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Dear Chief Justice @hboi,


Please be advised that this Knight has just delegated 1,000 SP to @steemcourt.

This delegation has been made to assist you in the downvoting of plagiarists and spammers - a blemish upon the SteemChurch blog and the blogs of our parishioners.

Furthermore, this Knight kindly request that you provide Apostle @owoblow-steemit with the names of any plagiarists you sentence, so they might be removed from the SteemChurch SMT distribution list.

The war on SteemChurch plagiarists has begun. And Chief Justice... we thank you for being our front line of defense.

Yours faithfully,


Coming soon...

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The fight against plagiarized articles and comments,being the current and paramount issue on the steemchurch community, the court appreciate this new strength given by @sirknight.

Feel free to delegate to the Court to enhance this fight and to assist the court in the downvoting of plagiarists and spammers.


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Excellent idea @Sirknight one of the things that God loves is justice.

Another great one from our great leader @sirknight. We say no to plagiarism in steemchurch

This is a good development because Plagiarism undervalue the amount of effort of the original owner of the work.

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Say no to "PLAGIARISM",nice one @sirknight. Thanks for sending that letter to Chief Justice @hboi .

You are welcome Vik.

This steemcourt business just got serious... Greetings to @sirknight

We are taking no prisoners Macko.

Great Update from a no nonsense Knight

Its high time we got rid of them

We earlier thought talking to them about it will be ok but now they have bitten more than they can chew

I am always at your service Oh great Knight.


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Amazing delivery of means in fighting against any form of abuse, malpractices, and content stealing amongst steemchurch, the bible itself kicks against stealing and coveting, that's why we at steemchurch will never condone any form of that, we are just and moral people and people should remember us as such.

Amazing gesture @sirknight, you have started this amazing campaign and the 1k steempower is a fantastic start, you're indeed the protector and justice instrument of godliness here on steemit, thank you for the fantastic gesture.

I trust @hboi's quest begins, may you be granted wisdom to carry out this fantastic mission

Exactly @sirknight, they action should kick-off to enable anyone involved no that they wouldn't go free.

the king of Knights frowns at it

#longlive the knight

Plagerism is indeed some thing very hectic on the steem church tag and the steem blockchain as a whole. Great thanks to you @sirknight for the delegation to @steemcourt in a bid to combart this issue at hand.

Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Actions needs to be taken to clear spammers here. We don't need such people in our parish. Weldone @sirknight for this great initiative about @steemcourt. More grease to your elbow.

Whoo! Justice just got served...
#Be warned
The Knight ♞♘ of action @sirknight
@hboi judge of justice

@sirknight you are indeed one of your kind...thanks to everything you are doing in making #steemchurch a better place to live...more grace to fulfil the task ahead...may God immensely bless you.

Thank you @sirknight, you always hit the nail on the head.

This is what most parishioners have been crying for, say no to plagiarism

This post is just one of the best if I read today....Wow
I love this fight again spammers.
Thanks @Sirknight for this wonder community (steemcourt) and delegation given. Its a good start.
Congrats @hboi...
More grace to your elbow

We are ever ready to assist you with any possible way we can

This is a great improvement, we are all in this together, thanks @sirknight

Its nice initiative sir PLAGIARISM is is a bad work,it must be stopped...i wanna join steeemchurch discord ,how i can do that? @sirknight

You can join the discord by just clicking here, we are waiting for you


Whoo! Justice just got served...
#Be warned
The Knight ♞♘ of action @sirknight
@hboi judge of justice

Excellent idea @Sirknight one of the things that God loves is justice.

Great idea @sirknight, this will further rid our community of plagiarist!!

#Steemcourt fully armed. plagiarism stay off.
Thanks @sirknight for this Development.


nice post

Can not say anything about it But 1000 SP can be stolen. Today it is happening in such steemit today.

This is great, setting the record straight.
This movement is for the gospel of our lord Jesus..Nobody can stop it.

Great idea @sirknight, this will further rid our community of plagiarist!!

thanks to this will be removed many plagiarism post comments, thanks @sirknight and hboi, for putting a hard hand on these plagiarists,

When people do not want to reflect and correct their lack to give them another opportunity it is time to take action, God grant wisdom to our president "

A great move by a great leader. Kudos to you @sirknight


This is a great and commendable effort @#sirknight PLAGIARISM is a must end in steem church as it is gradually becoming an element of great concern following the current trend of plagiarists. Plagiarism makes hardwork seem uneccessary and unfruitful as some few just go on copying, recreating and reforming someones work without proper acknowledgment or referencing. The mindless and irreponsible actions of plagiarists in the steemchurch, whether in part or full must be brought to a halt and checkmated. Any plagiarist should be made to understand that plagiarism is an offence punishable by law and therefore cannot be accepted in the steem church. Keep up the great work #sirknight

Wow this is awesome news. Love to see what great curation is going on right now in @steemchurch since I've come back and while it's regretful that steempower has to be used as a punishment instead of encouragement, I know it's a must for keeping great content flowing.

It's very discouraging seeing those who plagiarize stealing from others who consistently get lower rewards, but put out amazing original content. Keep up the hard work @sirknight.

Great leaders don't mince words, they show action. This is an example of leadership in action.

Christianity and Plagiarism? two totally opposite concepts. Good writing S.K

I think this new phase of steemchurch against plagiarism is excellent. I wanted to know how to enter the steemChurch SMT distribution list?

Our offensive has began! Crusade against plagiarism.