My WIGGLE is OFFICIAL! ♨️😜 #steemclan is the best!!!

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Have you heard about Satoshi's Treasure???

I heard about it last week from @mimismartypants ! On April 13 - the first encrypted message was released - welcoming the Treasure Hunters to a Hunt for excitement ... and of course BITCOIN!

How much bitcoin?

OH. Just a cool $1,000,000.

Yep! There are 1000 keys that are going to be dropped and we're only on #10 right now - so it's not too late for you to start!

If you think you can do it alone - I wouldn't count on it. There are clans - people joining forces - and its best for YOU to join one! And it just so happens that we have one on Steem! #steemclan, of course :) Join the clan, partipate and earn tokens! When we win (and of COURSE we will win 😏) your distribution of the prize will be comparable to the participation tokens you received!

I jumped in there last week (in the middle of a clue) and I have to say... eeek! I was completely out of my element!!! Thankfully our fearless leader @blanchy encouraged me to stick with it, familiarize myself and make an official start today when the next clue dropped.

And HOW FUN!!!! TODAY'S clue was right up my alley!!! I didn't have a twitter account yet (but @mariannewest JUST DM'd me last night to get one and join in @nathanmars challenge!) So - I was ready for today's clue with my brand new Twitter!

Here were the general directions. (don't worry - if you want in - @blanchy will get you set up in the discord!) Make a gesture for your clan - and then start a chain! First person posts on twitter doing the clan gesture. Then.... second person posts - showing that they are watching first person and does the clan gesture while watching. And so on.

I took a peek at what was happening in the chat - and thought. hmmm I think I have a fun suggestion for our gesture! Make a cute little hand wiggle like the Steem symbol! Everyone liked it and our chain began!!! It was only right that @blanchy be the Genesis block of our little blockchain - so he put his own sexy flair on the Dreemie Steemie "Wiggle" LOLOLOL

Yep. that is now my official name!!! hehehehe

You man now call me Dreem "The Wiggle" Steem LOLOLOL

Thank you @saffisara for my bellydancing girl hehehe

hehehehe we are all still figuring it out - but a lot of laughter and fun is happening!!!!

Here is what we have so far

(and we are in the lead right now I believe!!!)

check out @blanchy's Wiggle

check out @akiroq's Wiggle

check out my Wiggle hehe

check out @shaungerow's Wiggle

Thanks to @wholeself-in working out a cool Google doc and making us a bot and @blanchy's hard work.... it is super simple now to know exactly what to do and where you are in the list! Believe me - i was so confused with twitter - and in about an hour - I got working knowledge to post a video and retweet and basically be a block in our chain! HOW FUN TO BE A PART OF A LIVING BLOCKCHAIN!!!!

UPDATE: We had started earlier - but we needed to restart with the videos above! The notes said that we should be outside - so we went back and restarted it with a new Genesis block! We have time to get this RIGHT and we don't want to be disqualified for a minor point after working hard! So come on!!! Wanna join us??? Help us get the longest blockchain and win this clue!!! :)

SECOND UPDATE: a rival clan just seriously tried to sabotage us and create a side chain off of ours to confuse us. grrrr. Good thing we have a way better system than they do!!!!! We are on track and it looks like other clans are a little scared if they're bothering to sabotage!

Join #steemclan by hitting up @blanchy or jump right in to our Steem Clan discord for Satoshi's Treasure!! The more diverse our clan - the better equipped we are to dominate :)

More info on the Treasure

Image: bitcoin


I was going through the discord posts earlier today and I have to admit, I was a bit confused. Thanks for splaining. :)

This #steemclan is killing it. I feel lost and sub par when I read through all these discord posts. I mean how did you figure that out?!?!
How do you get a sound file from an image?!?

I'll keep trying to stay tuned and who knows, maybe a clue will resonate with me. :)

no no no!!! don't give up!
seriously - just stick it out! There will be some clues where you will just be like yeaaaaaaaaaaah i'm gonna sit this one out. hahahaha

but this one is a FUN one! and you're needed!!!! The longest chain wins - so get in there and ask @blanchy and how to get on the list to add your tweet to the chain

it is super fun - plus... come on... Dreemie Wiggle? um. yes.


Agree with the others, you should TOTALLY do this one! All you need to be part of a live human blockchain is a Twitter account and the willingness to wiggle a little on camera
(note: only your hand has to wiggle, it's just some of us have more natural wiggle than others hehe!)

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Hahahhahahaa I was born to wiggle 😂😂😂😂

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Your balance is below $0.3. Your account is running low and should be replenished. You have roughly 10 more @dustsweeper votes. Check out the Dustsweeper FAQ here:

Try this one out doc! And I was the same as you. How do you get sound from an image? Then someone came along with a tool to extract a sound from an image and now its the first thing I check on all the images

Yes really!!! Try this one @doctorcrypto.... It's easy and fun and all about the camaraderie and numbers!!! And we have that in this community!!!

You can really do this one!!! (If I can... You can! Lololol)

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Ok. So I'll take a video doing the wavy movement outdoors.
And post it to twitter. This will be my second twitter post so please tell me anything i need to do to make this a qualifying post for the human blockchain.
Not a lot of twitter exp here.
Do I need a tag or anything? I'm an old newb. I know...

@doctorcrypto make sure you fill out the Google Doc and the video you must show is the person before you so your block is validated

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@doctorcrypto make sure you fill out the Google form for your queue number and the video you must show is the person before you so your block is validated

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Great post Captain Wiggles!! 😀. We are in the lead already thanks to you !

hahahahahaha ummmm thanks to our Wiggle Crew! LOLOL

this has been so fun and I'm glad that you encouraged me to stick it out!!! i'm sure there will be more clues that have me drowning in "duhhhhh i have no idea whts going on" but thankfully they have clues geared towards Giggly Wiggly me! hahahahahaha

Niiice I've not been keeping up with the treasure hunt, but I like the wiggle movement and the genie is a nice touch..

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You should join!!!! Even if you don't do any other....this one is super fun and easy!!!!

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Thanks for the shout out, but can you edit my username? It’s actually @shaungerow with a u, not a w!

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Aghhhhhh I did that in discord too! Lolll

Will do now! :)

But on Twitter it's with a w?

It’s an alias on twitter!

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Ok....just making sure that I did it right on that one hehehe

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I Steem of Dreemy😋

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With the dark brown hair... Lol

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And way smexier lips😍

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