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in #steemcleaners6 years ago

Verification post, I'm real!

I ask @steemcleaners to stop flagging my content and of course an apologize.



I have informed steemcleaners that you verified yourself. This means that either you get verified and all flags removed or you get instructions how to do it correctly. ^^

EDIT: You got unflagged. :)

Welcome to steemit world

You are real and really beautiful.Good morning Grace I hope these Steemcleaners leave you alone.

Hey I know you're real! I'm friends with @jiujitsu and he's real too believe it or not hahaha

Jajaja 😊


Very beautiful girl!! Excelent post!!

love to travel, did so for four years, still need to visit

Good for you! I am glad you stuck up for yourself!

Hi, welcome to steemit!
I'm "nota"
I also I thank But just self-introduction.

You are pretty @gracelbm
@steemcleaners need to upvote big on this one to compensate losses of your previous post.

steemcleaners does not have to do anything. And they do not upvote anything.

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