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RE: SteemConnect 3, beta release looking for testers

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SteemConnect can be used on mobile through the browser, we don't have short term plan to release a mobile app but there is already mobile app like SteemWallet from @roelandp that integrated Steem-URI with steem:// urls.


Yes, see my comment elsewhere on the page. You can already check-out actually using the testlink provided by @fabien on this article and use to sign & broadcast using the opensource !

steemwallet just needs the RC Mana of a WHale for instant account creation for everyone who downlaods and tries to use steemwallet ... its important we have a wallet anyone can just downlaod and start using when they need a steem account.... then i could just direct new users to yoru app, it could have a lil browser for posts too, would be simple i think like partiko, man i wish you would buy partiko roeland because the dev left it and its an abandoned project but teh app still works so well you wouldnt know it... save partiko roeland!

oh no did partiko stop? Thats a pity!

Please note that you can create an account directly in the app but you need to pay for it using "in-app"/"1 click" appstore / playstore payment.

thanks for your kind words.


LOL No no no Partiko is still working just fine, just no response from the team on their discord and all i saw from teh discord was users reporting to me they feared it was a dead project, BUT the APp is still working, but there are things like a Wallet page that has been stuck at "Coming Soon" for many many months, and there hasnt been any updates from partiko in WAY too long... and i just now heard theya re "in transistion" so yeah it sad because we all invcested so much into partiko lol BUT it was built so well that it seems to eb working JUST fine without anyone really seeming to be maintaining it

AHH and thats aclever way to pay for the steem account via app stroe payment so maybe i can actually have my Phone bill charged for my steem account? :D

Imagien if i coudl donate SP to allow peopel to claim a free account? could you provide yoru own RC mana you arent using for account creation and give out soem free account codes using by @pharesim