Anyone have issues with steemconnect or partiko?

in steemconnect •  2 months ago

So.. I've been hesitant to use 3rd party apps for steem and especially on my phone as I'm worried about getting hacked, and I more and more want to use some of these apps and things especially for my phone.
I feel like I could be more productive if I had access with my phone as well, and.. Not too long ago I signed up for steemmonsters and recently I tried SteemPeak which both used steemconnect IIRC.

I'm already using it so it's sort of late for me to ask, lol. And I started using it because I was told that so many of the witnesses were also using it and supporting it.

So I did a google search and found this link.

Which made me a bit nervous and reflected my original fears.
Then I read his one which helped a lil.

And.. I mean.. So many people are using these things now, whether steem monsters or busy or steempeaks or any numerous other apps/sites. And I haven't heard anyone getting screwed over yet? Does anyone have any stories about such?

I'm about to sign up for Partiko even though I had a rule about not using steem on my phone.
I think one reason why is because recently my father got hacked by a phishing attempt and he was able to get a new password and secure his account relatively easily. He did lose some SBD that wasn't powered up or in his savings, but.. I assume if you check steem every day like I do, that.. You should be able to catch anything serious before it happens. Assuming it's not just sitting in your account for someone to take and is powered up or in your savings.

So.. I feel sort of safe..? I feel like.. Even if my account got hacked, I could just get a new password and secure it again pretty quick and easy. Is there anything wrong with this line of thinking? Anyone else out there got some thoughts to share on this subject?

Thanks if so! I'm not totally there, but I'm really close to signing up for Partiko cause I wanna do steem stuff on my phone.

I mean.. I suppose steemconnect could get hacked and peoples accounts could be at risk? Though I think they say they don't even store the PW's, so.. Not sure how that would work? But.. Even if somehow you did get hacked.. Shouldn't it be mostly fine if you have your funds powered up or in savings and catch it quick enough and get a new password..?

Lemme know what you think if you have any thoughts about this! Thanks!

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I've been using Partiko every once in a while for about two weeks now. But if you want to do stuff on your phone, you can just as well open your browser on your phone and use That's what I do most of the time - no separate apps, just the plain, old website.


Everything can get hacked. Nothing is 100% safe.
But when I was the victim of one of those phihing attempts, I just had something like 14SBD in my account. Everything was powered up, so the damage was pretty small


Thanks for answering simplymike! Glad at least one person did and I think you're one of the best people who could have answered since you also had an experience similar to my fathers. Some good info there! So.. I think I'm most likely going to try it out, the risk seems pretty low if things are powered up/in the savings. And the benefit of being able to use steem on the phone could be pretty significant! Anyways.. Thanks again! Hope you're doing well.


Glad I could help.
And about how I'm doing: in spite of the fact that I just woke up at 5.30 on a Saturday morning, I'm in a relatively good mood.
Still, going go try to get some more rest now. 5.30am is really unacceptable :0)

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