Launching the first Steem Proposals UI

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Steem Proposals UI is live on Testnet (1).png

Hey guys. Over the last two month I was visiting different countries to see the differences in the cultures, technologies and innovations. It was a great time for me to rethink my game and to understand what is really important in this life. I figured that I’m a lot better at pushing small projects, rather than working on something big.

When I was in Chiang Mai, Thailand I set myself a goal to finish what I started back in Bali – Steem proposals interface. Even though the project was almost complete, I wasn’t fully satisfied with what I had. The interface was good but primitive and the technology I used didn’t allow me to have a structured and readable code.

This one caused me to learn a brand-new framework (Vuejs) and create this project from scratch. Honestly, it was the best thing I’ve ever done because using state management technique (Vuex) my code became extremely clean and easy to manage in the long run.

Launching the first Steem Proposal System UI

That leads us towards the project itself. Correct me if I’m wrong but outside of Steemit Inc, this can be the first portal that introduces a visual representation of SPS system. I’m extremely excited to bring it to you guys because I believe it’s very important to have an appealing way to browse through projects that can potentially help Steem to become a top blockchain in terms of usage, as well as STEEM to become a top coin in terms of market share.

I had three iterations of this particular project but I think I will stop with this one and just add more features over time. I also have three main concepts that I would like to outline:

A. Mobile-driven. Since our phone is the main device we’re spending the most amount of time on, I did my best to make sure that you get a pleasant experience of looking through the latest proposals when you feel like doing so. It’s kind of intuitive that people grab their phone first when they need to get some info on a spot, rather than open up their laptop. However, I still see projects missing this point and I don’t really understand why.


B. Data-driven. Traditionally an interface like this would have a simple list of proposals and that’s basically it. I decided to go further and add some extra data that might be useful to make your voting decision. Thus, each worker has its own page that shows the reputation, the number of posts and followers, as well as all of the projects one was working on or is currently performing. There’s also a separate page for all of the workers who submitted at least one proposal which can be useful when we’ll have more people asking for funds.


C. Community-driven. Since this is a project for a Steem community, I would like to receive as much input and feedback as possible. In this way, we can gradually make what we really need together. So please, don’t be shy, pour everything you like and don’t like. We’ll get there.

Things to keep in mind

  • is only one of the interfaces that anybody can create to display a list of Steem proposals.
  • I plan on open-sourcing the code if I see a demand from other developers to implement the voting functionality within this portal directly.
  • Originally the data from queried from mock proposals, now it's fetched from Steemit testnet.
  • FAQ is currently incomplete. Please, let me know what kind of questions do you think people will ask over and over again. We can fill this one together.
  • ‘Create proposal’ page is not accessible at the moment because you can only create a proposal from CLI wallet. I will add a detailed instruction on how to submit a proposal through CLI as soon as SPS goes live. I will try to do that for each wallet that implements SPS functionality.
  • Total budget (funds_in_funding_account) is currently set to $30,000. Eventually the amount will be fetched from SteemDAO account.
  • Daily budget is calculated using the formula mentioned by @blocktrades: daily_budget_limit = funds_in_funding_account/100 + daily_worker_inflation. However, the way daily_worker_inflation is calculated can be changed, so will adjust as soon as it becomes clearer. At the moment daily_inflation is 50% of the funds_in_funding_account which is $15,000.

Thanks a lot for going through this, I really appreciate your help and support. I believe SPS will create a healthier development and marketing ecosystem for Steem so let’s do it together.

P.S. With the latest update you can check the proposals from Steemit Testnet. Don't miss your chance.

If you like what I do, make sure to vote for my witness
(via steemit or steemconnect).


Wow this seems great! I think this is the other place that could boost Steem to the moon! I like those colors you used with UI, but at the end there is a guy, honestly I don't like him lol :D
Anyway thank you very much for the effort you put here and would like to hear the next update of yours as well!


I'll make a photo of Steemians during the next Steem Fest and will put it there. How does this sound?

Seriously that sound's good!


I wasn't aware there was so much money available for projects. As cheap as I'm willing to work. I need to get to writing proposals.

If you talk about the total and daily budget, it's not real data yet. So we'll see how fast steemdao account will be fill in after the HF21.

ABout the total amount going to projects, should be 10% of the reward pool which is

Total Reward Fund: 878,354 STEEM (Worth: $359,247 internally; $315,034 on Bittrex).

Total reward pool for steem is around $315K USD every week, so 10% of that is about $31K a week mate, maybe more as "total inflation" is separate from reward pool

hey so i remember i saw this post in the @blocktrades post from @dmitrydao showing THIS Ui

And now its looking even better like this

and its MOBILE now! SO COOL! maybe the original one is still desktop?

Man SO COOl I cant WIAt to see @ned realize he MUSt create a mobile app for steem and take care of the infrastructure and create steem FOUNDATIOn for scholarships and steem need sto be in school districts, free accounts for teachers and students etc, thats gonna be my big steem proposal

Thanks for mentioning. I'll double check the rewards distribution to a proposals fund. Previous UI was created with a different technology and used a lot of stuff I found useless so this one is fresh and will have a ton of features on top of what you already see now.

Mobile Driven
Data Driven
Community Driven

Man, even a worker proposal system gets a better UI than :P

yep, chances are for that very fact they won't use it. prove me wrong steem network.

holy shit. your the first person that got me excited about the proposal system. that's super clean. nice work man!!

Haha. There has to be someone who will show people that SPS is actually a lot cooler then we all think.

just recording a little reaction video for exposure --

Wow. Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.

super welcome. i support vision and determination and decentralized efforts to the max! you just went out there and did it. i love that! hope it get's utilized and you follow up on this vision.

Thanks. I know for fact that budgeting is a missing part in Steem. Every good project should have it. It speeds up the development tenfold. I've seen Dash and Bitshares transformed through this like crazy.

i respect you for having the foresight to just do it. i hope they take up your frontend work and make it happen for the solution, or at least one frontend in. i think it's modern, sleek and mobile -- massive for what we need.

my only fear is that those 'established' here pretty much control the 'messaging' factor by subtling squeezing out 'behaviour' in a class structure reductionist manner, i try to avoid it but it's hugely obvious now.. .

it's LIFE OF PI in this boat right now ;) lots of TIGERS until mats wanting to eat on what they have HODL'd ;)

that said, onwards and upwards eh? :) POSITIVITY over NEGATIVITY! that's what i'm aiming for, forward motion!

Just had a chance to see the actual video. It is so good. Like the way you put it as a marketplace for Steem so that people can go and build stuff. Never thought of it that way. Really interesting.

Btw, I created it myself if you're interested, I'm not a part of a team or an alliance. It's my personal project, outside of the company I work with.

well, maybe we should have a chat through discord because i also work with @steemtaskr and i think there is some nice crossovers there. i do a lot of video and streaming and want to get my project @steemcasting off the ground -- so yeah i'm always looking for people to work together with on things!

glad you liked the video!

Hello, greetings, very interesting, your project I hope you have the proposed successes

We love your design! Thanks so much for doing this amazing work. This post was tweeted from the @SteemNetwork account and retweeted by @steemit:

what and that's it? hire the guy! or at least use the frontend!

Appreciate your support. It's very important to have one from your team.

This is awesome!

Good to hear that.

UI is so clean and nice, well done!

Very excited to see this ever since I saw these images from your comments on @blocktrades

Yeah, a lot have changed since then but thanks anyways for following.

Looks nice.
If you want to avoid CORS, build a little “bridge” script that fetches the data server side. You frontend makes calls to your script which in turn makes calls to the testnet and echo it back to the frontend

Do you have any samples of that? Would really appreciate that. I'm using axios to retrieve the data via json-rpc calls but encounter the CORS issue. I thought it's a problem on a server's side which in most cases it is. But if there's a way to make something on a client side as well, that would be really awesome.

It looks cool!
Would be nice to see it implemented on also

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Oh, they will but a very straightforward version.

Good to see such a movement!

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Damn this is amazing, it's gonna encourage a lot of peoples to participate in SPS. clean work done bro!

Nice to hear that.

Awesome finally there’s a GUI can’t wait to see what the SPS will bring us, very exciting!

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Yeap, hopefully that's the first step towards a bright future of Steem.

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Awesome. Did you come to Nigeria?

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Not yet. I'm staying South East Asia now, Nigeria is quite far. Maybe next year.

Looks very good!

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Спасибо ребята, не знал что есть команда Стима в Украине тоже 😯

Amazing work you did, Keep going

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Damn. That looks cool :)

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Oh wow! show me the tip button quick. This is super duper cool! The new Steem is showing up. Now that we have a Steem Proposal System, things are starting to pop-up. I fully support this interface. it's super clean. Will vote for if we need funding for that. Will vote for @dmitrydao as witness. I love the idea of having the blockchain fund the development of things that benefit the community. Great job!

I love your enthusiasm. Appreciate that.

Why BTC pump. Else STEEM dump. huhu

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I'm certainly not a coder, but I'm really interesting in business proposals.

I have some ideas.
And I want to support this article with my 100 % upvote.

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Sounds good to me. Business proposals will do just as fine. Not everybody can code stuff.

I have tried to learn coding, I know some HTML, JavaScript and python 3.
And I have tried to learn to make my own applications.

I just don't like to learn coding or make those applications, but I can't at the moment.
I love being a visionary man and I get new ideas all the time.

And if there is something that I can help you with this @steemproposals , I would be happy to help.

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Looks great to me! Good work man! :)

Ничего себе!!! Поздравляю с созданием такого замечательного приложения. Респект

Спасибо большое!

Congrats for the nice clean interface!

Total budget (funds_in_funding_account) is currently set to $30,000. Eventually the amount will be fetched from SteemDAO account. If anybody has an info on which account it is, let me know.

As far as I know the account is @steem.dao.

Okay. Will try to link it up.

Many months ago when @blocktrades was initially done with the steem proposals system @steempeak did a very beta draft of steem proposals but then the project went into hypernation it seemed when it went into steemit's hands and so development from steempeak stopped without getting nearly as far as you. So great job and I'm excited to see these mockups and get an idea of how user interfaces can make this experience for users really intuitive. cc @asgarth

Good to know that there were people working on this as well.

This looks great! For those of us not on Testnet is there somewhere else to see what sort of thing needs to go into these proposals? I'm searching now but if Steem has a weakness it's search.

And here’s my plug for the #CryptoClassAction where we’re suing Google, Facebook and Twitter for the good of the Cryptocosm. You can read a good explanation here on my blog.

You can join up direct on this form from JPBLiberty.

More details in this post

This project looks really great.