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I came across this video on YouTube and it needs to be brought to the attention of the correct whales here on SteemIt ASAP, so they can investigate the claims of potential fraud. I was talking to these guys a few days ago and I thought something just seemed completely wrong. I even told Craig Grant that I was puzzeld by his overall persona. My instincts on this guy seem to be correct. IDK - watch the video and let me know what you think.

Trevon James / Craig Grant (EXPOSED) MLM Pyramid Scheme Team

(curtesy of Kenn Bosak YouTube channel)

I call on all good Steeemians to take the boots to these two scammers and shut them down. They are hurting our investment here in SteemIt and they are giving cryptocurrencies a bad name. We don't need these kinds of criminals turning people off to what is truly a good thing.

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We will see what will happen to them after the big Bitconnect scam.

I am using BCC now. But not stupid enough to use his referal link to get commision on my deposits. naaa. So far its working but I do have more douts than positives so far earnt 1200 usd.

Real gangsters... I like them more then banksters, at least they are entertaining :)

This is true. It's just not cool to misrepresent your program like these guys are doing. It appears to be a pure MLM scam, and nothing more. They are selling membership in their "club," nothing more. If you pony-up enough money to them, they'll bring you inside.

These guys are just scammars come on.

Nothing new here. I pulled him up on this shit a long time ago. No point though. Dude just acted a like a child and posted some silly illuminati shit. If his followers haven't caught on by now, they really deserve to scammed anyway.

I disagree. Nobody "deserves" to be scammed. There ARE mentally-challenged people out there. They deserve the same amount of consideration you would give to someone who you would consider "intelligent." The type of person who takes advantage of the lesser-informed around them, without being transparent about it - I can't say that I like those types of character traits in a person, at all.

You are completely right. Thank you for reminding me not to be a dick.

Was that a Satire?!?! Are you making fun of me?!?!

Haha. No, my friend. It genuinely was not. I try my best to be conscious of what I am thinking and saying at all times, but I am not infallible and I fuck up way more than I would like to. Your comment showed me that this was one of those times when I was too quick to pass judgement. So, I thank you for the reminder.

Haha poor chap he is so deluded, he is implying he's some insider Illuminati, it's his role playing fetiche, can you imagine a more pathetic figure? But he IS dangerous in the sense that many handicapped people find this scammer first on youtube when searching cryptos. I watched him for a week and wasn't sure if his followers were being sarcastic when praising him or for real... It seems people are really getting scammed big time.


Wait until you read my article about their dirty past!
bi5shop , please re-steem my post

Hi. I will read it. If it lines up with what I know, I will be very happy to give you an update and a resteem
Also, I'm going to look into what happened to your reputation. If these scammers did this to you, I will use what little influence I have to help you try and restore it. This risk is what I fear I am also now exposed to. I just have faith that some whales will take notice at some point, then come in and set things right. Just hang tough.

I was inexperienced at the beginning and copy pasted two articles i found online, without referring to the original author. But now i am trying to get it back up but it seems impossible.

The best way I know how to raise your reputation is to have good interactions with other Steemians and get upvotes - and it's best by commenting on other people's posts, in an intelligent way. Not just saying, "Hey, man! Nice Post!" There's plenty of stuff on here, so just stick to commenting on topics you like - what you do & what you know about. It takes time. Always make an attempt to credit other people for anything that you copy/paste. The best content is original content that you come up with on your own.

Also, go and talk to steemcleaners on their own terms. I believe they do have a way of granting you an appeal and reversing your reputation drop if you can convince them you didn't know any better, were wrong, and your behavior has changed for the better. IDK how that all works but, if you haven't tried that yet, it would definitely be worth a couple of hours' work on your part.

Yeah. They sound good. They sound all happy and positive. But, something set off my B.S. detector - they were just putting their info. out there for free, and it was showing results that were way too good to be true. It's up to everyone on SteemIt to keep this place clean and protect it for the new users.

What these guys are doing is criminal. There is no other word for it.

Can you follow me back. Making my way on here.

I upvoted and followed you.

Very entertaining.


Okay. But, you must do 2 things for me:

  1. Never just ask for somebody to follow you, again. People on SteemIt do not like "follow-begging." People will naturally follow you if you make intelligent comments on their posts.

  2. Steemians want to see that you are posting your own, original content about what you do, what you like, your photos, your life. We don't want to see that you know how to use the "Copy & Paste" buttons on your keyboard.

Or you can just resteem. My boy, you may aswell Copy & Paste.
Us steemians don't like know it alls.

You certainly sound a bit of a tit.

I'd rather be known as a hater rather than one of the CG brown-nosers.
I appreciate you're sharing this, don't think I would have seen it had you not shared it in another's post.
sornprar = Rep 5 = gee thnx CG (his flags alone, 5 of them, did it in from almost 50 on a 2 week old account)

We're going to have to see what we can do to help the people CG has tried to silence. This is not how the vast majority of people on SteemIt want things to go for new people on the platform.

The problem is that these guys are hurting the community by running their scams. These pyramid scheme posts should not be earning, but they are because their plan is successful. Their posts contain pictures of their balance or earnings, which is very attractive to newcomers.

It seems like the steemit platform needs to come up with a way to deal with this. How is it supposed to work?

No offense to either of these 2 guys, but you didn't have to convince me. They seem shady as hell. Actually there are a lot of people in this, especially since i found Steemit, that are just plain hustlin.
Not a a fan of them.

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