STEEMCOURT: A Time For Penance

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen of the blockchain, a very warm regard to everyone on the steemchurch community on efforts to ensure a better growth and continuity.

image from CC0 License

The court attention was made known to a case of successional visit of steemcleaners on our very own High Priestess blog on the floor of accused plagiarism by an unknown parishioner. She lay a decline on the accusation and she did report back to steemcleaners with full prove that the articles suspected to be plagiarised was from platform that she is working with, having her being among the platform's staff and Co-writer of the platform articles with full usage permission.

Investigation was made by steemcleaners not only on the accused articles but on her membership to the platform which she proposed that she was Working for, she sent her QR code for a better clarification on the investigation. All being carried out and she was found not guilty of the supposed accusation based on the fact that her decline claim on the accusation was pellucidly valid but this in return caused her unnecessary distress and loss of rewards/reputation.



The idea on the report made by a parishioner to steemcleaners was considered trivial by the court, cases like this should be made know to the court for proper investigation before any sort and this will help scape loss of rewards/reputation and unnecessary distress or any sort. Based on the disappointment, this will sound as a warning with attached penalties to anyone who fail to view the objectives of the court on matters concerning parishioners of the steemchurch.

The court is literally concentrating on our Steemchurch tags, Steemcleaners will do their thing.The court is focusing on goals to ensure that any post with our Steemchurch tags is crystal clean and anyone abusing it will face the law.

From previous update made by the court, it was stated that anyone found guilty based on proper investigation on any accusation concerning steemchurch, such parishioner will be placed on blacklist but the court has insisted that instead of calling it a blacklist, it will be best it's called "A time for penance". A period of time in which the convict can by their actions be given the opportunity to prove that they are willing to do the right thing.

image from CC0 License

The court has found the following users @cryptospecio and @shahabshah guilty of plagiarism and placed these names under this time that the court considered to be a time for penance.

Three conditions are necessary for Penance: contrition, which is sorrow for sin, together with a purpose of amendment; confession of sins without any omission; and satisfaction by means of good works.

Thomas Aquinas

The court lay special appreciation to our noble knight, founder of @steemchurch, @steemcourt and @farms and also to our very own witness @jackmiller.
They are here to ensure a Just and Fair approach to everything concerning this platform and remember that the court is here for JUSTICE!


signed:Chief Justice

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  ·  last year (edited)

This is a nice step in the right direction for #steemchurch. I also support the name change from blacklist to Time for penance because we are Christians after all. Forgiveness is a good Christian virtue but that will be done after proper contrition. Thanks for the great work @hboi. God bless you.

Thanks for the update @Steemcourt

We are glad that the court is working extremely hard to ensure quality and originality

Thanks for the time



  ·  last year (edited)

The court is focusing on goals to ensure that any post with our Steemchurch tags is crystal clean and anyone abusing it will face the law.

With the above statement, the mission of Steemcourt is quite clear. The extent at which abuse occur here on the Steem blockchain keeps me wondering.

It was for this reason that I volunteered to enlighten steemians must expecially my fellow steemchurch parishioners on how to steer clear of these various forms of abuses.

Steemcourt Lesson 1 and Steemcourt Lesson 2

Alot of people haven't learnt how to source images and what Public domain entails.

Steemit is a lawful community, let's learn to work by the rules. (In spite of the fact that a lot of people are PRIMARILY here for the rewards.

To the Chief Justice of Steemcourt and SirKnight, more power to your elbow.

The idea of Penance and contrition is a awesome one.

Crime must be fought!
Abuse must be discouraged!
The law must be obeyed!


I am... @Gracehills

Hello @hboi this is amazing, for quite a while now @shahabshah's case has been very evident, I was a victim of his too, our priority is to cleanse the steemchurch tag, of potential and prospective plagiarism as well, and I'm very happy that this is taking it's full course.
Thank you for the persistent investigation and eagled eye on the steemchurch tag.

Interesting update @steemcourt

My attention was also drawn to the case of plagiarism and I advised that Steemcourt handles it

Feels great the court is working and we are getting there


God's justice now in steemchurch, God allow these people to confess the error and give them the opportunity to start over doing things right.

minha firma.png

Great work! Please do not hesitate to view some of my recent posts.

I appreciate the great work the @steemcourt is doing. I love the introduction of this "A time for penance"

Why is this the first time i am hearing about a court on the blockchain?
Wow steemcourt!!

So thankful the issues has been resolved🙏

  ·  last year (edited)

Going by all that have been stated here and the fact that the wrongfully accused lost her payout and even reputation, for fairness sake, i’ll like to suggest that the earnings on this post should be given to her as compensation.

This is nice step.
Thanks for sharing.

This is a step in the right direction, as christians we should learn to do things the right way, if we are having issues of whatsoever with anybody plz lets try to trash it out with the person directly or report to elders if we feel so hurt. Instead if looking for ways to bring them down.. Thats not the mark of a true christian. @steemcourt i appreciate your work. Good job. God bless you