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Ladies and Gentlemen of the SteemChurch et al.

This Knight apologises for his virtual absence from the SteemChurch over the past couple of days - the Australian Parish has been on a most wonderful excursion to the TENNIS. The Sydney International to be exact. One of the Australian tournaments leading up to the Grand Slam Australian Open in Melbourne.


This was SirKnight standing outside the park before play commenced. This had to be a quick photo - as you can tell by the sign... NO STOPPING! (hahaha)

So whilst I remember - Celestial Challenge Wednesday - Structures. The Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre is my entry today. Built in 1999 for the 2000 Sydney Olympics (best Olympics ever). The main Ken Rosewall Arena seats 10,000 people, and the complex consists of 7 other competition courts and 6 practice courts. Cost of construction was $AU42.9 million (according to Wiki) and this Knight paid almost this much to feed the family here over the past few days ; )

The highlight for SteemChurch Australian Parish...


The new 18 year old Australia Tennis sensation! (Remember his name and that you read it here first - this young man has a big career ahead of him)

After turning heads at the Brisbane International last week in the early match-ups, losing to American Brian Harrison in the semi finals - he is now into the quarter finals at Sydney after cruising to victory against World Number 30 Damir Dzumhur this evening. (Picture above).

Despite the blow-out in the score and an early retirement by Dzumhur, it was a fantastic game to see live.

All SteemChurch attendees had a fabulous time with a few hoping to get back there in the next couple of days to see another match or two... and perhaps an Aussie Sydney International victory in this the two thousandth and eighteenth year of our lord.

Corinthians 9:25 (NIV)

Everyone who competes in the games goes into strict training. They do it to get a crown that will not last, but we do it to get a crown that will last forever.


As you all know, this Knight is thrilled that CelestialChallenge and SteemChurch is distributing so much love to so many new Steemians who share many of the same ideals. However, this Knight must now admit - he is exhausted!

Furthermore and unfortunately, SirKnight is coming across more and more spam on Celestial Challenge, and again this adding to his time management stress.

As such, to avoid an inevitable burn-out, SirKnight has determined he will now be prioritising the SteemChurch and the active congregants over the general all Steemian Celestial Challenge.

If you are posting into #celestialchallenge and you feel you are not being rewarded for your efforts - please do not be offended. It is simply because the Legendary SirKnight, is a very busy man.


Thanks again for the awesome portrait Odsam2.

Other photos taken by SirKnight!


Nice Step you take there. But what about those who are not spamming?? It's not fair for those?? :) Accept my apologies but what is the mistake of those who are sincere? And here in steem church they'll do the same if they are spammers.

What a game to watch. I love it. Thanks for all your efforts to reward those participating in the challenges. I agree with you, there are so many spam posts right now. It makes it more herculean to curate. I think there should be some rules.

Yeah, everyone knows that in Steemit and also in #Celestialchallenge there is some new people coming like us, so we didn't knew about spamming but it was our senior @taimoorahamad task to tell us what to do? But he didn't done his task so that's why nowadays we are getting nothing in celestial challenge and we all are feeling bad bout that!

I agree with @muneebahmad you guys were not listening to taimoorahmad , he tried very hard to tell you guys that you are doing wrong but at that time you give the damn and now you are blaming him , welldone bro. I am a witness here and I know taimoorahmad worked hard for us and still doing and one more thing he is not your leader , he is the leader of our Pakistani community.

Do not lie @shahidshah. I can give you proof's about it that at various times he warn you guys but you give a shit about it. And as far as I remember he's not your senior. Not anymore. You are no more welcome in the community.

Knock it off guys. It's my mistake I guess.

Well, @shahidshah if Taimoor didn't tell you about it. You should have read the FAQ. There more to come read the FAQ and don't blame him. Because he's not responsible for your mistakes. It's you who should be responsible. If we talk about the seniority yes he's senior but not of all those people whom he brings here on steemit.

I was talking to him yesterday about the people he recruited. We calculate that about 400+ people join steemit because of him. That's something that can't be neglectable. And see how he's blaming him for his own mistakes.

Yeah I know that he has done a lot for us and I am not bliaming him for that, I am just saying that if there were mistakes then he should have told me about that because I didn't knew about those mistakes and he is also not talking with me through chat from last 6 to 7 days, can you let me know why??

You lucky Bugger!
Mrs Percy and I love the tennis and intend to get back downunder for the Aussie Open as soon as humanly possible. I shall look out for the latest Aussie sensation this year mate.
Will he be any good on the clay and the grass?
Don't get your hopes up for him in Melbourne, too much pressure!
C'mon Roger make it 20 slams at the Aussie Open this year!

Tennis is my favorite sports.. Love your blogs @sirknight. Thanks for sharing

hello my dear friend @sirknight ,,how are you ?
what an experience that would have been simply outstanding SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK TENNIS CENTRE photography.
amazing AUSTRALIAN TENNIS place !
loving to your activity and love to your blog.
have a nice day.

stay blessed of luck.

upvoted and resteem

keep up the good work in AUSTRALIAN PARISH TENNIS update information.
fabulous one and Outstanding place picture.
it really an awesome photography.Good photography skills you have.
thanks for sharing.
have a great day.god bless you.

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great tennis center for playing amazing place and good players great post upvoted and resteemed

Church and sport,thats good

nice post i like tennis @sirknight

Wow so beautiful my friend it's very beautiful

we can be friends on Facebook

hahah you are the quickest fox @sirknight , luckily there was no officer to capture you because it is no stopping , great quality of photo. pro !

Keep up the good work, with the #steemchurch @sirknight

it is very good post for sports realated man and woman. and it is also knowledgeable for tennis player.

@sirknight. You have done so much sir. Your love for steeemchurch and celestialchallenge is nothing to compare with. And your time is one thing man and God must commend. You are great sir. And for this post, it great!

Thanks God, @sirknight is here. His the man that encourage me in steemit. I think that was arround June to July 2017. I was thinking why he disappeared but it doesnt matter tonight, @sirknight is here

Very informative post.. Keep up the good work @sirknight

thats my boss having a nice time without me😓😓

Don't worry, I wasn't invited either 😓

Let's report him to the lord😜😜

All I will say is God bless you @sirknight for initiating this wonderful challenge and steemchurch.

What a game to watch. I love it...
Church and sport, that's good @sirknight.

it is great post for sports realated man and lady. furthermore, it is likewise educated for tennis player.
please sir check my profile once

For us that is good news you will be back to celestialchallenge and rewards to newbies because i am also very dis hart no rewards last few days but now i read your post and acknowledge myself and good news is that you are good and busy in tennis game i am also a big fan of tennis and especially of Alexei Popyrin my good wishes with him and my predation Alexei will win this Australian open.sir enjoy the tournament and do,nt forgets newbies thank you Great Sirknight (my english is not very well but you will understand my opinion and for you my great wishes for you)

Thank you so much @sirknight for the. New steemchurch i hope it goes s long way in enriching the lives of stemians

Tennis? This is my best game..i really love playing this game and i want to appluad you for all your efforts which i know will not be a waste...

looking great to see tennis ground .

Great kills @sirknight i love what you are doing with the daily @cellestialchallenge

I read it now. Tennis is my favorite sports.especially my favorite tournament is the Roland Garros.A very exciting tournament...Thanks a lot my friend ! Keep on sharing, I follow you ! @sirknight

friend @sirknight, is in all sports, steemchurch and celestaialchallenge, we really understand that you are human and it is inevitable that you have physical exhaustion, other than to tell you that your position is understood and we pray to the Almighty God so that your forces are renewed like the Eagle , since we need you in this community.

Great photography skills @sirknight.. Love your work in @steemchurch

cheers @ sirknight

I support your choice of pioritising the steemchurch,God over everthing!

thank you friend for all the support you have given to the community, I will start my christian writers in steemchurch. but a question I apologize if I did not understand as a result of the translation. will they also follow the daily challenges of celestialchanllenge?

looks like you are a very active person
I am good at tennis too ;)

\it extremely a great photography.Good photography abilities you have.

a debt of gratitude is in order for sharing.

have an extraordinary day.god favor you.


All I will say is God bliss you @sirknkght for intiating this wonderful challenge and steemchurch...It is important to sometimes
To relax for a better result..Love the tennis view..Have a bliss day

@sirknight daily celestial challenge has been a great one for me..thanks sir for is my favourite sport;though i dont know how to play ..kudos sir more success to come

Wonderful @sirknight the #steemchurch must grow bigger and bigger. God bless you for your efforts in the #celestialchallenge so far, no one can blame you for taking a break. Well-done!

Awesome work you are doing @sirknight how do I become a member of this congregation

Very cool and beautiful. Thank you for this publication @sirknight

great post, sirknight as usual!

so the only post done by you i mean your last post thats why i am commenting on this here ... loved that game and i think you are really enjoying yourself

Excellent @sirknight you are an amazing person, thank you for everything you do for @steemchurch that is a great blessing to us. God bless you, humble man, continue on this path. We keep growing.

I still do not know why some people like to drop spam comments instead of actually reading the post and dropping a well deserved comment. It is very appaling..more strength to the steem church.

Amazing the church is marching on

great tennis center for playing amazing place and good players great post upvoted...thanks for sharing...

hope federer will win his 20th grand slam this month in aussie open..
btw krygois is also young tennis sensation of australia

@sirknight great post and I am going to do a research about Alex di minaur and also I follow tennis and favourite player is Novak Djokovik and in female Sania Mirza.
On the other side I support you on steemit because you have supported me on steemit but I don't know about steemchurch? Like what it is really about? What to post there? I am nowadays not getting anything from #celestialchallenge and I am feeling very bad about that!

Dear sir knight on behalf of all Steemit family we are thankful to you . Rewards given or not doesn't matter let's join hands to save humanity. It is order of the day . Regards

@sirknight congratx about tem Australia as they won the ashes series against England in cricket sports!

Steemchurch is a vision that must linger on for ages to come and am glad to be part of this movement
Please ensure taking some rest as even God Himself rested on the seventh day of creation
Nice post sir

Seemed you had an interesting day! The sydney Olympic park tennis centre looks beautiful.

@sirknight. I think its a good idea to focus more on steemchurch knowing that it has been a passion in you. When we dont see rewards for the #celestialchallenge, we will sure understand!
Thanks for the initiation in the first place. Thanks sir!..

please sirknight i am new here and new also to the celestialchalleng please i have be posting and most times i dont get view from you i do not know if i am missing anything.... still nice view of the tennis court hope you had fun

Despite the blow-out in the score and an early retirement by Dzumhur, it was a fantastic game to see live.

@sirknight indeed one can tell that it was fun filled and less i forget,keep up the good work buddy #celestialchallenge and also steemchurch on the peak!

Very cool and beautiful. Thank you for this publication

I feel your pain as a curator for multiple communities.

Starting a Facebook group to educate people about crypto and try to get them interested in Steemit.

As well as onboarding real-life friends onto the Steemit platform that is not very friendly to begin with and recently having issues.

I'm not complaining, but just letting you know the apostle's are here for you @sirknight! Together we are stronger and better!

Lucky!! Watching the pros play tennis is the greatest live sport in the world. Obviously I like tennis 😂

You going to the open?

Sounds like the R&R was very much needed!
Do not apologise for the step back from the celestial challenge, it was a great initiative and has helped and will probably continue to help get those creative juices going. Your child has grown and reached the point where they are off into the wide world, but will probably still visit from time to time!

Please keep pushing ,do not stop one of the main people a lot of us look up to(personally speaking) all the time and effort you put to make steemit a better place is higly appreciated ,do not stop.

Make the good work go on...and I really love this sport and this is what i love playing the most...i love your post...nice...

Thank you @sirknight for the challenge more challenge to come our way as we keep steeming,, we admire your effort for the challenge continue for being kindhearted person,, God bless us .. love to watch that games also,

thanks for coming back , @sirknight we were impatiently waiting for you

Hello @sirknight i am new here on steemit
You are doing great work for new steemians like me.i am very intrested in your #celestialchallenge

Hello @sirknight i think you are busy in your personal life. I am new here on
are doing great work here on steemit.i really big fan of your.@sirknight gives a stand to new steemians like me and i am very intrested in your #celestialchallenge

wow! that's great
maybe u ll see also a match with Simona Halep, no 1 from Romania, just like me
cheers @sirknight!

I understand that you are busy and dealing with so many posts must be exhausting. I am really really sad that the celestial challebge is ending. I was unable to post for like 15 days and now I am recoveribg from illness to find this. I trust you the knight of steemit. You will do whats best for us.

Hi plzz tell me why i am not getting upvote from daily celestialchallenge.

There is nothing wrong when you make certain decision. Rest is an important factor. I remember reading about God resting on the 7th day after the creation completed.

This is nice step. I think u must mechanism in place to check spam. Am least consider those who are not spammers

Love your blogs @sirknight. Thanks for sharing

what an ordeal that would have been just remarkable SYDNEY OLYMPIC PARK TENNIS Center photography.

astonishing AUSTRALIAN TENNIS place !

wanting to your action and love to your blog.

have a decent day.

What a diversion to watch. I cherish it. A debt of gratitude is in order for every one of your endeavors to compensate those taking an interest in the difficulties. I concur with you, there are such huge numbers of spam posts at this moment. It makes it more massive to clergyman. I think there ought to be a few tenets.

Steemchurch is a dream that must wait on for a very long time to come and am happy to be a piece of this development

If it's not too much trouble guarantee taking some rest as even God Himself laid on the seventh day of creation

Decent post sir