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“It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done...”

― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

For a time the Knight was consumed by his own self-importance!

SIRKNIGHT, the strategic genius behind the 'GREAT STEEM WARS.' The mastermind behind the 'STEEM LORDS.' Founding father of 'TEAM AUSTRALIA.' Creator of 'MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.' Architect behind the acclaimed CELESTIAL CHALLENGE.'


A Knight with it all - status, riches, influence, a coquettish smile and rugged good looks.

Yet something was missing!

A yearning in his heart.

To give? To empower? To end hunger and bring freedom to the world?

Meanwhile, on the other side of world...

a young poultry farmer and student from the town of Uselu in Nigeria, named Joshua Abiye, dreamed of one day operating his very own fish farm and supplying his village market with fresh fish daily and all the nutrients fish provide.

One year earlier Joshua had begun work on the first two tanks in his family's backyard - when he was swindled out of all his savings and the project came to a standstill.

This impasse would turn out to be short lived however, as the lives of our two heroes would become interconnected by the decentralised nodes of the blockchain - forever!

SirKnight, forlorn in spirit, turned to The Holy Bible for guidance - without comfort, without peace. Until one night... it was a vision of some description. It spoke:

'SirKnight... cast aside thou gloomy demeanor and build thee a Church and pray thee to God, and reward the parishioners.'

Posting for pennies this young Nigerian sort shelter at a new Church he had heard about. SteemChurch was the name. The first ever Church of the Blockchain.

Joshua Abiye, whilst humble in nature, proved to be talented blogger who took immense pride in his work. It was not long before this talented youngster came to the attention of the Church's Knight founder and shortly thereafter Joshua Abiye was promoted within Church ranks.

Then one day Brother Abiye posted this...

and SirKnight's life would be changed forever.

For SirKnight now knew what he had to do. SirKnight now knew what Steem had to do. SirKnight knew what all us Steemians had to do.

Feed the world - one small farm at a time!

Brother @abiye had been saving his Steem Dollars to finish work on the first two tanks and construct a fence to protect the farm from undesirables.

Each tank will hold up to 500 fish upon maturity at 3 months - and at this time each tank would provide approximately 15-20 fish to traders and the market women daily.

So far Brother Abiye had spent the equivalent of of 200 SBD on constructing the tanks and drainage.

To take the farm from where it is now to a fully functional fish farm, Brother Abiye requires:

  1. Materials to construct a fence to protect and secure the farm - estimate 25 SBD
  2. 100 baby fish and feed for 3 months - 50 SBD (200 baby fish and feed would be better 100SBD)

SIRKNIGHT exclaimed - 'consider it done my friend!'

All Steem Dollars earned by this post will be paid directly to Brother Abiye to get his fish farm up and running. The sooner he can get the fish in, the better for his town folk.

Let us target 125 SBD with this post!

Brother Abiye has agreed to provide the generous Steemians of Steemit with regular updates on his progress.

Together Brother Abiye and SirKnight have already put in place plans for the future. Depending on the success of the first two tanks - we will look to raise funds for a third tank for the farm - estimated cost 85 SBD.

Two complete strangers from two completely different walks of life - can't begin to explain how excited they are to be working together on this project. Anywhere between 30-60 fish could be supplied to the local community per day from 2-3 tanks!





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Steem to feed the world. Steem in top 5 cryptos on Weiss ratings. Steem up 50% in past 24 hours.

How could this day possibly get any better.

Upvoted and resteemed!



Agriculture has been the backbone of the economy... And has feed the world. Let us all celebrate the farmers from their hard work


Not to nitpick, but make sure to use only food and antibiotics that are safe for human consumption, you can do much research with the internet and only a few countries where consumer safety laws really protect the health of the citizens (EU regulations are pretty good, Japan seems to be okay in this regard also, US is very lax and business-focused) have good standards and their guidelines on what is safe to feed to fish might be a good model to follow. Otherwise I would not want you or those who are receiving your fish to get sick from consuming them for a long time, and I wish you both the best and am amazed to read such good news!


I agree. To take it one step further and to create a more sustainable ecosystem I suggest looking into aquaponics. That will also add the benefit of produce and in the end require less maintenance and interference. Check out this site for more info.


I was thinking the same thing. I have so many ideas now. THIS IS AMAZING! I have been loaning to small organic farmers on and was thinking how else can I help them. I am going to share Steemit with them.

Sir, I pray you are learning farming practices from: Permaculture, Biodynamic farming and Certified Organic farming practices.

I would not want your wonderful works to harm the eco-system and your community with BIG AG farming practices that promote the use of synthetic chemicals that will bankrupt your efforts.

Do a search on 'GMO suicides' and 'farmer suicides' to learn more. *NOTE be careful as some videos that come up on Youtube show the actual suicide.

I am sharing this because I care about what you are doing and want you to succeed.

In short, using synthetic fertilizers may grow plants quickly, but the plants will become addicted and need you to buy more and more bags of fertilizer to keep them alive. These fake fertilizer plants will then have lower nutrients to provide real nourishment for the community.

If you add any store bought items make sure they are certified organic, biodynamic and free from toxic long lasting chemicals and heavy metals.

Keep up the great work!


Advice duly noted......thanks for the support, I am grateful


Thanks for the support and encouragement...... I will ensure to use Safe feeds


Hey guys! Yes it has been a very good day. And our other favourite token - EOS is top of the ratings list!



steem can join franchising activities and boost growth and as a consequence, more ability to help.
for example steem can cooperate with fmcg market players, involving them inits blockchain. beside content we generate, transactions we make at starbucks or McDonald can be generate steem power. just an idea ;)

This is what really excites me about Steem, you can be in a poor village in Ethiopia but as long as you have an internet connection you can start earning crypto. Truly is a genius platform.


That is it Tony - STEEM is empowering people and undermining corporate and political control.


The way it should be an equal playing field, maybe the tables will turn. My approach is to get as many people on this platform as possible, the other social media sites like Facebook are making it a lot easier with all their censorship now too!


God bless you @sirknight, great human you are


Steemit to be me, has been a life changing experience. It has transformed me into someone that can be recognized in my small community


That is amazing, Im so happy to hear this!


Brother @sirknight , good morning to you from Nigeria.
I thought I only see this type of things in my church and news. I never knew it also happens on steemit.
I just followed you sir
Well this is my first time on your blog. I must say I just got blessed after reading


I have something here to help us grow in spirit.

God bless you sir.


Am glad @sirknight would make a difference in your heart...... Thanks for your feedback


Brother @abiye thanks for replying my comment.
There's this love trending amongst users here.
I'm really motivated to write great revival messages.
Watch out for them sir


My dear brothers and sisters. I came across a tag called #celestialchallenge.
I'm a newbie here.
Any explanation will be appreciated.
God bless you all

This is soo cool idea.You can earn more money from this fish, when they are grow can buy feed food. it looks little circle.these food is better from other food.
Thanks for your posting on that..........


You too can make a difference in your community and start up one for your self

your farm was amazing, all of your post was amazing, great post, thanks for sharing upvoted and resteemed


Am glad you like all of @sirknight works... It's always nice to have great mentor like @sirknight around us and this beautiful community

great @sirknight thanks for doing so much to steemians..
and we all are with you @abiye


Thank you @abdullahzahid...... Am happy because you

Nice post.I respect you very much because you contribute to steemit.I will do activities like you.I would like to extend the steemit.


Exceptional decision you have taken my friend @jhonsnow, be a star in your own small way, stay positive and straight out a helping hands to others and you too can make a difference

Well done! You have my upvote :)


Thanks for the feedback @gamersclassified

You truly are a legend mate!
THIS is how blockchain can change the world. People helping people without the need for parasitic governments getting in the way at both ends.
Really great work mate. Resteemed.

· happy because of you, you have been very supportive

People think its just a saying when i say it will only get better, @steemchurch has just being around for just a month and few days yet, Lives has been transformed, people across Nations have been empowered, dreams are coming true, stories are still changing for Good.

Indeed we are up for a world that will blossom and flourish in steems!

Lots of talent and visions like this have been killed with frustration and even wicked taxes by the evil governments of this world.

God bless your wisdom @sirknight for yielding to the voice of lord. Indeed STEEM WILL FEED THE WORLD!
Long live the @STEEMCHURCH


Thanks brother @tikhub


Nice post bro

hi, my dear friend @sirknight
your post is very nice
I always upvote and comment on your post, to tell the truth, I like your post, you can write a lot of good, I like all of your posts, thank you for this post, I'm waiting for you to post when you (because I Love you)@alimuddin


I love you too Ali. But I still think we should see other people. ; )


thank my dear friend @sirknight
i always with you,,


Everybody love @sirknight he is indeed a legend and a great leader

This is an extraordinary idea.You can get more money from this fish, when they are create can buy reinforce sustenance. it looks little circle.these support is better from other sustenance.


Fish farm is a fast growing business in the world at large...... It boost the economy and feeds the nation, they are so many endless benefits attached to fish farm

Dear @sirknight what a wonderful project, I love your way of expressing things, but this is telling you that you have my support for this beautiful and beneficial act to the community, that is what God desires, men according to their heart You have a divine connection, everything we do for men we do for God, do not stop in the struggle you have undertaken. Congratulations, brave heart!


Am indebted to this true friend of mine @sirknight he has been my greatest source of encouragement

Indeed I am overwhelmed with this post.....@sirknight as truly proving himself as a leader to the world..... Thanks for all your encouragement and support and thanks for sharing this post


@bniode thanks for your support and encouragement

Terrific project and story ! I also believe Steemit will end up overrunning every single mainstream social media dictatorship ! Here it is a free, clever place for intelligent people who only want to change this fucked up money system for corrupted idiots ! And we will end up making cryptomoney the only money on Earth ! I learn a lot everyday on here ! Thanks !


Very well said Loonyfool!


Thanks for your inspirational stories, keep it up it's great, this world's amazing, maybe it has given me sleepless nights sometimes but it's all positivity spreading in this crypto world ! You see all those ICOs creating, more than 1450 now, there is so much hope and enthusiasm, I guess this is the best opportunity for us to really make a big impact and change this world system very few people like.

I had been thinking so many years about the best way to change the world, this crypto-universe just gave us all the means to reach this ultimate goal, we just have to keep it going with the same passion and pace every day ; thousands of programmers are working right now for it and I'm really appreciating the fact it could be programmers and free-minded people, scientists who rule the world soon, it should have always been like that, not people who own oil, anyway soon there will be cars working with water so all these "oil people" can go fuck themselves; their system is obsolete, we are the future :D


Exceptional, well said my friend @loonyfool


Thanks, we are the future of the world with our ideas and this crypto system, we will definitely change this obsolete world :D

Beware! If the US government learns about this, this project might get immediately shut down! Kidding aside, I hope more people will learn about this. Steemit shouldn't be just a venue for gaining money, but also a place where we help other people. Kudos to you @sirknight! I wish more people are like you. Cheers!


Thanks for the kind words VC.


You're always welcome! :)


True word my friend..... Steemit is the place to learn and discover new things


Oh there you are Mr. @abiye! I wish you good luck and I hope you can finish your plans. I will be following your progress. Cheers! :)

Great post! I love the idea of a fish farm.
It makes a lot more sense than going to find it in the ocean as well, less waste and more localized production that can be tailored to the needs of the community.
The risk of course if of not doing it properly... Pollution from factory fish farming can have adverse health affects for the population.
But I think if it does carefully and with the right tools, and the object is not greed, but to feed people, then it's an amazing project!

You've got my few pennies! (Wish it was more!)

Thanks Sirknight. Following x


Thanks for your feedback, as all those advise as been put into consideration

This is exactly how the gospel of Steem can spread: grounding it in projects that alleviate poverty around the world, ensuring that the basic needs -food, shelter, clothing - of more people are met.


Am glad you totally understand the concept of the @steemchurch

Ingenious! Here's to a future full of success to both of you. These small yet valiant efforts are solid proof that good does exist! Keep going forward one step at a time!


Thanks for those exceptional words of encouragement...... May God bless you richly

waoh what a beautiful project should be recognized worldwide. God is going to reward this beautiful work that has begun. We would like to know more about the development of this activity


We would give update of the process weekly or monthly..... Thanks for the support

If you are poor in life and you blame your parents for not giving you the money to establish yourself that means you are the biggest fool ever. I am proud of this brother he just really show up to tell us that steemit dollar is not to be waisted but to be invested and feed the world. It's a great start I love your foresight and the God that did that for you will also do it for we all. God help me on my vision on steemit so help me lord


Thanks for this exceptional comment and grateful for your kind words and support.... Indeed the Lord will open divine doors for you

My little full 100%, 30cents contribution to bro Abiye. Keep up the good work @abiye.

Good day @sirknight.


Thanks a lot my friend am happy because of you... @yaanivapeji am grateful

Such a wonderpul and interesting post again by @sirknight sir...
Actualy...ur this review is best sir...


Thanks for the feedback my friend

This is such a genius idea @sirknight. I hope the young man's dream come true through the help of steem and the steemchurch.


My dream has become my reality all thanks to you, the @steemchurch and the generous @sirknight

Wow !wow ! What a creativety sir @sirknight
That's a amazing soo cool idea.You can earn more money from this fish, when they are grow big.i love your farm place.
may god bless you and your family.
Upvoted and resteem


May God bless you too.... Thanks for the feedback my friend

It could not be otherwise... @sirknight always impressing and being an example to follow, congratulations for everything that brother has achieved @abiye, our GOD will provide. Upvote and Resteemed!


Am happy because of you thanks for your support in turning my dream into reality

More than steem feeding the world @sirknight but also gives peoples reasons to live


True word, I can show you thousand of people steemit has transformed

Please find my funds attached. Upvoted and resteemed. Good luck with this project, sirknight.


Thanks for your contribution.... 😍

If we must achieve this, then great and highly insightful individuals must be born and bred.
This young entreprenuer has began a revolutionary trend and if we all contribute our quota our dreams of driving people from poverty and lack will be achieved
Kudos Apostle Abiye
If you need any administrative work, I can always fill in...hahhah


Am so grateful for your support the good Lord will bless you

Up vote and follow me bro plzz

Wow what a great initiative you have here, I mean it's amazing your selfless gesture is unmatchable, I wish I can contribute but I'm just another minnow

Good post my friends


Thanks for the feedback my friend

Excellent working

Thanks for shareing


Thanks for taking your time to drop your comments

this is the most inspiring steemit post i've come across so far. Your minnows in a fish tank in a village of Ethiopia can be the best inspiration for the minnows here on steemit :) we will grow together in this incredible fish tank called steemit. great job man, great job :)


I cCelebrate you my friend thanks for those kind words


you are most welcome brother :)

Wonderful Post @sirknight thanks for sharing
Upvote and Resteem


☺ 👍 😘

what a wonderful idea and intelligent guy nice update and looking up to hear another update keep it up


We will definitely keep you updated with the process

This is very interesting and at the same time inspiring! This makes me work hard on my every post and hope that someday, I can also do the same to the steemit community.


My advice to you is don't stop trying.... As little drop of water make a might ocean

The world needs to be fed with highly spiritual food ....
the spiritual types the physical

Am deeply touched by this. You totally inspired me

This is a great idea.. Thank you @sirknight for you contribution to the world


steem on steem

great to share
thank you


☺ 👍

Wow. I am deeply touched by this. Keep it up @abiye


Thanks @xinese I appreciate you

Nice agricultural empowerment hope you will create time to teach us more about it.


Am definitely ready to be of assistance to you...... ☺

This is amazing man!


Am glad you like @sirknight works......thanks for the feedback

Wow this is a lovely deed @sirknight you are really reaching out to people with this act of kindness, please keep it up and touch more lifes on here

This fish farming idea has been the greatest idea anyone coukd ever think of, and now I'm thinking of starting one in my big for nothing backyard. thanks for this post , you've inspired me already...i will definitely give you a feed back as soon as I start.


My advice is to start straight away.... They are so much benefit attached to fish farm....... Thanks again for your feedback

Nice looking dear @sriknight

This is an inspirational project that kind of makes sense of how steemians can pull together as whales and minnows to farm fish and feed the world. What a movement we can be!


Am glad you understand the concept 👍

Excellent idea @sirknight that wonderful is to contribute to the projimo.Una good cause.


☺ thanks for your support

moving and motivating work step by step and with God ahead are achieved many things congratulations @sirknight

amazing post... really like what u do.


Am glad you enjoy @sirknight post


well i always enjoy it

Your fishing plan is so great...Thanks for your valuable and informative post...
We can gather a lot of information by your post...
By dint of we can increase our skill that is beneficial for all steemians.
I will always visit your site & wait for your upcoming post.
Thanks .
@Resteem done.



Am glad you love the post..... Indeed @sirknight is a legend

Sirknigh, I admire the greatness of God and the power of the Holy Spirit, for the beautiful work that HE has been doing in his heart. The Lord says in his word of the abundance of the heart speaks the mouth, it is understood that you are a chosen person, with a clean and willing heart, for an important mission to help others to fulfill those projects and dreams that most of Sometimes they are thrown in a corner for lack of a word of encouragement and especially economic resources. May the Lord ALMIGHTY, continue blessing you in everything you undertake.

You are an oak, and your destiny is to grow big and majestic. Give shelter to the birds, shade the travelers, beauty to the landscape ... You have a mission "Cúmplela". You are strong and sure of yourself and willing to be everything for which you are destined. May the love of Christ always shine in your heart! Blessing.

Very good project.i am inspired of your fishing project.Many man are now develop his carrier by farming .Thanks for sharing your information... @sirknight

th (7).jpg


Thanks for your feedback back and for those encouraging words

Moving and motivating work step by step and with God ahead are achieved many things congratulations @sirknight

· grateful my friend

I'm not sure if people understand well enough how big this can be.


Thanks for believing in my dream


You have my admiration for what you are doing.

Stay great and stay humble.

Is this a agriculture farm?

it is good to help people ....
so my little tiny upvote is here


Wonderful...... Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean 😊

Nice work ahead bro,your mindset is great enough to change the world.


I appreciate you..... Thanks for this amazing reply ☺ my friend

great project,100 percent upvote and a resteem...


☺ thanks for your concern


no worries mate,glad i can help....

excellent work.


Thanks my friend for the feedback



i have resteemed this & will look out for your future posts .

if steemit doesn't feed the world who will? i stand as an agent of change and not just change positive change, so happy for the entrepreneur skill my brother has just started its a form of telling me as a new user that i can do it and even more thanks @sirknight for promoting this post

My voting power is small but every cent count

Wow this is an amazing project, what part of Nigeria is this farm located?


Edo state of Nigeria

This is how Steemit will change the world, well done Brother.


Thanks for this heart warming reply

Steem to feed the world.
That's Good

This is soo cool idea.You can win more cash from this fish when they are developed can purchase sustain nourishment. it looks little circle.these nourishment is better from other sustenance. @sirknight

Thanks for all the comments and all the support you have given me...... I AM HAPPY BECAUSE OF YOU

@sirknight and @abiye keep up all the great work I can't think of a better thing to upvote and support right now on Steemit. I can't wait to see the finished project and would love to have continued updates even when it's finished about what's going well, what isn't going well, and the continued success of the project.

I also live near uselu when i'm in school and i know the struggle of getting fresh fish. This development is very much welcome. I am so happy that brother abiye and Sirknight crossed paths and i pray others that are as privileged as sirknight lend helping hands to others........after all the bible says in 2 Peter 1:7 "and godliness with brotherly affection, and brotherly affection with love"......and there is no greater love than helping someone else as you have done @sirknight .....may God continue to protect and bless you.

great post, sirknight as usual!

This is what i think can improve our economy- when we embrace agriculture. Its God's gift to humanity. Together we survive. Shalom!

What a great cause and certainly a worthy one. Helping the farmer ultimately helps the whole community around them. This is a great example of how helping the foundations spreads help so much further. I can't offer much yet (although I will swing by with my other account to add a vote), but this is something akin to what I had in mind when I started this account for my project. I hope you make the target. Love and blessings -@minismallholding.

Agriculture is the mainstay of Nigeria, thank you for broadcasting this @sirknight

I love steemchurch

very beautiful accurium @sirknight you amazing nices beautiful greatest and high leavel accurium @sirknight

Phenomenal! Out of this world post! The Steemit Community is truly the Caring Social Network! It is so VERY kind and helpful! Joining Steemit is one of the VERY best things that I have ever done for myself! I am encouraging my Family, Friends and Clients to join! It is going to be such a GREAT year for Steem and the GREAT Steemit Community! All the best! Warm Wishes! Positive Energy! Great Karma! Your Friend @extraterrestrial :)

Ya vote pasate

So many good thing can, will and have came from the whole crypto/blockchain community. This was an inspiring story :-)

Good post bro upvote


Thanks for your support