I have now! :D

ZeroNet is a decentralized computer network of peer-to-peer users built in Python and is a fully open source project. It uses BitTorrent and Bitcoin Cryptography to make it decentralized and impervious to censorship network.

It works in a similar way just like you share torrent files on the BitTorrent P2P network. The difference is that here a website is shared instead of pirated movies and TV shows.A website uploaded on ZeroNet isn’t hosted on a central server but by the users who access it, just like the torrent network in which the data is pulled from the machines which are downloading the torrent.

Now, where is the "tokanize this app" button :).

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Good, you'll have a ball there. I have to resurrect my account for the email I had through them.

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Hey I started reading about a crypto called Holo. It looks like it operates almore identically to the way Zeronet does

Thanks for the heads up I just finished reading about it and it seems very promising indeed especially since it rewards work/resources directly peer to peer, no more POS.

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