SteemChurch: expansion is gaining momentum

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Ladies and Gentlemen of the SteemChurch,

'Peace be with you'

Telos Expansion gaining momentum.

This Knight is thrilled to announce that the Telos expansion is progressing and quite rapidly now - thanks to our registrar Marcia @marciabon.

We are now through the creation of over 70 parishioner accounts and we are within 1-2 days of clearing the back-log.

This Knight would like to thank everyone for their patience in this matter. We understand that you are all eager to get set-up on Telos and start collecting your acorns. It is terrific to be able to say that we have almost caught up.

Marcia may have more to add over the next couple of days. At this time however, this Knight would like to say huge 'thankyou' to Marcia, for taking to this very important role with such a high level of diligence and professionalism.

SteemChurch Telos Village

Now that many of us are at Telos, it is time to design our village.

We do have a marketing budget for SteemChurch / Telos promotion - so this Knight will be opening this part of the budget to SteemChurch Telos Village building designs.

For a reminder on what the village concept is, please refer back to this post...

This month we need designs for all the current structures:

  1. The SteemChurch
  2. The rectory.
  3. The abbey.
  4. Our great oak tree (acorntree).
  5. Our acorn wishing well (acornwell).

There will be up to 500 TLOS to be distributed to the best designs. The top designs will also be dropped into the Telos Telegram Group to assist in the promotion of our wonderful Christian community.

So get busy designing our new virtual village. Who knows, maybe one day it will be a reality for us all.

SteemChurch Community Register / Telos Expansion Form

With account creation moving so rapidly, it is time for us to get out and about and referring your Christian families and friends to our Church.

Getting on the register is simple - just have your loved ones complete the following form.

Be sure to have them list you (your Telos account name) as their referrer and you will receive a 5 TLOS referrer reward.

Again, patience is required. Please tell them to allow up to one week before the account is established.

Furthermore, some parishioners have expressed an interest in bringing their physical Church parishioners into SteemChurch. Great! We would encourage this. However, this Knight suggest that in these circumstance you take a few pictures of your Church and congregation and post about it here at Steem. We would love meet your friends.

Be well friends and be brave, freedom is coming.

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Well explained Sirknight, we are pleased to know that Marcia and Sirknight are taking the records and guidelines of the expansion to successful levels. SteemChurch will search the blogs for the best designs to follow our magnificent SteemChurch Telos Village promotion. We will bring more family and friends to meet the pre-established goal of 450 new members per month.



Thank you SN for being an instrument in God's hands to be a blessing to generations. Steemchurch Telos Village will certainly grow beyond your imaginations.

Furthermore, some parishioners have expressed an interest in bringing their physical Church parishioners into SteemChurch. Great! We would encourage this.

Thanks for saying that officially. It's been my priority since I discovered @STeemchurch to tell my family (biological and Spiritual) about it. We've had over 20 sign-ups so far and expecting more especially with Telos Village.

God bless you- Amen.

20 new parishioners - excellent work Uyobong.

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And many more are coming. Today, am playing host to 3 new persons whom I will helps to create new accounts for and also help them register for Telos

Thanks @Sirknight for your tireless efforts to bless our lives. I'm yet to get my account, though, am patiently trusting it will be in the next phase of accounts to be created. I hope in this phase of designs, hand drawings are also acceptable?

What a great vision coming true... Its been all what God has in mind.... To propagate the kingdom of God and to move through out the globe.... Great move @sirknight God help you more

Congratulations Sirknight for the success of the Telos expansion. More successes for Marcia in her administrative tasks

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Great task this time.
More blessings, more life, more joy on Telos.
Dear knight, I have issues with accessing my mail, can I re-register?

Don't reregister yet Evegrace. Just looked to the email and it looks ok to me.

What is the problem you are having?

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Are you not getting your emails Evegrace - is this the problem?

Yes, I can't access the mail. It's not accepting my password. Attempts to recover has failed because I lost my phone

Thank God for the expansion of telos and his tireless work @sirknight.

freedom is approaching, the expansion has become very fast, thank God for this new town ..
Apóstle DM

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A good call for the SK community, congratulations to Marciabon for his excellent work at SteemChurch Telos and to You also for your hard work

Thank you so much for participating in the Partiko Delegation Plan Round 1! We really appreciate your support! As part of the delegation benefits, we just gave you a 3.38% upvote! Together, let’s change the world!

We’re thankful and patience @sirknight, we’re also grateful to to our registrar Marcia @marciabon for helping this much.

Thanks for the opportunities that are being opened for all parishioners to participate in designing of the visual Church. From 70 accounts, we may someday reach 700,000 and above because there is no limit to the growth of the church.

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This is a good heritage for the Sirknight faithful. God bless more, the work that everyone is doing on the Telos platform