Steemit posting responsibility?

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Do you ever take Steemit posting as part of your responsibility in your life? That is the question for week 27 of Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest being hosted by @legendchew.

First, I would like to clarify “Steemit posting”. For me, “Steemit posting” is either posting a main article or posting a comment/ reply on existing article or trail. Second, I would also like to clarify the term “responsibility”, at least in my own definition. Responsibility for me is something that I feel obliged to do at a specific time or within a specific timeframe. If I am not able to execute a certain responsibility, I would feel bad and do necessary remediation to make up as soon as I can.

Combining the two clarifications, my answer to the question would be: It depends on which type of post we are referring to. If it is about posting a main article then no, I do not feel responsible about posting on Steemit. I have so many thoughts going on in my head that I want to write about and share on Steemit but higher priorities are getting in the way. Posting my articles keeps on dragging up to I do not know when. And I do not feel bad about it. I just tell myself to do better and more organized next time. However, I have to admit that Steemit is somewhat addictive. I so much want to post as much as possible because I like to share what I have and also to get feedbacks about them. I also want to check on others’ post as to what’s new or what’s going on with them. I would comment on something that really interests me so I would also share my idea or learn from it. This is actually one of the avenues where I learn something new or different perspective.

On the other hand if we are referring to posting as replies to my main article or to an existing conversation trail that I have been involved and needs particularly my attention then yes, I feel obliged to reply back. These replies are what I watch out for almost every day on Steemit. That is because if other people took the time to comment on my posts or reply to my comments, they also deserve an answer and to “hear” back from me.

Many times we read on Steemit that engagement is very important to keep the community growing. That is where replying back with comprehensive and good quality message takes its place. When I was new here on Steemit, I have initiated communications to get to know some people. Some of them replied, some did not. For those whom I did not get any reply, I just moved on. However when I come to think of it: What if everyone or even majority of people on Steemit do not feel obliged or do not feel it is their responsibility to reply back then do we still wonder why if Steemit will feel like a ghost town?

For as long as the comment or reply is sensible or comprehensive enough then I think everyone is responsible to reply back.

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Dear @macoolette great piece and responce is the only thing I thought of after reading. I am an ENGAGER , like in real life you Will also relpy after a question or a a story is told by someone. But the steemisfere is freedom and a place to learn so eventually the non replying visitors of your blog Will come around.

eventually the non replying visitors of your blog Will come around.

I hope so. If they haven't left yet. 😂

If they left its their loss! You are a great contentmaker, have you ever got rid off the dead accounts on you account??

Thanks for the compliment. Not so often but I visit the list from time to time.

Great keep the sea clean😉


I think it depends - I often do not get replies ...

Hi @freedomshift i always reply, it depends on the timezone but its really weird not to reply for me.

I'll reply on my post where you've commented.

YES I know, There are alot off steemians that do not reply on you comment that Sucks !
Thank god you reply 😉

Hi @macoolette, thank you for your participation in the "Exclusive Blogging Course Giveaway Contest".

You're welcome. Thank you too.

same as the other post - only code but not #ccc tag ...

Same as the previous one... anyway, I edited both.

replying back or engaging has become impossible for many after HF20. Newbies or low SP steemians can post or comment but not enough to make any impact with their limited RC.

I am still looking for ways to help solve this problem - perhaps through @team-ccc?

Team ccc can definitely help. It is just a matter of spinning it off.