Star Wars Night at the Blue Jays Game!

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Hi Friends!

I just got home from the Creators Conference in Toronto and have had a blast looking through all of the crazy photos and moments we had from the trip! One of the highlights was definitely going to a Blue Jays game together! When we heard from @steemcafe that it was Star Wars night... @maryjaney and I couldn't help it - we packed full costumes.

We were so stoked to see other steemians decided to dress up too!!! The @babysavage ewok definitely took the cake though.

Ps... Mary took a ton of ridiculous footage in the wookie costume - so watch for a crazy mashup video coming soon!

Shots from the Game!


The gang!


We had way too much fun dancing in the back of our uber and freaking out cars next to us on the way to the game.


Me, @maryjaney and @originalmrspice representin' at the game.


Baby Ewok... stealin' the show!



Rey and Chewie sight seeing in Toronto



@anomadsoul may have missed the memo on Star Wars night...but can we all take a moment to appreciate the whale shirt??


I was so impressed with @katysaveage's costume! She literally made it herself and threw it together the night before leaving. Respect!


Did you know that Rey loves Mene jewelry? ;)


Rey representing at the Blue Jays game! Actually... meeting this little girl was one of the highlights from my whole trip. I'll do a vlog telling the story soon.


@lifesacircus feeling totally crushed after the Bluejays lost by 1 run in the bottom of the 9th.

May The Force Be With You

In case you can't tell by the posts that all of the Toronto attendees have been sharing - we definitely had a fun time during the conference! Huge shoutout to @steemcreators crew for putting on another incredible event.

There is so much value to be had with meeting up with fellow steemians in person. It's such a cool experience to have mix of fun, learning, collaboration and great conversation.

Xo, Lea


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It was honestly the most fun I ever had a Jay's game...too bad we missed the free hats but no biggie...the during the game antics made up for it :)

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haha I know... those hats looked cool! We definitely made up for it at the game though!

Your costume was awesome! I'm glad a few other people besides just me and @maryjaney dressed up... hahah

That looks like you guys had an amazing time! Great costumes. I am glad you all had that opportunity.


haha this was so fun. @maryjaney and I brought costumes, but honestly didn't think anyone else in the group was dressing up. It was pretty awesome to the Savage's and @originalmrspice all decked out too!

It was sooo freaking awesome connecting with you guys!! I told Stacy - but if you ever find yourself in my neck of the woods (bellingham, WA area), hit me up!


Will do! Maybe next fall! We are slowly creeping across north New York toward @senorcoconut's homestead.

We had such a great time in Toronto. That sort of energy stays with you for a while. We now have some set goals and are pushing forward. Be well!

Ahhhh. Looks like so much fun!

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Suuuuuper fun. I still can't believe that Mary and I packed full costumes in our small carry on bags. It was literally like... "cute coat or chewbacca mask? .... chewie. duh.".


Solid choice haha

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Coruscate Interviews Chewbacca on Top Secret Plans to use Cryptocurrency in their Fight Against the Empire

I think all new @coruscate fans should check out this one.


bahahahh only a true OG @coruscate fan would remember that! I still can't believe I made that video. LOL so funny/embarrassing to look back on!


gosh now i am an OG, what will my mum say :D

but nothing embarrassing there

i mean chewbaca mum video was way less sophisticated.

Such a good time, you guys looked amazing!

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hahah thanks! We had such a fun crew at the game. I'm still cracking up that Mary and I actually decided to sacrifice cute clothes to fit full Star Wars costumes in our carry on. #worthit.


What sacrifice? Those are cute clothes! You know how many Rey fan boy fantasies there are right now? 🤣
That Chewbacca mask was so cool too, please thank your friends 10 year old for all of us. So grateful you are a nerd 😋

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hahah I will. That mask was freakin' awesome.

OMG, you guys killed it!!


haha thanks!! We don't mess around when it comes to Star Wars costumes. lol

Hope you are doing well!!

Those are some phenomenal photos it sounds like you had a wonderful time. The Force was definitely with you. Thanks for sharing


The whole thing was super fun! Glad you enjoyed checking out some of our crazy photos. :)