You were flagged for sharing affiliate banners and instead of taking it on the chin, you decided to be a stubborn knob. Quit whinging and shape up. The accounts upvote each other to counteract the flags they get from other insolents who struggle with criticism.

I don't think you understand how this works ... if you choose to keep being a knob it gets worse, not better.

Cloud mining always has and always will be a scam. Affiliate banners are spammy. I'm a professional forex IB ... do I plaster broker banners all over my shit? No because it's tacky and lame and spammy.

No one has wronged you, you just can't take criticism.

Sweet. No worries. I tried. Have fun.

Without @steemcleaners , Steemit would have been overrun with spam and abuse long ago. Were you or were you not called out (flagged) for sharing affiliate banners? If yes, all you had to do was make a small adjustment that benefits all steemians and that would have been it. Instead, you decide to throw a tantrum and attack people who have added more value to Steem in a year than many of us will add in a lifetime. The evidence is plain to see in the blockchain. Your petulance costs precious resource and I assure you, if you continue this vendetta, you will see where the true support lies. I suggest you let this ugliness go, observe the simple courtesies that benefit everyone and enjoy Steemit. All the best.

Did you share affiliate banners in your post?

If you put as much energy into producing content, hopefully original, that people can enjoy, as you do fighting steemcleaners for doing what they are supposed to do to minimise spam and abuse, then I have no doubt that you would get so much more out of Steemit, Steem and Steemians.

In my opinion, if you want to argue the case for affiliate programs, this is not the best way to do it. Far from it. Steemit is not perfect, the steemcleaners are not perfect, nor are you and nor am I. I urge you to understand why your affiliate promotion was flagged and to acknowledge that for steemcleaners to do so was entirely consistent with the wishes of the majority of steemians. I hope you will think about what Steemit is trying to be and in that context, understand why certain behaviours and kinds of posting must be discouraged to the best of our ability.

Where compromises should be made, where innovation makes things better for more of us, so be it.....argue a case and let's see if we can embrace those adaptations.

In my opinion, you were not wronged initially and the subsequent battle came from your reaction. Flags were always intended to act as a means of moderating rewards and discouraging certain behaviours. You have a choice to post content that people may find valuable. Your material cannot be censored. If you aren't getting the response you want, perhaps try a new approach?

What I would find oppressive is Steemit becoming riddled with affiliate or any spam, abuse, plagiarism and advertising I could not choose to escape. Incidentally, just because someone disagrees with you, it does not make them a nazi or an oppressor. Look in the mirror.

I really hope you can let this go. There are battles worth fighting but I genuinely believe this is not one of them and certainly not in the way you have been so far.

If you feel so strongly about the benefits of certain types of marketing on the Steemit platform and can argue that those benefits extend to all Steemians, then put a post together and see what kind of a response it gets.

I tried to reason with you. Best of luck.

Yes you can not call out @steemcleaners them same accounts down voted me as well for calling them out

due to a similar issue yesterday I have sketched out a first draft of a proposal to end the tyranny of downvote censorship - check it out if you like:

thanks, ok - i have left him a comment and will attempt to resolve the issue.

hehe, well - we all do what we can.. and i'll be sure to wear a cup in future when i'm near you - just in case :)

You seem to be confusing steemcleaners with individual users. The steemcleaners account doesn't really upvote anything.

You say they only enrich themselves? Go look at the steemcleaners wallet and look at the payouts to all the people on steemit who report abuse.

The headline of your post is "Steemcleaners multiple accounts".... Steemcleaners isn't blocking your posts, people are.

It like if Lebron James robbed a liquor store. Yes, Lebron James plays for the Cavaliers but it doesn't mean the Cavs robbed the store, Lebron did.

If someone who is part of steemcleaners flags you with their own account, it isn't steemcleaners flagging you, it is just that person.