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RE: Major incoming changes on SteemConnect

in #steemconnect2 years ago (edited)

Fabien, is it possible to access the memo key with this version or the next of SC?

I'm experimenting encrypting messages and storing them as custom_json on the blockchain.



You mean if its possible to see your memo private key as an user on the next version of SC? If yes then yes it will be possible.

That is great. My app is going to be open source and if you want I can test it in alpha mode. It will make a good example of accessing the memo private key.

Anyway I will start with a custom_json scope on SC and a dummy memo private key.

Do you know where to get the encryption function? I had a look at SteemJS and now looking at dSteem, which looks more suited for that but a bit stuck at the moment...

Thanks, appreciate the help!