The Steem Comment Blacklist API released for testing!

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The Steem Comment Blacklist API is an ongoing tiny project that I decided to take on which was inspired by the amount of comments on posts that weren't actually made by a human.

Most of these are bot comments—but occasionally some accounts have or will be added due to their spammy nature. I'm not against bot comments, but this API may be useful in applications that need to determine whether the commenter is a bot or spammer.

Here are a few examples:





Reporting a user for the comment blacklist

(or requesting removal)

Fill in the form here. If you include your username, then I'll notify you of the result in a memo/comment. It's perfectly acceptable to remain anonymous too. If you're really lazy, you can just tag me underneath the comment :)

If you've been blacklisted in error (or after remediation), simply use the same form to request removal.

How it works

Make a GET request to the endpoint:

It will return the following JSON:

  "accounts": [
      "id": 2,
      "account": "secass"
      "id": 3,
      "account": "pixresteemer"
      "id": 4,
      "account": "mariskal"
      "id": 5,
      "account": "deranged.coin"
      "id": 6,
      "account": "sing-up-steemit"
      "id": 7,
      "account": "steemiantop"
      "id": 8,
      "account": "kenresearch6"
      "id": 9,
      "account": "cervisia"
      "id": 10,
      "account": "giphy"

For now, the API is super simple. You can use it in applications when you need to verify that a commenter is legit (e.g. @commentcoin or Steem comment picker). Of course, there is much more scope to expand this offering and I'm open to your comments and ideas. Any comments on this post that match the criteria mentioned above will win a FREE pass into the Steem Comment Blacklist!

Yours truly,

Post beneficiaries: 5% to witness @untersatz, 10% to steem.dao for my witness @untersatz :)

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This whole project is a great idea in so many ways, @contrabourdon. It will be interesting to see how many comments we have like this. I get MANY, and I do not think they improve the experience.

Thanks! Please do tag me or fill in the form so the list can grow. As for a real use-case, I'm not sure yet...but there's no harm collecting data for now.

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Added a couple =)

You win a free pass!

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how do we know who is on the blacklist?

Just visit this link. It's in a format that can be easily ingested by other applications.


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yeah this is good idea because I noticed some nonsense comment popping up.

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Yes, I prefer not to have my blog posts filled with spammy comments. Good job. I am glad I learned about this project during the last #PYPT Show!

I am now going to vote your witness. Been meaning to replace one of mine for a while now...

Done! You are now one of my witnesses and you have a new constituent!

Oh, I also added an account to your proposed blacklist @stopthemarkymark. Tired of seeing that crap.

Cheers! Let's hope @steempeak can think about adding an option to hide comment bots using this API in the future. !SHADE 5

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The question is would it slow down the site/user experience

Could make it an opt in setting only and test it out?

The idea is nice, but I have to verify how long is the list right now and how this will impact the performance as it grows.

Next time you do something like this feel free to share the link in the steempeak discord channel, I just found the post that is 6 days old :D

No worries. I just updated the post with a new URL that is using CloudFront. So there would be an edge location closest for the user now—much faster.

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