believe that our contribution is valuable for development of Steem ecosystem, follow us and upvote our posts, in this way you are adding resources for faster realization of our plans.



We're happy you like it )

Looks great! Looking forward to further developments.

Thank you :)

gorgeous! Looking forward to see where it will lead!

Thanks! We are curious as well ;)

Hey @oneplace, great job with the website. @andrarchy recommended I contact you about my growth idea. What it be possible to make several versions of your site (with different colours and fonts) for each different topic. We can have a site for people who want to get paid to share their life stories, and for people who are into exercise. When people post on these sites, each post will automatically get tagged with the # of the topic and get uploaded on with that tag as well the other website. And when you post on with the life tag it will get uploaded to the life website. This way we can have several unique sites for each community that can help build up steemit from the outside. and myphotosarethebomb, whatever names go well.

Here is the original post:

Hi @whatageek! Thank you! It is an interesting idea and it will be possible to realize, though it will take at least 2-3 months for us to develop full functionality on our platform. I suppose by that time we will also have communities on steemit (as @ned said in the recent AMA it will be rolled out in Q2), so may be it can be used to create different frontends for different communities as well.

Suggestion: Prevent content from being aggregated twice. Some pseudo-code for the purpose of thoroughness: if(!cache.in_array(post.ID)) cache.push(post.ID) && post.display();

This post is, as of this moment, aggregated in both #introduceyourself and #food

Thank you! We're working on it.

this looks really great, i love when we get new frontends

We're glad you like it! :0)

Looks like I came too late. 😟

screenshot 2017-08-27 at 18.37.15.png

Excellent way to unite Steem and Golos. Well done, team!

Thank you! :0)

Is this resulting out of steemit's recent update to an MIT license? Would this still have been possible without the change steemit recently made? i am just trying to fully understand something...

Nope, developing an app for Steem blockchain does not require license. If I understand correctly, this license is needed for developing forks of Steem blockchain.

It has a nice flow, very appealing. Well done.

Thanks, we appreciate your comment! :)

Well done, the project will definitely contribute to the development of the Steem ecosystem.

This is a great solution for the Russian-speaking segment!

Thank you! Not only, there is a growing English-speaking community on Golos as well.

Looks good. Resteemed.

Thanks for your support! It's weird seeing a flag from you at the same time :)


Looks great. I really like the format.
...but where is the Security category? :)

Thanks! We only included most popular categories by default, but you can add any other tags. For example for adding Security category to your list follow the link:,life,photography,art,bitcoin,travel,story,money,introduceyourself,food,blockchain,news,philosophy,science,health,funny,nature,politics,music,video,security

wow. it looks really nice ;) great guys !

Thanks! :)

Congratulations on creating such a wonderful client, you are moving in the right direction and Steem will overtake all other Social Media platforms very soon.
Good Luck and Thank you!

Thank you! :)

Excellent, keep up the good work!

Edit: your site should be added to the steem app list

Thanks! :) It will be added soon.

I love the branding and the design of the webpage. It loads fast, also.

Great for just browsing without being logged in. It will help for people just wanting to discover waht is all about Steemit.

Thank you for your comment!

Cool. Nice work!

great project -- will check it out and run it. Upvoted!

I’ve heard about Golos it is like Steemit platform in Russian. Getting together could unite and double efforts for worthy information… anyway, it sounds promising)))

hello @oneplace, it's a shame because I'm a little late for the information, thank you for informing me, it's very useful for us

This is the best consumer-facing steemit interface I've seen. Awesome job!

This is the best compliment :) thanks!

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