How to encrypt message or memo on Steem?

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It is amazing to see this encryption on memo.
Thanks @good-karma.
I know there is more to steemit than writing, posting, curating, etc.
witness to the moon.

That's so cool, just use a hashtag in front of it to keep it private, code is so interesting! Thanks so much for the update on eSteem - all of my many photographs I post upload in seconds now! 👍👍

If the process is easy to use, the mainstream will use and adopt it.
Or the steemit make it as default, all transactions is encrypted. That would be perfect.

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Good post

Both useful and informative as always from @good-karma

Great article! It's always nice when someone takes the time to actually explain everything in such detail :)

Very useful article for safe our data on steemit thanks to share it.

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Thanks @good-karma. Apps eSteem to steemit. I love eSteem.

I've been waiting for this feature ever since I started using Steemit. So, I can't tell you how good news this is for me. Thank You @good-karma for this long-awaited feature. Steem on!

Excellent! Just saw your post and the previous one about private messages.
Actually, I posted this article about private messages 3 days ago.

If I understood well, you integrated the encode/decode directly in eSteem application via javascript. That is great! Great ease of use.

Still one remark : it is not totally private as we can still see who is sending to who, when, and how frequently.

Also, do you know if this will be integrated in the website ? are you related to devs somehow ?

amazing, is there any probability that some way or another anybody can figure out the code to perceive what really is inside?

love dat D nxt generation exchange of commodity it all started with bitcoin now Steemit Blow it up. What do you you think

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Thank you so much for sharing, this is very help full. Have a great day!

work very well
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Thanks for this, very important and good information to keep our data and messages private thank you, upvoted!!! Also resteemed!

Waao very interesting code,do you write this code ?

hey man how you doin.
great information

It's a very useful post. You do a really good job. Thank you !

encrypting things now a days are so more common between us bcoz every one wants to be safe but this encryption is no more value able as some black hackers will ruin your data by decrypting it.

steem.memo.encode is not working now..

A really nice post about cryptography. Thanks @good-karma

It's great, until now all memo's were public.

Very good . . I use esteem. . Thankyou @good-karma 🙏

I'd love to get with you sometime @good-karma. I appreciate your knowledge and I hope to learn more from you.

I'm super intrigued with developing dapps & such. Let me know if your up for it :)


Interesting post my friend!

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a good post I really like your posts

I am still confused how to use the stem key @good-karma

How mysterious! Thanks for this, I'll make a note for later when I'm understanding more and more about how Steemit works. So far, so good.

This is an alternative to email. It is private but maybe some would like to hide transfers of lower than a certain threshold to control spam.

This would be very beautiful!!!!,,,,,,,//////

Thanks info @good-karma ...
upvote and me resteem post.

wow, is there any possibility that somehow anyone can crack the code to see what actually is inside?

Yes, maybe? Let's try`?

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Very useful. Currently it says "This memo is public" above the input. There should be an info about this functionality.
Submitted a simple pull request:

excellent! Thank you

This is what I call unique content!

It is amazing to see this encryption on memo.
Thanks @good-karma

really useful information it enhance meaning of privacy in the platform. Thanks

Wow, I missed that facility! Very interesting, thanks!

I wonder why if we're supposed to use it, there isn't an 'Private' check-box in the Steemit transfer form. It seems a bit strange to me.

Hmm Steemians could send their email addresses encrypted and receive important updates to their inbox!

Read the title and sparked my interest. Who even has the brains to find this stuff out.

You just spoke chinese to me.. and i am not fluent lololol

@good-karma Incredibly pleasant completion of article! Beloved the photographs and outline..

I wasn't aware you could do this. This is very helpful. Thanks!

nice technical skills you have..keep it up.@good-karma

Nice!, i guess this feature be useful somehow...

Very Nice, i like it the your post, thanks

@good-karma Intriguing put up - many thanks . Have to be terrifying to own this issue..

VERY USEFUL INFORMATION, especially for new users like me!!!! THANKS FOR SHARING!!
Steem on!!

Good inovation for privacy.. thanks @good-karma

good post and your sharing

Whoa... could this be used for private encrypted replies in a thread?

Excellent useful post!

yes ... i will save this post, i know i will need it soon ...
thanks @good-karma

is privateWifAccount the same thing as memo key in the wallet?
I saw this Wif mentioned here and there but I can't figure out what it means.

Yes it is private key of memo (other keys of course can also be used). Wif stands for Wallet Import Format...

Thank you 🍺

Wow the code yoi hsve mention is so interesting. I guess this will help so many people. Thanks for sharing such informative post with us

@good-karma This desires somewhat more time and energy to Assume about. Pleasant you provide it from a unique angle. Mhhh not really easy... and it absolutely was by now Quite challenging. Many thanks for let's Assume.

ooh nice, this come in handy...

Definitely the best way to keep spoky eyes away from my wallet transaction...

Nice one @good-karma
Bookmarking this post for later reference..

Gat to try my own encryption...

Great info thanks :)

This was awesomely well-written and easy to understand. Thumbs up @good-karma!

Thanks So much , it will help me cause am new here.

Thanks for the info dude.

Thank you for this very helpful information.

Helpful, thanks.

Good post, thanks @god

Thanks for information, i wait for next news about it
Have a great day

this is just amazing <3

I always respect your ideas about this platform....

Have you removed this feature or is it still available? Can't find it in the app.

Great content, you have here, just upvoted you, would visit your page time to time.

thanks for sharing very useful

thank for your sharing!

Very innovative, I need to try it out. Thanks a lot

Very good @good-karma.
I like your post.
You are the greatest..

Great, I still have to figure out about a lot of processes here but I'll manage in the end.

Thank you!!

Be happiness!

The update on esteem... just wow. Thank you. Also thanks for providing us with this cool little tip/trick. This is one reason I love SteemIt, you can learn at least one thing new everyday.

Keep up the great work for the community!

Hi friend I didn't get you earlier, from now I am going to read your text to know from you as I need some help, Now wish you good luck good health and happiness.

Greet Post

This is built into steemjs? I don't see anything in the docs, or in the source for that matter, that indicate that this method is available. This is good news - any other hidden gems that we don't know about? :)

Amazing and informative post indeed. Upvoted andfollowing u as always. Please review my new post on meditation if you find some time and provide your feedback if possible.

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good information.

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Thanks @good-karma

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Thank you for the tutorial.

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That's pretty awesome

Thanks for sharing good-karma

is there a way to do this hidden encryption with just from my laptop or do you need esteem? I am not very tech savvy or good with computer language sorry.

So, if I send someone an encrypted message, will the unencrypted text automatically show on their end? Or would they have to take action to unencrypt it?

This is very cool. I assume it's using some form of public key encryption with Steemit keys. I'll be trying this out soon. I don't mind paying a small amount to send a message and that should reduce spam, although we are seeing some spam using small transfers. Maybe people could set a minimum needed to send them a message. Private messages have been a much-requested feature.
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Nice post friend. thanks for sharing

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