SteemData is shutting down on May 1st

in steemdata •  10 months ago

I have invested hundreds of hours into this project, and after a year of operations it breaks my heart to have to let it go.

SteemData is a high-maintenance project, and unfortunately I do not have enough time required to catch up with its demands.

For those who depend on the project, feel free to spin up your own cluster - source is on Github.

Alternatively, you may be interested in switching to:

  • sbds (MySQL), Transactions Only
  • hive (Postgres), Accounts, Posts, Followers
  • SteemSQL (Microsoft SQL)
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It's sad when good useful projects like that are laid to rest. What are the high-maintenance requirements? Time consumption? Monetary? Technical? Maybe we can save it like Steem.Chat was saved? I'd be happy to team up with you or someone else to keep it running (if you like).

It is a great pity.
I know you've made a lot of effort to do with it.
And , thank you very much for providing such amazing service for a long time.

Why now? Everything is finally running smooth. You know better than anyone how important a no-sql database for steem is, specially considering the unstructured nature of the data we are dealing with constantly...


A centralized sql server would make things easier for Steemfiles . Instead it uses RPC nodes. You can vote up posts made by @steemfiles and the more you vote them up the more data you can upload for sales to other people.

Relying on a single server caused problems. So I have eliminated use of Coinpayments and Steemconnect.

that is very unfortunate, my friend @manuellevi who is a data scientist was having a blast analyzing all the data from the Steem blockchain using your services.

Sorry to hear this.

I understand that hive isn't quite ready yet, but is there a public sbds instance out there somewhere that you know of?


Thanks for that!

EDIT: Unfortunately the last transactions seem to be from the 16th April.

I just began using this for analysis! Please suggest me some python alternatives? There were some tasks like fetching all usernames which was easy with steemdata compared to steem-python. :(


Checkout beem. BEEM is an alternative to Steem Python and is better in several ways😆. If you want to fetch usernames, you can fetch them with beem 100 at a time and concatenate the results. i will leave the details on how to do this as an exercise for you.😊Support the RPC node operators with witness votes as I do.


I am not a python expert. But I will try this out. This is the link right? :


His username is holgern on github. So that looks right. His latest change is

It is very hard to let a project go, but some times it is necessary. However, do you have the possibility to continue it? If you have a full time job or other incomes and this is like a hobby so far, I would continue if I was you. If you do not give up, it might prosper in the future. And if not, what does it matter. You did something you loved. I never gave up on my hobby project and finally after 4 years it is getting popular. So do not give up after only a year, if you have the possibility and wish to continue. For me, earning money on it was never a requirement, only a bonus. I just wanted to create something people want to use and see them use it. That is what makes me happy. That is also the mentality that would make you win in the end.

It's sad to see SteemData go. If at all possible it would be great to still provide a dump of your database before it was shut down that others could use to quickly bootstrap their own installations.

Sorry to hear that you have to let it go.
From your experience operating it, what has taken up the most time making it run?


Hi @furion, thank you for what you have done. would you plz kindly share your experience of maintaining it, it may help the similar project in the future.

I didn't use it that much but it was a really helpful tool, sad to see it has to shut down. Thanks for all the work and time you've dedicated to SteemData, it is truly appreciated. Good luck with your other projects, I'll try to keep an eye on them.

Fully understood. Thank you for your great efforts.

Sorry to hear that but I think that's the correct decision for you.

is it for one day only?

it's not easy. now, i'm still looking forward to see how evolve.

Thanks for sharing your opinion with us bro ♡

Have a nice day.i like your opinion

Thanks for your service to the community, @furion. May you succeed in even bigger & better things!

Furion, thanks for this great tool, really appreciate what u have done, its not easy to maintain this project for free for so long, you had done ur best 😃

great... you very rich. amazing.

Something sad to read, but fully understandable. Maintaining such an infrastructure is costly in time and resources. This is something I can confirm from my experience with running SteemSQL.

I was not happy to leave the "SteemSQL free for all" models. But that was the only solution for me to be able to afford the costs of providing such a high-performance service.

Thank you @furion for providing such an alternative for so long.

Thanks for all you've done with this project, it was very useful and for me personally interacting with it was part of learning about Steem for me.

It is a painful loss for the steem community, but I could understand your decision. Thank you very much for providing such an excellent tool for free for such a long time!

i voted for you and you should also vote for me.


Thanks for this service @furion I have used it many times and found it really useful.

Sorry to hear that. You can add me on discord if you ever wanna pick up with this project. I can try help a bit, I work fulltime, but can try helpout some how.

sorry to hear! I've used your service countless times over the last months - thanks for your work on SteemData, highly appreciated!


You just suggested me steem-data and now it is non-existent . Sad :(

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Any updates on Viewly or links to your good steemit stuff? Looking forward to updates! HF20 is less than 30 days out and SMT's less than 6 months out, STEEMIT should be waking up very soon!

& As for the high maintenance requirements maybe I can work with you somehow? I have a beast server set up on a 7' server rack, very high speed internet around 300 Mbps, upload of 60 Mbps and pings at 7-9 ms. The cpu is an AMD ryzen 1950x threadripper, water cooled 16 core 32 thread very fast CPU on a X399 Designare EX GIGABYTE Motherboard enabling up to 10 NVMe SSD drives to be arrayed for super fast information processing... I am willing to run it for a couple months for you while we work out a fair deal that can enable you to continue development and I can help support Steemit in a major way? thank you for your consideration

it's sad that this great project will retire soon. Steemit community should have supported it more. There are so many whales who only vote for themselves, and could have saved this project if they did vote once a day for the developers. There have been lots of great dev projects initiated and majority of the projects have disappeared due to lack of support. We need to sort this out.

All the best!


Steemit community should have supported it more.

I fully agree with you. The same thing happened with SteemSQL when I asked some help from the community. They were all to say "Yes, let's support it" but only a few did and nothing more. Moving to paid subscription was the only way to make SteemSQL survive.

Unfortunately, it seems that this community is more inclined to support shitty posts than projects that are useful for all users.

Shadow workers are rarely rewarded.


I think your decision for moving to paid service is really understandable. Actually SteemSQL is a great service and deserves payment. It could have been better if whales supported the project enough and you didn't need to get the payment :) Developing a great service helps the entire community and the investors, but they just take the benefit and do not give back. Sad.


This is what I do not understand. The steem databases such as steemsql and steemdata could definitely help the development of the community, which should be the aim of those whales who have invested money in steem. Why don't they support them? If not steemdata, what are they supporting? shitty posts? Are they killing steem themselves?