Sounds good. I wrote an autovoter (configurable by config file, no UI) where I can specify authors, the percentage, time to vote (or randomized time range), the maximum number and maximum total value of votes at this point of time for each author. The post is then queued and after the specified time the vote is cast if the number and total value is under this threshold. This way I can support my favorite authors without missing out on curation rewards.
Being able to vote the most recent post that fits certain criteria (e.g. tag #travelfeed, min. 400 words, author has been upvoted by @travelfeed before) when VP reaches 100% would be amazing, I was going to implement this in my own script but maybe you will consider something like that as well. I have to configure my voter manually and if one author misses out on my votes a lot I have adjust the threshold or voting time, being able to get these information as recommended values from the Blockchain by analyzing past votes and curation rewards for each author would be a great feature as well, I started working on this but never implemented it.

Good idea, I will add a maximum vote value and vote number. word count is also a good idea.
But voting all posts that were upvoted before will not work, as this would consume too much time for excecuting the API calls that are needed for this.

In my script I fetch the account history of @travelfeed for the past 20 days only once when the script is started and filter it for outgoing votes, this includes most authors who are regular high-quality contributors. New authors get a chance every time I manually restart my script. Fetching the account history for every post would be too many API calls, I agree

Could it also include voting on comments? I like to reward those that comments on my posts as long as they are relevant and engagement can go a long way here!

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I will focus first on post upvoting.

Great work! I will use it ;)

Will it be able to put filtered posts in a queue? And then only voting on this queue if my vp is over 90%?:)

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This will be possible. Thanks for the feedback.
Due to the feedback, I now planing the following modes:

  • timebase: vote a post after a defined delay when vp is above a threshold. When vp is below a threshold, the post will not be voted
  • timebase with vote weight depending on vp: vote a post after a defined delay, where vote weight depends on vp (100% vp -> vote weight is 100% * desired vote weight, 80% vp -> vote weight is 80% * desired vote weight.
  • vp based vote: new post is stored in the database and upvoted when vp is above a defined threshold (post is always be upvoted when vp reaches the threshold within 6.5 days)

Great! Sounds promising! :)

Im excited ;)

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Great work! I would definitely use it. Including/excluding tags is a feature I currently miss with steemdunk. I could also think of a min VP level, basically stopping autovoting if the VP goes below that value. Monitoring VP levels, also for the 100%/idle condition you described, will likely requires more API calls and may be harder to scale for a larger user base. Looking forward to your solution!

When there will be so many users I will remove the VP API calls and calculate VP without API call (just by monitor votes and delegation from each user).

good idea replicating the steemd VP calculations!

That's really great idea @holger80
I'm wondering about a interface with more options. Anyway, great that you are doing this. Keep going!

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There will be more options :).

Glad to hear that :)

excluding Tags sounds like an awesome idea

Yes, I’d use it! I’d love to be able to set max posts a day and/or week per author. Excluding tags is a great feature indeed.

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Setting max posts for a day and/or week per author is a good idea. I will try to add this.

Great idea! I definitely would use your autovoter! I do not have the problem that my votingpower reaches 100%. It is always below that.

An additional feature would be to have a log, which posts have been upvoted (like steemdunk and steemvoter) and a pause button for all upvotes (like steemdunk)

The log is a good idea, It will help me also to find bugs.

It's good to exclude declined payout posts as well.

I wrote one of these for myself a while back but it doesn't scale. Glad to see you're working on one that might.

Good idea, I will add this. A solution that scale is not easy, I'm working on it:).

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For "include_tags", can use it to limit my auto-vote to a single tag? Let say #photography?

You mean to auto-vote all posts that have a defined tag? You have to set an author name.

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Awesome! How about the option to include/exclude a post from curation based on the platform used to create it?

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Hi @holger80 , could it be possible the option to leave a comment to the post your steem voter votes?
It would be super-useful specially for community accounts

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erm... is this code only to earn more money?
or there is also some script to blindly earn more info & knowledge too?