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Then we saw a village which looks more like a city, because; it shines like the night star due to the glory of God which has began to flourish in that village

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Revelation 21:23-26 (NIV)

"The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it. On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there. The glory and honor of the nations will be brought into it"

Many people all walks of life, both young and old, men and women, prominent and kings, poor and riches will gladly come and look, search for the divine blessings and glory from this Village we are talking about

This Village with enough glory, will tend to wipe away the tears of many people as the Book of Revelation said. The Village will be like Paul, whose name was mentioned that he appeared late, yet performed many activities than all the disciples. The Village will have land which has been nourished with honey and breast milk that that would provide prosperity for many people

It is also good news to mention that the Village is going is good to change the many people's life styles; it is going to change the old garment of many people and fix in place with the new garment for many people

This Village is going to restored what have been lost to many people, whether in riches or prosperity, dignity or integrity. What the wicked of the world have claim from us, though they were belong to us. Our lives, which have long been geopardized by the wicked and the strength; which have led us into exile, that many people have fled from their original homes as if were strangers, but natives. Ceasing a lot of people from their human right and freedom, imprisoned many lives and taken away their happiness. At times many people do cry to God, and ask, why have God created them in that way, is it their destiny or what they requested from their maker? Most of questions which are discouraging in life are asked, but who are their hope in this changing world full of menace and anxiety? It is only the almighty God who have answer to some of these questions, since if He says yes, no one can say no, and if He lifts his hands up, no one can pull it down. At this juncture, God has answer "yes," many of our complains have reached him, many of our humble pray have been listened. Now, is worthy with all humility for all to be up standing and welcome our "STEEMCHURCH-TELOS VILLAGE" as the Village which our almighty God have been chosen to bless and prosper many lives which have long been waiting by many people_

Steemchurch-Telos; the expanded of Steemchurch as you know, the good work that Steemchurch, touching many lives through Christianity. Now the congregation of Steemchurch have grown to a certain proportion that the various converts that we have now accepted the faith and serving God as expected. As the Steemchurch Parish expand, it has to double in number of congregations, therefore the creation of Steemchurch-Telos; the Village Telos. Now, the Golden Knight as Paul, who came in late, but performed wonders among all his people. This "Knight" is performing wonders by continuously expanding churches and congregations of Steem of Blocks. Some of his good work is the creation of @sc-v, @sc-n, @sc-g, @farm, @reliquary, @heavenbread and now the creation of @sc-telos. Paul expanded the church to many place, in order for many people's souls to be saved and those who have not heard about Jesus Christ to hear of him. @sc-telos, now our Telos Village is said to be the saving grace, the most blessed and prosperous Village which seek to touch many lives

The blessings and prosperity in Steemchurch Telos Village are for all of us, no one will be left out, but our timely response also count our portion of these blessings and prosperity. Lets all unify at Steemchurch Telos Village; the life changing Village


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Thanks @sc-g for this love and blessing campaign you have been embarking on for the expansion of our Telos Village. We will join the crusade for this freedom in Telos Village.


Thanks for your words of sentiments.

we are one team, God our Leader


amen amen @sc-g let us continue to ask for the direction of God and see his glory.

Excellent @sc-g. Thanks for sharing with the Community


Thanks your grace.

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Excellent post! Thanks for sharing with us