SteemConnect 3, beta release looking for testers

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Today I'm excited to announce the beta release of SteemConnect 3. This new version is available as website but also desktop apps for Windows, macOS, Linux and as Chrome extension.


You can test the v3 on: . It will be available on this subdomain for beta testers for about one month before going live on the main domain and replace the v2. Here is some overview of the main changes:

Keychain account storage

This new version act as a keychain, when you import an account if you check the field “Keep the account on this computer” you will be prompted to set a custom password and your account keys will be encrypted with this password and stored on your computer. The password will be used to unlock your account for usage. If you uncheck the field, your key will be used for the session and discarded when you close the app or after 20mn.

Steem-URI support

The new app support Steem-URI the standard protocol URI for Steem. Steem-URI link can be generated and used to request someone to sign a transaction. Steem-URI offer a large flexibility to generate signing link and facilitate multisig. Here is a simple example to generate a Steem link for a vote operation:

const steemuri = require('steem-uri');

const link = steemuri.encodeOp(['vote', { voter: '__signer', author: 'fabien', permlink: 'test', weight: 10000 }]);
// steem://sign/op/WyJ2b3RlIix7InZvdGVyIjoiX19zaWduZXIiLCJhdXRob3IiOiJmYWJpZW4iLCJwZXJtbGluayI6InRlc3QiLCJ3ZWlnaHQiOjEwMDAwfV0.

If you open the steem:// link it will trigger SteemConnect desktop app. You can open it on your browser if you replace "steem://" with "" like this:

SteemConnect SDK updated with universal login

SteemConnect.js, our JavaScript SDK has been updated to support Steem-URI, the new SteemConnect Chrome extension along with "Steem Keychain" the Chrome extension from @yabapmatt.

See on NPM

Demo integration with Vue.js

We've build a new demo app with Vue.js using the latest version of the SDK to serve as example for SteemConnect integration.

Try demo
See on GitHub

Getting help

If you believe you're experiencing a bug or want to report incorrect documentation, open an issue on our issue tracker. For a more real-time avenue of communication, check out our new official Discord server. There you'll find me and community members who can help answer questions about the app, API, libraries and other development questions.

Developers documentation
Report a bug
Join us on Discord


Hi Fabien, yes, yes! Great to take this to beta level!

I've just tested signing the "Steem-uri" and it works flawless on which means people can also sign & broadcast SteemConnect based links with their mobile third party wallet.

For this I encourage you to change the "Open Desktop App" link to something more device agnostic, or detect when a user is on mobile :) supports the steem-uri spec out of the box and your release is a great step forward!

yeah when i click ;Open desktop app" it tries to open @vessel made by @jesta for me :D

also i get this windows defender warningwhen trying to install desktop app for new prelrelease of steemconnect desktop app

love your work!

Is the steem node configurable in this version?

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Yes you can change the node on the setting page: this works on the Chrome extension or desktop apps

That’s great news for CN users. Thanks

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SteemConnect can be used on mobile through the browser, we don't have short term plan to release a mobile app but there is already mobile app like SteemWallet from @roelandp that integrated Steem-URI with steem:// urls.

Yes, see my comment elsewhere on the page. You can already check-out actually using the testlink provided by @fabien on this article and use to sign & broadcast using the opensource !

steemwallet just needs the RC Mana of a WHale for instant account creation for everyone who downlaods and tries to use steemwallet ... its important we have a wallet anyone can just downlaod and start using when they need a steem account.... then i could just direct new users to yoru app, it could have a lil browser for posts too, would be simple i think like partiko, man i wish you would buy partiko roeland because the dev left it and its an abandoned project but teh app still works so well you wouldnt know it... save partiko roeland!

oh no did partiko stop? Thats a pity!

Please note that you can create an account directly in the app but you need to pay for it using "in-app"/"1 click" appstore / playstore payment.

thanks for your kind words.


LOL No no no Partiko is still working just fine, just no response from the team on their discord and all i saw from teh discord was users reporting to me they feared it was a dead project, BUT the APp is still working, but there are things like a Wallet page that has been stuck at "Coming Soon" for many many months, and there hasnt been any updates from partiko in WAY too long... and i just now heard theya re "in transistion" so yeah it sad because we all invcested so much into partiko lol BUT it was built so well that it seems to eb working JUST fine without anyone really seeming to be maintaining it

AHH and thats aclever way to pay for the steem account via app stroe payment so maybe i can actually have my Phone bill charged for my steem account? :D

Imagien if i coudl donate SP to allow peopel to claim a free account? could you provide yoru own RC mana you arent using for account creation and give out soem free account codes using by @pharesim

Eventhough the price of steem is low, yet stable, the developments of the steem blockchain continues in a rapid pace.

neat-o! Am I remembering correctly that this new version will be adding fees? Will SteemConnect take a percentage of certain transactions, or is it completely free to use still?

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In future we will introduce fee but atm SteemConnect API is still completely free. We will publish a post before having fee going live.

ah gotcha, thanks for clarifying :^)

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Nice update! Resteemed and will test it!

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Awesome work! Just tried out the demo, it's awesome that it's compatible with the new Steemconnect chrome extension, Steem Keychain and if none of them is installed redirects to the regular Steemconnect website. However, the demo didn't return a steem:// URI that would be opened in the desktop app, I guess it's not possible to detect if a desktop app is installed, is it? I really like the idea of having a steem:// URI and a desktop app though, that's what I love about Scatter.

If the release is one month away, I guess it would probably best to launch the @travelfeed beta with v2 and only deploy v3 in a month, or is v3 safe to be used in production already?

However, the demo didn't return a steem:// URI that would be opened in the desktop app, I guess it's not possible to detect if a desktop app is installed, is it?

AFAIK there isn't any proper way to detect if user support a custom URI scheme, there is some tricks to do it but from what i've tested it was not working on all scenarios so we've not been implemented it.

However when you are on the beta website for login or sign a transaction there is on the top of the page a button to open that page on the desktop app.

If the release is one month away, I guess it would probably best to launch the @travelfeed beta with v2 and only deploy v3 in a month, or is v3 safe to be used in production already?

You should be using the latest version of the SDK so your app will be compatible with the Chrome extensions. The last version of the SDK will still redirect your users to the main domain with the v2 for a month, you should not redirect your users to the v3 now, this is something we will do us when the beta end, this will not require changes on your side.

Excellent! I have migrated most functions already, love the new error messages btw! But I was wondering about one thing: With v2 and getLoginURL, the steemconnect oauth token is sent to our API once upon login where it is then verified with the me() call (if valid, our API returns our own JWT, signing of Steem transactions is always done client-side only). The JWT received when logging in with Keychain or the Steemconnect returns a signed message instead, so I have to change our API implementation - is there any tool in the Steemconnect module to verify that the signature is valid and belongs to the correct Steem account or would I have to write my own implementation, e.g. by obtaining the account's public keys with dSteem? Is the Universal log in safe to be used in production already (our beta goes public next week) or should we use getLoginURL until the release?

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