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RE: SteemData is shutting down on May 1st

in #steemdata6 years ago

It's sad when good useful projects like that are laid to rest. What are the high-maintenance requirements? Time consumption? Monetary? Technical? Maybe we can save it like Steem.Chat was saved? I'd be happy to team up with you or someone else to keep it running (if you like).


I think his last post was describing those in more detail.
Edit: Actually it was in a private conversation, So I'll let him describe the issues.

Mostly technical. Current issues:

  • need to implement support for AppBase
  • database servers are out of disk space (using highest available NVMe capacity from the hosting provider already).
  • deployment management service I've been using is shutting down in May, so the whole deployment pipeline needs to be rebuilt, and all services migrated and re-deployed

Ouch, sounds more complicated than I thought 😥

Same scaling issues plaguing Steem in general...

I have yet to purchase my NVMe drives, I hope we can talk and maybe work together in the future, would like to see you continue!

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