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'Ladies and gentlemen of the SteemChurch,'

'Peace be with you'.


Yesterday this Knight had two little mice tell him about a post - a post he absolutely must read. It was a blog post from the SteemChurch Venezuela parish. And it turned out to be a post that would change the direction of the SteemChurch, forever.

The link to the post is below. A post authored by our valiant Apostle Darlenys.

This Knight often discusses economic collapse, asset bubbles, hyper-inflation, corruption and destruction at the hands of socialist governments. However, much of this is theory.

What this post of Sister Darlenys did was demonstrate the real human toll relating to these man-made financial atrocities.

Before you do anything - be sure to watch the BBC report embedded in the post.


In her post, Sister Darlenys set out a plan - the plan to help feed the starving children within her country.

Not only does she seek to provide the children with food and sustenance, but she plans to educate the children in food preparation and planning.

More importantly however, she plans to educate the local communities in relation to collaboration and solidarity when it comes to the distribution of this food, to ensure the survival and future prosperity of as many children as possible.

And to ensure the quick and efficient execution of the plan and to increase awareness, the SteemChurch Venezuela executive has developed a mobile app, with the hope to drive logistical excellence within this divine undertaking!


The SteemChurch is a vessel. A vessel for Christians of the blockchain to use to share spiritual and ethical ideals. A vessel that has allowed many from across the globe to learn and enjoy.

This vessel however now has a greater calling - a calling from God that has been made through our beloved Apostle.

And when the SteemChurch is called - this Knight and our parishioners will answer.


Effective 24 hours from now... all resources of the SteemChurch will be dedicated to the following 2 projects:

Primary: Bread from Heaven

Tag: #heavenbread

Sister Darlenys, with the assistance of Apostle Marcelo and the newly anointed 'High Priest' Emilio Cabrera (should have happened much sooner than this and with much more pomp and ceremony - sorry Brother) will have full control of the Bread from Heaven project.

These three will require the support of all parishioners. They will need volunteers on the ground, supply chain and logistics plans, technical support, awareness campaigns, flyers, nutritional guides, mini-farming guides, your prayers and about as much food as they can get their hands on.

Secondary: Project Reliquary

Tag: #reliquary

Brother Tikhub will continue to upload the Bible to the blockchain for eternal safekeeping - and if you have not made @reliquary your daily Bible reading, you really should.

With respect to FARMS, SteemChurch Nigeria and SteemChurch Ghana.

FARMS - will operate a 50% capacity and apply all the resource and food management knowledge it as acquired to date in the support of the 'Bread from Heaven' project.

The SteemChurch Nigeria parish will be temporarily closed, with parishioners encouraged to participate in #heavenbread and #reliquary.

SteemChurch Ghana will also operate at 50% capacity and is asked to provide supporting blogs for #heavenbread.


In this Knight's grand plan, the resource required to feed the world would already be available to us through Beatitudes. Unfortunately, this resource will not be available until next March, the expected SMT release month. And whilst the news of the delay saddened this Knight for a time - our Sister, the Mother of Crowds, has now shown us the path forward regardless.

Be well, be compassionate, build lives.

'All images in this post were designed by Sister Darlenys, or have been drawn from the SteemChurch archives'

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Thanks for so much SK! We are honored to have a Leader like You, We have been infected by the humility that characterizes you and your passion to help the unassisted. Thanks Also to Sister Darlenys, from whom I have learned a lot in this beautiful project. God bless SteemChurch forever! Blessings to the Apostles and to all the Parishioners! Together, we can do a lot!


High Priest @emiliocabrera, congratulations on your call to service. Remember, the reward for hard work is more work. I pray God endow you with great wisdom to saddle the responsibilities ahead of you to the glory of God and the growth of @steemchurch - Amen. God bless you!


Amen brother Thank you for your good wishes

There is an NGO called Caritas de Venezuela that showed the following data. Weekly, between 5 and 6 children die from malnutrition. The projection is that 280,000 children can die from malnutrition. "Severe child malnutrition has reached 15% in the month of last August, which is why we declare a humanitarian emergency. And 33% of the child population already has a delay in growth. This physical and mental damage will accompany you throughout your life, it is irreversible now.

excellent project. I support him 100% I am Venezuelan and I know very well what our country is going through. I am willing to help in the work. Although I am far from the area where Sister Darlenys is ... for God there are no distances. Count me in! my whatsapp is +584242094556.
Thank you Knight @sriknight for supporting my country. God bless you

woooww had not seen this post, I think this is great, I know that this will be of great help to the people of that beautiful country that is in difficulties. I will be supporting from my country.

This is a beautiful job, I am sure that God will provide the strategies, people and resources for it to take place.

With my support brothers: Darlenys, marcelo and emiliocabrera, this project emanates from the heart of God.

And I pray to God to provide many more finances to @sirknight so that I can realize the dreams of God, (@sirknight thanks for the love you feel `for my country)

I am happy that this project initiated by the apostle @darlenys01 is about to begin. Here in our country, the issue of food is quite difficult and more for children. and that's why I'm happy to support.

congratulations brother Emilio Cabrera for his recent position. I feel happy because I know you and you are a very humble person.
We encourage the entire community that has not read the Bible, to start now with @reliquary.
We are followers of SteemChurch, we are followers of Jesus Christ.
@steemchurch goes to another level.

God Bless @SirKnight


Thanks you Brother Marcelo!

We are happy to read about this update. We are the change we want to see in our environment. Impacting in lives brings greater joy.

Upvoted & Resteemed

We @farms are readily available to provide maximum support and ensure the success of this project.

We encourage everyone to be their brother's keeper and do anything necessary to create a difference,..... we believe one small farm at a time, steem would feed the world


Let's all go all out to support the project Bread from Heaven.

upvoted and resteemed

The time has come for the fulfillment of a prophetic word given to our apostle @darlenys01 from his youth, with tremendous things Jehovah will answer you, you will be an example for many people, the great revival of the last times begins in Venezuela, thank God because he has chosen and united two hearts to fulfill their purpose, Blessings to @sirknight, they are an excellent team.

Thank you @sirknight for all you are doing for our people, congratulations to brother @emiliocabrera faithful man that God has placed for the help of the apostle @darlenys01 we are sure that all this is a divine dream that God himself will make reality through this great woman.-

Thank you SK for supporting this great social work, it is an answer to our prayers. The children of Venezuela will thank you. Congratulations to Brother @emiliocabrera, I know I will fight for this noble cause.

Greetings Sir.

This is amazing and I want to say am very happy with this wonderful initiative.

As far as this year is concerned steemchurch is the best thing that has happened to me and I want to say and am happy that the steemchurch is touching people's lives.

Bread from heaven is a blessing from God to humanity.

I want to say congratulations to our new apostle @emiliocabrera

Long live steemchurch.
Long live @sirknight.

It is an honour to serve the church and help build freedom in Christ for all souls around the world ....God has so many way of rescuing situations around the world , and an amazing way is through our God anointed @sirknight ...we will help with our strength in the Lord to see #heavensbread accomplish it mission....

Thank you sir and stay bliss


Sirknight excellent friend, prayers, God is responding and steemchurch is a means to bless the people, Thank you for that initiative of our beloved @darlenys in union with your vision, certainly God is placing through you the men and women who The father needs to fulfill his promise, God is a God of covenants and promises, and he does not forget any of them.
We are waiting for great Blessings and this is hardly beginning.
Peace, blessings, abundance ... for steemchurch, and victory for the nations!

Issues with children has been my priority since they are our future leaders if proper care is taken about them they will grow to become responsible adults. Thanks @sirknight for this bold step to help put smiles on the faces of those children who also deserve a better life. We from #Ghana are solidly behind this project and will also ensure the progress of it. Long live #heavenbread.

God has his hands on venezuela ... God bless SC-V, STEEMCHURCH every work they are doing for the help of the people and now of the children ... we know that Venezuela is going through situations but as I said before. The glorious hand of the father is set in Venezuela and that nobody can deny .. BLESSINGS @sirknight @marcelo182 @sniffnscurry @darlenys01

Wow God has helped @steemchurch exceedingly. The issue at Venezuela breaks my heart but I know dry bones shall rise again. Weldone @sirknight
You have been a leader indeed. God bless you and God bless @sniffnscurry.

It saddens my heart whenever I come across the situation in Venezuela, I pray that God will help you'll overcome it even with the aims mentioned above.
@sirknight keep up the good work, keep spreading the good word and your rewards awaits you in Jesus name!!.

God bless you, This is a Blessing project. To continue on this Path is for Sages, but To join this path is to follow the word of God Helping the Progimos. and Love our Brothers. @sirkinght

This initiative is really interesting and it's worth involving for all steemchurch parishioners. Thanks @sirknight for the support you have given to the world through steemchurch. We from @sc-g are solidly behind this project of feeding the poor children in Venezuela. Great project @sc-v.

God bless you @sirknight, this is indeed a wonderful approach to ensure the growth and development of Venezuelan children, i have heard of how the economy in so down... i pray God rescues the citizenry from hardship, also we have to do what we have to do and i believe #heavenbread is a good way to start, am totally in support of this project..

It is such a great work our sister Darlenys is doing,to help the starving children in her Country. God bless you for that.I will see how i can contribute to the two project at hand. God bless steem church. Great post @sirknight.

Greetings Steemchurch congratulations to the Apostle @ darlenys01 for their wonderful initiatives and hard work for Steemchurch Venezuela, also congratulations to our beloved brother @emiliocabrera for his newly appointed great team that God will continue to guide. Thanks to our beloved leader @ SirKnight for his solidarity with the Venezuelan people.

I love that the Venezuelans and others really in need are the major benefactors of Steemchurch support. Great work and God bless

Things like these are the ones that should be done daily, Extraordinary Work my Brother God continue to bless @sirknight

May God bless this initiative and may this new direction be guided by the sacred lines of the spirit of the Blessed One of our Lord. All of us who are part of Steemchurch are happy to have such noble leaders, blessings for you sirknight and for the apostles for such excellent work. Count on all our support.

Awesome God bless you guys a million bunch @sirknight, @darlenys @marcelo and the host of others and the Venezuelan church we are richly with you in all this.

This is wonderful, we know that it is a beautiful project that will have unimaginable fruits because the anointing of the Saint is on the life of the apostle @darlenys01 woman chosen for this time, Thank you @sirknight for your vision of fulfilling the purpose of God's work here on earth.

This project - #heavenbread is quite timely and a great investment for @steemchurch. God bless @darlenys01 for this initiative. For @sirknight, I pray you will continue to enjoy God's abundance and providence for always leading the @steemchurch into the paths of blessings. For me, I will support the #heavenbread project as much as God engraces me. It is a worthwhile investment.

this is a beautiful project, which we will support

Thank you Sirknight respected for supporting this beautiful dream and project of our apostle @ darlenys01, really is of great nobility and love this project for the children of my country

It is an excellent project, may God bless the actions of our apostle @ darlenys01 and our leader @ sirknight, the children govern the world we must help them are defenseless and the future of our country

It's a wonderful initiative Sirknight, Society needs visionary men like You! Children without the future of a country and in my beloved Venezuela are suffering. Congratulations to brother @emiliocabrera, he is a noble and righteous man who loves God and neighbor.

When times are tight, some tough decisions are required. Out of all the places in the world, Venezuela is key and at a tipping point. Praise God you are making these difficult decisions and Help is on its way.
Daddy William

Thank you for this information @sirknight, our Apostle @darlenys01 is a woman blessed with much wisdom, congratulations to our high brother priest @emiliocabrera, every day I feel more proud to belong to this blessed community. "bread from heaven" simply beautiful.

Beautiful work @sirknight! Thank you very much for all the support you are giving this wonderful project full of many values such as humility and kindness. God bless you!

a noble cause which unites more to a town that needs it, thanks for fostering love here in Venezuela @sirknight

wow I bless the time of God is perfect, first I want to congratulate my friend and brother @emiliocabrera a big hug, for this beautiful project you will be doing, in advance count on my support. always our beloved leader SK in the struggle of the needy, thank you for being a great-hearted man, I know that this bread from heaven will be a great blessing, our dear apostle @darlenys01 a great woman with vision.

amen, let's make this trend, let's all help these Venezuelan children

We are in support my mentor. Thanks for this amazing and great post

I love your post friend, are you the pastor of this steemchurch church? I would like to know how I can integrate more? I love your post, you can see that you have a lot of ingenuity and take great care of your home and your garden. could you see my post?

Alot has really happened in my absence. Glad to be back.