SteemData is shutting down on May 1st

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I have invested hundreds of hours into this project, and after a year of operations it breaks my heart to have to let it go.

SteemData is a high-maintenance project, and unfortunately I do not have enough time required to catch up with its demands.

For those who depend on the project, feel free to spin up your own cluster - source is on Github.

Alternatively, you may be interested in switching to:

  • sbds (MySQL), Transactions Only
  • hive (Postgres), Accounts, Posts, Followers
  • SteemSQL (Microsoft SQL)

It's sad when good useful projects like that are laid to rest. What are the high-maintenance requirements? Time consumption? Monetary? Technical? Maybe we can save it like Steem.Chat was saved? I'd be happy to team up with you or someone else to keep it running (if you like).

I think his last post was describing those in more detail.
Edit: Actually it was in a private conversation, So I'll let him describe the issues.

Mostly technical. Current issues:

  • need to implement support for AppBase
  • database servers are out of disk space (using highest available NVMe capacity from the hosting provider already).
  • deployment management service I've been using is shutting down in May, so the whole deployment pipeline needs to be rebuilt, and all services migrated and re-deployed

Ouch, sounds more complicated than I thought 😥

Same scaling issues plaguing Steem in general...

I have yet to purchase my NVMe drives, I hope we can talk and maybe work together in the future, would like to see you continue!

It is a great pity.
I know you've made a lot of effort to do with it.
And , thank you very much for providing such amazing service for a long time.

Why now? Everything is finally running smooth. You know better than anyone how important a no-sql database for steem is, specially considering the unstructured nature of the data we are dealing with constantly...


A centralized sql server would make things easier for Steemfiles . Instead it uses RPC nodes. You can vote up posts made by @steemfiles and the more you vote them up the more data you can upload for sales to other people.

Relying on a single server caused problems. So I have eliminated use of Coinpayments and Steemconnect.

that is very unfortunate, my friend @manuellevi who is a data scientist was having a blast analyzing all the data from the Steem blockchain using your services.

Sorry to hear this.

I understand that hive isn't quite ready yet, but is there a public sbds instance out there somewhere that you know of?

I just began using this for analysis! Please suggest me some python alternatives? There were some tasks like fetching all usernames which was easy with steemdata compared to steem-python. :(

Checkout beem. BEEM is an alternative to Steem Python and is better in several ways😆. If you want to fetch usernames, you can fetch them with beem 100 at a time and concatenate the results. i will leave the details on how to do this as an exercise for you.😊Support the RPC node operators with witness votes as I do.

I am not a python expert. But I will try this out. This is the link right? :

His username is holgern on github. So that looks right. His latest change is

It is very hard to let a project go, but some times it is necessary. However, do you have the possibility to continue it? If you have a full time job or other incomes and this is like a hobby so far, I would continue if I was you. If you do not give up, it might prosper in the future. And if not, what does it matter. You did something you loved. I never gave up on my hobby project and finally after 4 years it is getting popular. So do not give up after only a year, if you have the possibility and wish to continue. For me, earning money on it was never a requirement, only a bonus. I just wanted to create something people want to use and see them use it. That is what makes me happy. That is also the mentality that would make you win in the end.

It's sad to see SteemData go. If at all possible it would be great to still provide a dump of your database before it was shut down that others could use to quickly bootstrap their own installations.

Sorry to hear that you have to let it go.
From your experience operating it, what has taken up the most time making it run?

Hi @furion, thank you for what you have done. would you plz kindly share your experience of maintaining it, it may help the similar project in the future.

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