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For sometime now I have been enjoying the generosity of @steemchurch and those in charge of the great community like the like of @sirknight , @sc-n and others , I must commend them ,they are doing wonderful , let the good work continue, greater height is sure in Jesus name (Amen)

So few days ago I came across a proposal of delegation of at least 25% so so as to move the community forward which made me swing into action by delegating some of my so so that this good work can continue .
Am here to let the whole Steemchurch community and steemians as a whole know I have contributed my own quota for the development of this community .

Here are the proofs



Did you love @steemchurch and what they are doing? If yes, what are you still waiting for? Delegate and let's move the community forward.

I remain @sola3097 , I am proud of this great family ( @Steemchurch )


Thank you Sola for your support.
God bless you.

You are welcome

Hi @sola3097!


Thank you @sola3097, we appreciate this gesture from you, continue to support, comment and bless the community.

I will do my best ,thanks alot

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Be sure to leave at least 50SP undelegated on your account.

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