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Hey all. https://www.steemcryptic.me is now back online. All features are running as expected and the current VPS should provide all the juice needed to handle the incoming traffic now. I will monitor the situation for a while and if needed, will move it to a more powerful server. However, I don't see that need anytime soon.

Additionally, the site now employs DDoS protection which should protect it from sudden bursts of non-human traffic. Please do reach out to me here on steem if you find any issues with this tool. I will fix and deploy it as soon as I can.


Hello Dev I could add this in to steem dapps ???

Hi. I am running a new witness node server. Your witness vote is essential to secure the Steemit blockchain and will help to make it more decentralized.

Announcement post: dhaka.witness

To give your witness vote follow the below steps:

Click on the link and it will take you to the steemitwallet.

Scroll down to the voting box, type 'dhaka.witness' and cast your vote.


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