New app presentation! UpVoters v1.0

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Hey Steemians!

I am excited to share upVoters 1.0 - useful visual application to interact with curators who constantly upvote your posts.

upvoters header.png


  • upVoters will provide detailed statistics of your account: actual Steem Power, Voting Power, exact Reputation, timeline of average SP growth for holders.
  • Upvote statistic by your last 5 posts, sorted by upvote weight. Here you can see important upvote data by each curator like total SBD, average Voting Power, average weight of upvote.

Quick reference

1. Header box with account data

1 - enter account name and press enter to start work
2 - exact reputation
3 - available voting power
4 - Steem power
5 - Mgests
6 - Timeline of Steem Power growth for holders. Depends of global STEEM inflation (currently 15%).

2. Curation tiles

1 - There are two numbers.

  • First (big number) is upvote quantity by last N posts (currently 5).
  • Second (small number) is last posts quantity.

2 - Average Steem Power of current curator for last N posts.
3 - Total SBD rewards by current curator for last N posts
4 - Total curation weight. Default sort order is applied to this param.

3. Additional feautures

  • You also may click by tile to open curator's blog in new window.
  • Tile color depends on upvote weight.

Try upVoters now

upVoters on GitHub

I have a lot of ideas for the next release, stay tuned and thank you for your support!

My Apps on Steemit:

upVoters is colorful statistic of user account. Here you can easily notice curators who constantly upvoting your posts. So you can interact with them to improve promotion of your blog.
SteemIt is the ocean, ocean of blockchain. Whale sonar will show you Steem's life hierarchy, curation activity with detailed information about each upvote in real time.
Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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This looks really cool, upvoted and resteemed!

really nice app :)

Your project has been just added to SteemProjects database (release soon!)




Thank you for your work man!

Hey what determines how many POSTS it can search through. Sometimes it's able to do 30 as wanted and sometimes if faults to looking at only 5 posts ... sometimes less.

I'm hoping to share a post where i'll be showing people how to utilize this app for a cool usage


I think i may have figured it out. Right now it's limiting to past 7 days (whether that is 1 post or 32 posts)

When i used the site a few days ago it wasn't limiting me and I was able to check past 30 posts over the span of many weeks.


It can show unlimited number of posts, but depends how fast the node can do response.
The public nodes sometimes work really slowly.

8 month ago this script flew fast, but last month the most steemit nodes overwhelmed and apps which scan a lot of data work slowly


Thanks for the response.

Has it anything to do with the changes steemit made a few days ago as stated here:

Because it was just a few days ago I was able to do any amount of quantity i wanted almost.

I have a reason many people may be wanting a service like you're providing and I'm not finding many other options in steemtools.


Absolutely safe, you shouldn't enter any passwords


Ok I see, I've tried it now but the website doesnt seem to be loading. Well it loads but its like just saying upvoters in the top left corner and then the background is like a checkers page. theres no login or register stuff. I opened it on Firefox? would it work better with chrome?


It works in both firefox and chrome. Just enter your nickname and press enter. Sometimes the node can be unaccessible, but this happens very rarely

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote

Thank you for the effort. We wish you more success


Thank you!

G'day. Good Job...Thanks. I'll give it a crack and see how it goes.


Thank you. The code is available on github, enjoy )

Wow I tried to use the Upvoters V1.0 and I am very glad to look for my datas. Thanks a lot @elviento. Upvoted and Resteemed.

I try to access with my phone but nothing shown in page


This app can recognize only your nickname on Steemit, put alimurtaza (without @)


BTW: The first "Try upVoters now" text links to the GitHub repository, not to .

A tool that show which of your followers never vote for you would also be interesting 8-).


Thank you very much for your remark! Fixed.

A tool that show which of your followers never vote for you would also be interesting

I'll think about this feature =)

looks pretty cool, will have to check it out when i'm on an app enabled device !!


Enjoy )

Interesting! Thank you :)

·, Thank you for feedback.


Sorry it's not much by way of feedback, but I've not checked it out fully yet :)

Amazing apps elviento! Great job!


Thank you!

Thanks for the share!

Every few weeks I like to make a list of helpful tools like this for the new kids. Can I do a write up about this on the upcoming post?


@arbitrarykitten, yes sure . I think you can explain it in English better :)


Awesome! Look for it next week- I'll tag you of course :)

How do I get to upvoters without using the link on this post. Definitely want to be able to refer to this program?/app? later.


Hi @gniksivart, the simple way is add link to favourites in your browser to get quick access from any device.

Great job. Question, is it just on phones that there is no title beside where you type in your username? I did get it to work on my phone, just might look like a blank page if someone doesn't know where to put their name. At least on my phone everything shows up the same color except top page title. Keep up the great work and thanks for sharing this tool with everyone.


@beccadeals, thank you for your notice. It's very important to hear steemians feedback. Yes, the top panel is quite minimalistic in both desctop and phones doesn't have label for username input. In next version I will provide more usability.


Great. Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to more great updates on it. I will keep a lookout.

Wow that is so cool! I'll try it now! Thanks a lot ;)


Thank you @jamisa, glad to hear from you!

Thanks for sharing! Links to your app and post were included in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem:Steeo-Z. Thanks and good luck again!

Cool. I just might check it out.

very helpful for me

This looks great
I'm giving it a go
Thank you

Thank you for your hard work! And for sharing this work with us for free!
I really like your tool!


@andalucia thank you! I'll try to do it better)


No créo que puede ser mejor muchacho, es perfecto!

Wow . . . .


Awesome! Thanks for sharing this app, quite useful. :-)

Have a great day!


@inthenow , Thank you

I love it when new apps for steemit users come out! This is an awesome tool. Thank you so much for sharing this! Following you, Upvoting and resteeming now :)

Terimakasih atas pemberitahuan anda,aku akan mencobanya @elviento

Awesome app! Take a bow! Resteemed :)

An interesting application))) Thanks so much for sharing with us)))) I wish you creative successes)))

Thanks for this! Now I can track my upvoters in a cool dashboard style view!

I didn't know there was so many resources and support!


Cool tools. I love the Whale sonar layout, it's a cute way to display what the whales are doing. Are you a Steem witness?


Thank you @timeshiftarts, glad to hear from you about Whale Sonar.
No, I'm not witness