Let God paint your story

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Often for some reason free will always makes us play the trick of trying to help God in some way. The best experience we can live in is knowing what we were born for, but when we are close to this experience we rush and want to take full control of everything, every decision is invaded by our ideals, so we believe that it suits us and almost we always fail.

And although there are times in life where we have to move and go in search of what we desire, at other times we have to let God be God, just as Psalm 46:10 says.

Imagine that we are in a workshop of visual arts in front of the great painter and in the first class we are given a blank canvas where we are invited to paint our life story, but they give us two options: paint it our way, or let the artist par excellence draw l lines of our history. What would you do? Surely you would tell me that you would let the painter do his great work of art with you, but when he starts to use colors and shapes that you do not like you will want to direct him to how you want him to draw your life.

But Jesus who is the perfect artist knows what are the right nuances to paint our life every day. However God being chivalrous is never going to do something that we do not allow, but the more we want to "do our will", the longer it will take to correct the mistakes.

Let His design be carried out perfectly, without human intervention. Remember that it is GOD; doesn't need our help. Learn to live in complete dependence on Him, and don't try to find a way to help Him.

We all go through different processes, comparisons don't get us anywhere, He has a perfect design for each one, trusts and waits with the certainty that He will never miss His word, what He promised. He's going to do it.

Let us be still, trusting that he will use everything for our good, the brushstroke of our painter's hand makes life more beautiful than it already is, because He made us in his image.


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