Steemify Update - The latest test version we are running has 30 different notifications to choose from including new witness and security options.

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The @blockbrothers have been running around with the new version of Steemify for a while now.

We have setup a separate server for testing purposes so the users of Steemify would not have their service interrupted.

You might wonder why it's taking so long to release a new version and the answer is rather simple.

With the increase of all the new notifications the Steemify project has increased in complexity 10-fold (as written by dev @bennierex here.)

From that post:

As there may be many hundreds or even thousands of notifications for a user, it would not be wise to load those into the app all at once. Not only will this have a serious impact on performance, but also it might use a significant amount of data even when you'd only want to view, let's say, the 10 most recent notifications.

The latest test version we are running has 30 different notifications to choose from including new witness and security options.

And as you know you can add as many accounts as you like in the app (we don't need keys, just usernames) and customize these options per account.

It's very cool but before we release we want the app to be 100% solid.

Just like it is right now.

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can we have a date of the release ? pls?

Good work @blockbrothers , the app looks cool!

This new version is awesome. Can't wait to release it.

This is my personal setup for Steemify to never miss an important post about the blockchain.


job well done for updating steemify @blockbrothers and @exyle

@blockbrothers and In other Excitement Today did you know that @exyle got his New Glasses ?? He can actually SEE now. That's a Huge Improvement.

I am using Steemify already and happy with it. I am wondering of this experience will even be better now.

Let you know guys.

Ray #lifeisforliving

When i start up with the version old i cant interest develope but when i use this it can be owsome guye thats trullly developed under huge project assighn