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“Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”

― William Penn

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Steem blockchain, peace be with you.

Introducing SteemCourt.


Bringing law and order to the blockchain.

On this day, 2 June 2018, the legendary Knight of the blockchain, decrees the formation of SteemCourt, the first ever court on the blockchain; and, the beginning of a new decentralised judicial system to serve the Steem community.

Commissioned into existence by the SteemChurch, SteemCourt seeks to provide SteemChurch parishioners with an equitable and just, dispute arbitration and resolution service, with respect to all matters of complaint, relating to activities on the Steem blockchain.

Long Title: The Court of Cryptography, Blockchain & Steem

Short Title: SteemCourt

Account: @steemcourt

Tag: #steemcourt

Legally enforceable agreements on the blockchain.


For many moons this Knight has been contemplating the use of the Steem blockchain as an ecosystem for trade and commerce. What was lacking however was a mechanism for contractual dispute resolution; yet demand for such a service was relatively unknown.

Just recently however, Brother @abiye, manager of the SteemChurch FARMS initiative, sought to enter into a legally binding arrangement with SteemChurch parishioner @druids; with respect to the ongoing poultry farm operations; and the rest they say 'is history'.

See the original contract post at this link.

SteemCourt is available to decide on all disputes relating to SteemChurch parishioners.

Those who wish to conduct trade via contractual arrangements are asked to lodge their contracts with the SteemCourt, at the date of execution. Seven days after the confirmations of all parties and the witnesses of the Court have been noted - the contract will be considered legally valid.

Chief Justice


There have been few who have added so much to the prosperity of SteemChurch and still remain unanoited.

A simple farmer's son, this man is now wise in the ways of academia and a leader within his community. Despite the success and respect he has achieved however, he has never forgotten his 'common-man' roots.

Humble yet outspoken; merciful yet forceful; tough yet fair. He is impartial and objective and he will blindly ensure that the scales of justice remain balanced. He is...


Chief Justice of the SteemCourt.

Our new Chief Justice will be granted the keys to @steemcourt and will commence posting on legal matters effecting the SteemChurch effective immediate.

Congratulations Chief Justice.

Matters that the SteemCourt will not adjudicate on.

We have determined that the SteemCourt will not adjudicate on the following matters:

1 - Any non-blockchain criminal or civil matter.

2 - Any matter involving a fiat currency.

(If currencies are able to be printed, they are unreliable, unstable and easily manipulated. SteemCourt will primarily arbitrate on matters concerning Steem, SBD and the new SteemChurch SMT. Other blockchain based cryptocurrencies might be considered. All contracts lodged with the SteemCourt should be drafted in accordance with this determination.)


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Formation noted.


Wow! This is awesome @sirknight. As an Esquire to be with passions for law and justice, i've thought of a platform like this to share views with like minds. Few days ago i was even telling a friend law is not effective on steemit so i cant't really blog about it. But the creation of steemcourt has kindled my interest of activity on steemit. thank you @sirknight for this opportunity. Congrats to your Lordship @hboi, you've been saddled with a great mandate to sit blind but reason with the ears and the scale in the execution of justice, i wish you the help from above. Long live steemcourt😁!

I'm sincerely honoured for this privilege given to me by our great leader @sirknight, indeed this great knight work day and night just to ensure that @steemchurch grows bigger and with this act, I pledge my sincere fairness and just to the steemcourt. Thank you sir @sirknight and to everyone for this great privilege.


Congrats @hboi! I am sure you are up to the task! May God grant you all wisdom and prudence in this large responsibility!


Congratulations brother @hboi, God honors those who honor him. God give you the wisdom you need to direct your new task, many blessings brother.

A Steemcourt? You are full of sweet surprises SK.
@hboi, the new chief of justice will manage the court proficiently.

Congratulations @hboi

A steemcourt? This is amazing, if you ask me, I'd say, steemchurch is gradually becoming autonomous republic in the body of steemit, @with farms and different arms of steemchurch in west Africa and Venezuela, I guess there will always be a body of rules.
Where there is no law then there may not be order, I guess the existence of this court will be to bring amnesty, order, resolve issues relating to agreements of contracts on the church it's a great initiative.

Congratulations @hboi

Another amazing initiative that will help and bring the best out steemchurch and steemit generally, steemchurch is just getting better and better I must say this, you are a blessing to us all and a God chosen leader.

You inspired by God to put all this together and you are our inspiration.

Congratulations to @hboi


This is another surprise that caught me big time. I am glad for this actually but sincerely speaking, the parishioners which i am one of have been dealing which one another in love and peace. But like you said, whatever what doing at all , what doing well. I am a graphics artuste and will get to work on the wheel of the steemcourt logo designs and artwork. Halleluyah! At sir druids,I keep following ur trail ooo.

A steemcourt? This is astounding, in the event that you ask me, I'd say, steemchurch is continuously getting to be self-ruling republic in the assemblage of steemit, @with ranches and distinctive arms of steemchurch in west Africa and Venezuela, I figure there will dependably be an assortment of principles.

Where there is no law at that point there may not be arrange, I figure the presence of this court will be to bring acquittal, arrange, resolve issues identifying with understandings of agreements on the congregation it's an awesome activity.

Congrats @hboi

God favor you more sir....

This is just amazing

A Steemcourt? You are brimming with sweet amazements SK.

@hboi, the new head of equity will deal with the court capably.

Congrats @hboi

Extraordinary activity for arrange amd train so we can have a decent handle of trust and peace.

Continue steeming

This is an astonishing thought, compromise is so imperative for our tranquil conjunction. Much obliged to you @sirknight for examining this through. Endowments.

Congrats to @hboi boss equity of the primary ever blockchain @steemchurch your lordship @steemcourt

estp is incredible, every time there are better things here in steemchurch ..

Oh mine mine.....
@Sirknight and various initiatives... Wow


Wowwwww... Thats amazing.
This is simply taking the blockchain even to the real world. Hmmmm I'm just imagining we havr a real court just like @sc-n's cafe and others. Hahahahahah.. This is so beautiful.
Congratulations to you our darling @hboi
I wish you success in this assignment.

God bless @Steemchurch

Forward ever.... Backwards never

That implies there was Orderliness in His House. This Step @Sirknight has made is Brilliant Stride. There Will Be Orderliness in House.

This keeps getting better and better. You have an amazing personality and you so teach us well. This court will make a whole lot of sense. Nice initiative @sirknight and congrats to the Chief Justice of the steemchurch @hboi

When I say the post of @farms entering a legally binding arrangement with SteemChurch parishioner @druids, the first thing that came to my mind was that steemchurch will need a legal person to handle legal matters and maybe a court.

@sirknight is such a wonderful and visionary leader. The creation of @steemcourt is genius.

Congratulations @hboi on this your new appointment

great idea,my dear friend @sirknight,
the new chief of justice will manage the court proficiently.

Congrats to @hboi boss equity of the primary ever blockchain @steemchurch your lordship @steemcourt.

This is Excellent, The Bible say the House of Lord was in Peace. That means there was Orderliness in His House..
This Step @Sirknight has taken is Brilliant Step.. There Will Be Orderliness in House..

Congratulations to @hboi

Gracious mine mine.....

@Sirknight and different activities... Wow


Wowwwww... That is astonishing.

This is basically taking the blockchain even to this present reality. Gee I'm simply envisioning we havr a genuine court simply like @sc-n's bistro and others. Hahahahahah.. This is so excellent.

Congrats to you our sweetheart @hboi

I wish you achievement in this task.

God favor @Steemchurch

Forward ever.... In reverse never

The great @sirknight has done it again, another wonderful initiative to bring the best to the blockchain. Am eagerly waiting to see how it will turn out. Arise... the court is now in session

This is quite an initiative.
Congrats @hboi on you new assignment.
God bless you @Sirknight
I pray that you have more wisdom and grow in grace, amen.

Congratulations leader and brother @sirknight, certainly more and more surprised their ideas, which suggests that you are a person really interested in fighting for a world full of justice, equality, prosperity, participation, opportunity, especially that each language and nation follow knowing the love of Christ through the word of God. May God continue to fill you with wisdom, love and knowledge of his great power and love. Blessings for you, your family and the entire SteemChurch community.

What a new development for the blockchain, I already see this coming to the steemit , because of the various of happening, between Whales in the ecosystem, such cases will be desired in the court! Great job @sirknight for bringing this impressive innovation of @steemcourt as we continue to build a peaceful steem community!

Another huge activity by the immense man himself @sirknight.

Presently, everybody can unwind and make sure of

Honorableness hoist a country, with steemit court, we can make certain of an ascending for steemit in general

God favor you more sir....

@sirknight never ceases to amaze us all, what an incredible idea. Steemcourt! Hahaha love the sound of that. Congratulations @hboi for being chosen as the chief justice. We are in to support you in any way possible. God bless you bro

I'm sure he will do a good job, @sirknight and his great ideas

Now this is a very interesting idea. Is it just set up to deal with church matters or is your scope broader?

Excellent @sirknight no doubt you think of the best for the community and future stability, the first blockchain of the Blockchain, litigation and legalities. @sirknight at the forefront, development and innovation of Blockchain

This is just awesome.
The Lord of Steem has come up with another great initiative.

God bless you @SirKnight
And more grace to carry out this call brother @hboi

It is a great initiative like all the gentleman has undertaken, Welcome steemcourt and Congratulations to the new president @hboi. Everything is a success when justice is present.

Congratulations to @hboi chief justice of the first ever blockchain @steemchurch your lordship @steemcourt

We have very insightful leaders. I certainly did not see this coming.

Where can we get more information (like the nitty-gritty of it all)? Or will it be forthecoming? What set of laws will it be based on? What jurisdiction will it be based on? I want to see these things spelled out somewhere if possible. I think it will only help what you're trying to do.

Another big initiative by the great man himself @sirknight.
Now, everyone can relax and be sure of

Righteousness elevate a nation, with steemit court, we can be sure of a rising for steemit as a whole

God bless you more and more sir....

Another wonderful initiative from @sirknight. We are decentralising the world.

Congratulations @hboi. I'm so happy for you. Another huge development. You're a genius @sirknight. Einstein of our time!

Thats Amazing

Congratulations @hboi.

A steemcourtt? You are full of sweet surprises SK.
@hboi, the new chief of justice will manage the court proficiently.

Your right is your privilege, it a great initiative

I still can't wrap my mind around how it'll work but I assume there'll be need for lawyers and witnesses when cases arise right?

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“Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it.”

Good basis for this new decision.

This is another unexpected that got me for sure. I am happy for this quite earnestly, the parishioners which I am one of have been managing which each other in adoration and peace. Be that as it may, similar to you stated, whatever what doing at all , what doing great. I am an illustrations artuste and will get the chance to take a shot in the driver's seat of the steemcourt logo outlines and work of art. Halleluyah! At sir druids,I continue following ur trail ooo.

This is an amazing idea, conflict resolution is so vital for our peaceful coexistence. Thank you @sirknight for contemplating this through. Blessings.


Nice is a new development

A Steemcourt, excellent. Blessings for all this wonderful team. A judicial court in favor of believers and non-believers, more protection and more legal security.

This is super awesome. I love it @sirknight. You're a legal genius for this innovative new court of the blockchain

Great innovation.

Very good excellent congratulations to the new president of the Supreme Court God bless you. @hboi

Another great work by the Legendary himself @sirknight. What more can i say, God will continue to bless and endow you with strength to carry on the good work.... God bless you

Great initiative for order amd discipline so we can have a good grasp of trust and peace.
Keep steeming!

This is a good initiative our noble @sirknight. The fact that we now have a court and a judge that will preside over issues of the steemchurch and even regarding the blockchain as a whole is worthy of an applaud. I think i can see the posting criteria for steemchurch coming up!

Meanwhile Sir, i know very well that a one man pannel is not your plan. In that, handling of issues is not something only one person should preside on. I hope with time the chief judge will have an assistant and probably lawyers!

Cheers sir!

Another astounding activity that will help and bring the best out steemchurch and steemit by and large, steemchurch is simply showing signs of improvement and better I should state this, you are a gift to every one of us and a God picked pioneer.

You motivated by God to assemble this and you are our motivation.

I didn’t understand a word.

@sirknight I'm new here from Ghana. nice meeting you guys. i must say I'm very impressed with how you guys want to bring the "wisdom' to the limelight