Introducing Multi.Tube

in steemdev •  last year

Welcome to the new video aggregation site!

I have been working on this for a few weeks, and have now made it available as an alpha website, and will be open sourcing it as soon as I have managed to tidy the code a bit.

Our server analyses posts to the Steem blockchain and if we find embedded video content from DTube, YouTube or DLive, these posts and associated videos are added to our database. They can then be viewed in a similar interface to DTube or YouTube, and can be easily searched and filtered.

This is nowhere near finished. There are a lot of things planned for this site, including allowing full Steemconnect integration, so you can sign-in and easily curate and comment on the content, but for now it is just an index really, and not perfect at that.

It currently has around 5 days of (most recent) content, and this will vary during the alpha stages especially if I need to change the database structure. Ultimately, I plan to add the last 6 months (or more) of blockchain content.

Please follow for more information about the progress, and any votes would be gratefully received to fund development. If there are ideas/features/changes you would like to see, the sooner I hear about them, the easier they might be to add. Likewise, if you find bugs, letting me know what they are, your device/operating system, and ideally a screenshot, would be very helpful so I can fix them.

The site is fairly self-explanatory if you know DTube or YouTube, but I will make a guide to using it as it develops too.

Andy Betsworth (@andybets)

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Nice service!
Will keep an eye on it!

The dtube doesn't appear right? Any intention of adding them in the near future as a filter?


Hi, It seems to be working from here, and showing DTube ok. Do you have a screenshot?

The filter allows you to choose only one type of video, and maybe that's still selecting YouTube only, if you set it to that previously. I need to add a label to say when results are filtered.


You're right! I'm not sure why I thought I didn't saw them at first. I've just resteemed the post.


That's great, thanks!


Works flawless from my side.

Really smart thinking and fast execution from your side... I'm impressed!

I don't think there is any service like this out there at this moment. Is there even a platform that brings together established video hosting platforms like YouTube and Vimeo that you know of?

Certainly now that we are entering the Web 3.0 world and video hosting platforms are being built on top of this technology, something like makes a lot of sense to me!

Keep 'm coming!


Thanks man! I have a lot planned for this project, so expecting it to keep me busy for quite a while. I've never released any open source software before either, so that'll be a new experience.

Ahhh this is sweeet. Putting all the STEEM vids in one place. Nice work and @andybets!

wow... this "" seems like a great thing.
It will be very successful, specially if it offers better search-ability than Steemit and D-tube.
Wishing All the best to


Thanks! Hopefully the video search and filtering will be great.


Great! It would be awesome, then. :)
All the best.

craaaaazy! nice concept man.....this sounds like a winner to me! :)

Sounds good, looking forward to seeing how you progress with it!


Good stuff, keeping an eye on this. Followed!

This is pretty rad !!! @andybets & @steamdev

Check out this alpha version @clove71

Just came across this and wanted to give it a try as it looks great (Like LBRY but without the massive app!).

However when I click on Login nothing happens. I'm using Chrome on a MacBook.


Sorry, the SteemConnect login isn't yet implemented. It should work in the next few weeks :)


ah OK. Let me know. Excited to try it!

After my first look at today I am excited to see one place where all our videos are aggregated so easily and appreciate your service in making this for us Andy!


Thanks man!

What a brilliant project. Thanks for doing this. Awesome idea.

its very nice post. i am excited to read your post. hope that it help us many thanks for sharing...good job...

@andybets: that's just awesome! Exactly that was needed to get rid of using #YouTube as a main vid source. Now it only needs us to spread the words.. the rest is history! Read it in the books ;)

#resteemed #ToTheMoon

"video killed the radio star" or so they said... nice service. it worth to keep on the spotligth and keep on trucking!

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Off topic but - hey guys, this is a really interesting post and all, but I just wanted to let someone know that the videos are not opening up on - thanks!

Very cool, this is something I will use a lot.

Your idea is very good and really helped me out.steem on......enjoy!!!!

I like it