Kickoff! Toronto and the Steem Creators Conference

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Brief update from Steem Creators Conference in Toronto...

In front of old city hall, just because it's pretty :)

Fun swag from Steem Creators Conference!


Steem Monsters!
We we given a unique physical card specifically for @steemcreators conference. Look how shiny!

This is a very interesting project on the STEEM blockchain. My husband especially likes card strategy games, so we are excited for this.

I am curious about the unique differences this game will offer once it launches, and I already love the collecting and trading aspects.

Here is the Kickstarter link!

Their raffle opportunity post here:


This company brings us the ability to liquidize precious metals and crypto even into multiple currencies.

I love their partner menē which makes jewelry out of your precious metal investments.


@josephsavage loved the goldmoney book collection. It seems Raven was quite fascinated as well.


Take a look at this amazing building!

This is the Royal Ontario Museum we saw on the way to our airbnb last night.


steemittoronto_logo-01 (1).png

Photos by me, @kenmelendez, and Amy @thehoneys.

Thank you!

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Awesome shots! And those Steem Monster cards are cool too.

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Thanks Ken! It was so great hearing from you today.

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Great pics... I’ve enjoyed meeting you guys!

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Thanks! We've enjoyed meeting you as well!

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