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I am SirKnight!

Lord of the Steem!
Wielder of the mighty Sword Excalibur!
Field Marshall of the Great Steem Wars!
Founding Father of the SteemChurch - the first ever Church of the blockchain!
Wise well beyond his years, with agility of those 20 years his junior.
Quick witted, ruggedly handsome, with a cheeky guy next door smile.
Arguably the greatest blockchain blogger to ever live.


Now you ask...


Ladies and Gentlemen of the SteemChurch.

'Peace be with you'

Just four days ago, SteemChurch Witness Representative Jack Miller published this emotional and thought provoking post...

And this Knight's life is now changed forever.

According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty.

This is utterly horrific and the entire world should hang their heads in shame.

Are we going to petition World Governments to fix this? No way... they are too busy lining their own pockets and those of their banker friends.

So who is going to fix this?

Well, all the SteemChurch Parishioners already know the answer to this...


SteemChurch FARMS


Effective 5 May 2018, the 'STEEMCHURCH FARMS' initiative / project is active.

FARMS: Food And Resource Management Systems

Steem account @farms has been created and Brother Abiye @abiye has graciously volunteered to manage the account and lead the initiative.

To get the project started this Knight will be personally delegating 1,000SP to @farms.

How much food does 1 STEEM buy?

According to Jack, 3 billion people live on less than $US2.50 a day.

However, in order for us to feed the world we need to stop thinking in US dollars and start thinking in STEEM.

We need to know... how much food can 1 STEEM buy in communities around the world?

SirKnight currently domiciled down under, could purchase ANY of the following with 1 STEEM Token.

5 litres of milk

A dozen eggs.

1-2 kilograms of oranges.

So the first challenge to SteemChurch parishioners... let us know what foodstuffs you can buy with 1 STEEM.

The second challenge - help Brother Abiye design logos and flyers for SteemChurch Farms.

Earlier this year, this Knight coined the phrase:

'Steem will feed the world: one small farm at a time.'

Perhaps it is time we rephrased this line for SteemChurch Farms.

Be sure to tag your designs under both #steemchurch and #farms. Brother Abiye will resteem the best 4 or 5 SteemChurch Farms posts on the @farms account each day.

The Vision.

Whilst Brother Abiye will no doubt formalise the vision and mission statements for this initiative over time, this knight's initial proposition is this:

  • To support agricultural producers and market places throughout Christian communities across the world.
  • To encourage the use of STEEM and $SBD tokens as a medium of exchange.

In an ideal world - the content creator could create right here on the Steem Blockchain - then use their Steem Rewards to pay their butcher and grocer.


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This is a brilliant initiative. For quite a while I have been in awe of the fact that steem has given people the power to feed a family by clicking a mouse button. It is the main reason my wife has been so cool about how much time I spend on this platform. Whenever I feel burnt out, she reminds me how many people have been helped by this platform. This is the true power of steem: bringing good people together and empowering them to make a positive change in this world.


Understand exactly how you feel Han.



It is true @hanshotfirst, when we feel tired there is always something that reminds us that we can not stop the fight we have started. I remember when you collaborated with @gavvet in the ligththeworld, it was great, in one of my post I got a very good reward to use it to do gifts to some children in a very remote community.

Project: 'SteemChurch Farms' is granted SteemChurch Committee APPROVAL.

Thank you SirKnight.

You may proceed Brother Abiye.


Thanks you @steemchurch for approving this steemchurch Farm by @sirknight

I'm a living witness of the lives changed by steem, a semester is about to end here in school and through out the whole semester i never saw the need to bother anyone for a loan or food to eat. On my birthday i was able to support the less privilege around me to my capacity and all this won't have been possible without steem and the GREAT knight @SIRKNIGHT.
This project is one I must put my body and soul into.
Long live the steemchurch!!


Wonderful example of the power of Steem Brother Tikhub. SK.



Steemchurch Farms willl go a long way in affecting lives globally.I look forward to working with brother @abiye on this project.

What a fantastic initiative.
The only way people who are suffering will get help is through the kindness of their fellow man. Government has proved itself to be ineffective at best and complicit with the misery at worst.
It is my hope that over the next few years the use of crypto’s for payment of goods and services becomes the norm, hopefully it would be the death knell of govt issued fiat shit.


Once again Brother TP, we see the world through the same libertarian glasses.



I just wish everyone else could see it the same way, what a beautiful world it would be......
Debt free money, no wars, no poverty, no scumbag banksters, no parasitic govt.....
I could go on but you know what I mean.


hello tremendospercy

With the level of poverty and the wants and need in the world I felt the need to weep at Jack's post, with your ever present zeal to help the world with their needs through STEEM, I will definitely say this is a big move @sirknight, the initiatives keeps getting better and were reaching the world through your amazing desires and obligations to make a difference

Steemchurch just keeps getting better and better.
Now we have our very own Steemchurch farm.👏

@farms would not only feed nations, it would change lives.

Thanks Sir Knight, you are the best!.

hello dear @sirknight

We will change the world; that's the destination we are heading towards. We are not stopping, and we are not going to stop, until we achieve our goal. Every day, and step by step, we are getting closer to our vision. We are working to break the borders and barriers that stand between ideas and funds.

love to you and your team life style.i am enjoyed your steemchurch community post.

I happen to accept there is one approach to do as such and it begins with being familiar with "appreciation".

One group one Goal to change the world a superior place.curative post it is paramount for me.We can change the entire world.

@sirknight, it is a another great step. I think this project will help to people. Good job, keep it up. Thank for your kindness for people.

That's now the project @sirknight and that's what I have been waiting for!

Hello @sirknight
Steem church keeps in growing in every area. So glad another project has been launched, steem church farm is going to moon,u did well sir..thank you for the initiative sir:)
You made a good call
We love you:)


Wow, this is a great initiative. The @farms will be great rescue for the world population that need food to survive a day..
A Steem can buy buy a tuber of yam and palm oil together.
I am not a designer but know a great designer whom I just tagged @jacobite.

Thanks @sirknight, the Knight that looks after all steemchurch members. Thank you Sir


Thanks bro...

Will get on this in a jiffy

This is massive. When your vision spread across the unreached, it's just a sign of kindheartedness. Truth be told, most people would think of their immediate family. But to this Knight, all of us are his family. I so much believe the capability of Apostle Abiye to dish out something really good. I can't wait for the birth of this development.

This man, you have a large heart. The helm of affairs need you!

SK wonderful gentleman, this is great, steem will feed the world !! your heart is great, and your love for brothers too, God is definitely in you

This is another great one from steemchurch and the founder @sirknight. With this @farms project, steemchurch is going to change the world and make the world a better place by eradicating hunger. Kudos bro @abiye

This is gigantic. At the point when your vision spread over the unreached, it's only an indication of sympathetic actions. Frankly, a great many people would think about their close family. In any case, to this Knight, every one of us are his family. I so much trust the ability of Apostle Abiye to dole out something better than average. I can hardly wait for the introduction of this improvement.
it is an another incredible advance. I figure this task will individuals. Great job, keep it up. Thank for your thoughtfulness for individuals.

Excellent initiative Mr. Sirk, I am at your disposal to provide according to my abilities. you are welcome steemchurch farms

I believe in @steemchurch and I believe they can do this really.
The right motives are all that matter.

I happen to believe there is one way to do so and it starts with being acquainted with “gratitude”.
One team one Goal to change the world a better place.curative post it is memorable for me.We can change the whole world.
Thank for your kindness for people.
god bless you.

upvoted and resteem

it is an another extraordinary advance. I figure this venture will individuals. Great job, keep it up. Thank for your benevolence for individuals.

There is no better fulfilment in life than to help those who really need it. I'm so glad to hear this and would like to be a part of this wonderful initiative. A better world of peace and prosperity is our prayer and this will be a great step towards achieving that.

This is super! Our main focus is the preaching of the gospel, but many don’t have a knife or fork. A bowl or a cup to drink out of. We have been to villages where the children have their stomachs bloated. Many of the kids are full of parasites. Naked children! Kids that never get an education.

We have to break this cycle and it is a noble cause to use steem to lessen the suffering. Pure religion and undefined is to take care of the widow and orphan and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.

If steem equivalents $4 USDollars. 1 steem equals 200 Philippine pesos.
This will buy 5 or 6 kilos of rice or 13 pounds. 25 chicken eggs. The main staple here is rice. I have a small farm and we eat fro our own land, plus anything else is not sold but given away. Plus the many that sit at our table and the multiple children’s ministries where we teach about Jesus and feed the kids. Some of the kids would not eat that day if we were not there. I love front line ministry, but this part breaks your heart! Feeding multiple children at one time is more cost effective than just one child or taking food to a family. 1 Steem equaling 4 USD would feed 4 children for 1 day.

This is fantastic! Godspeed and God’s Wisdom!
God bless!
Daddy William

Feeding everyone is not about having more money.

Throwing money at the problem does not feed those who are undernourished. The problems are in distribution and govern-cements which block food from getting to their people.

The US is one of the biggest perpetrators of this food blocking ways. With laws against feeding the hungry. With laws against excess food being kept from any who are hungry. With laws against farms selling or giving food straight to those who are hungry.

So, i wish you all well. And may you succeed. But, when you start talking about money, you have missed the problem.

With your title, steemchurchfarm, i thought you were going to look at co-ops food sharing and other ways to get around the embargo on getting food to the hungry.


Wow, that's a bit rough builderoftrades.

How about you let us try this one step at a time. A new medium of exchange will solve a number of problems and from this co-ops will arise.

However, if government is holding guns to the heads of farmers, co-ops are not going to help. Nor is cryptocurrency.

We help those we can.


I'm thinking of poultry, the space is there for me already. Just some professional brush up. Self dependence is the key to becoming a made man. God bless you @sirknight

SteemChurch . outstanding invention. I agree with you that Steem will fed the world.when we can use Steem in multiple ways. you vision is great. thank you so much for sharing the post @ LEGEND OF THE BLOCKCHAIAN.Following you and upvoted and resteemed.

Excellent @sirknight definitely as I said @jackmiller we are the agents of change. We can not wait for other people to take the initiative when God has given us the power to do the riches to bless our neighbor. So the queuing theory works, if each one of us feeds ten people. How much could we do?

@sirknight I felt sad in the post of poverty and the need and the level of need, I would definitely say it is a big step, the initiatives are getting better. Reached to the world to create a difference through your amazing desires and responsibilities.



Excellent initiative, this is my contribution I hope you like it. God bless you


Fantastic image Jpolanco. Thankyou. SK.

I am more than horned to be given this tasks and i pray the good lord direct my path and wisdom to make this project a success

Thank you for this post sir @sirknight.
Great initiative. steem will encourage the world. Hope you go long ahead
@cleverbot @banjo


You too. I really enjoyed it.


There is a saying yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift that is why it's called present.

Magnificent activity Mr. Sirk, I am available to you to give as indicated by my capacities. you are welcome steemchurch ranches.

This project will be one of the biggest project in the history Of Steemit, we must all Support this project...

Great proposal Mr. You are an example to the world. Today I duck my head in shame at these statistics ..

A wonderful initiative sire. I am pratically seeing the importance of a leader surrouding himself with great minds. Lets get the @farm up an running.


This is great.
You are really a blessing to this community @sirknight
Steem is really feeding the Nation and @farms have come to do the magic

With the level of neediness and the needs and need on the planet I wanted to sob at Jack's post, with your ever introduce enthusiasm to help the world with their requirements through STEEM, I will state this is a major move @sirknight

I thank the lord who engraved it in d heart of d originators of steemit and who in d same vain is giving u the inspiration of bringing this miracle and kind gesture to those who are in need....
May our gud God continue to bless you.

And I fervently pray I'll partake in this blessing

This is immense. Exactly when your vision spread over the unreached, it's just a sign of thoughtful activities. Truly, a large number individuals would consider their nearby family. In any case, to this Knight, each one of us are his family.

Changes are always possible and more so for the type of works.

Steem church keeps in developing in each zone. So happy another task has been propelled, steem church cultivate is going to moon.

this is a another great step of spreading the love of God may the vision of steem church farms never die

We will change the world; that is the objective we are heading towards. We are not stopping, and we are not going to stop, until the point that we achieve our target. Reliably, and very much requested, we are getting closer to our vision. We are endeavoring to break the edges and impediments that stay among contemplations and resources.

very good contribution friend I liked a lot, continue like this greetings


Did you even read his post at all before spamming?.🤦

Good on you, keep on the good fight!


In solving problems of world hunger and poverty, it is imperative that the church is fundamentally involved. It is therefore a great delight for me to be directly affiliated with someone who cares deeply enough to make a difference. I would gladly work with @abiye and fellow steemchurch parishioners to make this project successful.

Sir! You are the best. You always support steemit are my inspiration

The steemchurch @farms project is an amazing project that will no doubt, like you said, To encourage the use of STEEM and $SBD tokens as a medium of exchange, as well as enhance the curation of contents that relate to agriculture. Thanks at @sirknight your insight and passion to bring positive revolution through initiative under the auspices of steemchurch. And to apostle @abiye, thanks for graciously volunteering to manage the account to lead a project (@farms) whose impact intends to be positively massive on the entire block chain...

Kind regards.

Wow such a brilliant idea. @steemchurch been helping lives. Wow
Post in a bit

Excellent project, always thinking about helping the neighbor @sirknight, God is seeing your wonderful works, in fact steemit is a miracle for many people in the world.

This is a very beautiful art. It gives you awards on this.


Beautiful and emotional initiative to collaborate with our peers.
Help each other to carry their burdens, and thus they will fulfill the law of Christ.
Galatians 6: 2

Greetings. God Bless you


steemchurch farms will go to long
I so much believe the capability of Apostle Abiye to dish out something really good. I can't wait for the birth of this development, I so much believe the capability of Apostle Abiye to dish out something really good. I can't wait for the birth of this development

The steemit church continues to grow thanks Mr. Sirknignt for the great work he is doing has a great contribution in the creation of the logos.

Yea, @steemchurch is advancing forcefully. Glory to God.

Great work @sirknight and @abiye

excellent initiative and great project, if the animal and vegetable production farms were more supported, the hunger of the world would decrease considerably; On the other hand, in Venezuela, a public employee or any worker only earns less than US $ 2.50 a month, that is to say that a day is a cent of what a Venezuelan uses to survive.

Wow... This is amazing. This is a higher calling for Steem. I believe we can do it. And this is the start of greatness.

One life at a time.
One farm at a time.
In my country, 1steem can buy you about 5cuos of rice, 15-20loaves of bread, or 10 bottles of water.

I want to actively be a part of this initiative. Anything I can do, I'll do it graciously. Thank you and God bless you.

Oh wow this is a great project.

@sirknight the defender of the weak
Legend of the blockchain

A steem at its current price $3.9 can get a cartoon of noodles 40 pieces times 70g

Am happy we have a steemchurch who also look into the need of other. I will like to join your discord channel group if there is any. Let me mix up with brethren of like manners

This is a very great strategy. It will indeed curb down on the hunger caused deaths of many young innocent children. Thanks @sirknight for sharing about this great initiative.

hello @sirknight i am not a big in steemit but you are a big please help me and support please no one can be upvoted me i try so many times to upvotions but no one upvote me please check one time @ammar1 please for upvotion please @sirknight one time help one help me

This is great @sirknight and @steemchurch progress signifies the presence of God

see you after long time dear, great initiative from your side, we will support you

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Wow @sirknight, you are certainly a benevolent individual and God bless you. This is an amazing idea, and considering the negative news about charitable organisations of recent, this is a step in a new direction. STEEM will one day help feed the world, I truly believe this as I can see it is already starting to. Once I am in a healthy position to contribute to this project, I shall. Resteemed!

It is good to pass by the church and see how the order and you are growing, finaly I have time to see what the future holds for the church. When we first meet on steem I was doubtful about you and the church,
that doubt disappears seeing how the community that you have created helps each other, I can attest to that myself. Keep your eyes open and your mind clear dear friend, I'm glad to read you again. Finally.

Nice contribution


I just saw this now ... I joined this wonderful family not long ago, there is something about this church that bring peace of mind to one.. Im glad to be in this Family.. Thanks @sirknight
Thanks @abiye ..