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There is something about 'nothing' that movers God's hand. he loves leading us to empty place where we can lean only upon His provision. God loves it when we are completely dependant upon Him for everything. Adoption this attitude the way for miracles. countless time, because of this dependence , faith and our trust in God, I have seen Him perform miracles in my own life and the lives of many other brethern.
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No matter how many resources we have, we must be completely depend upon God to provide. what do you need? are you completely dependant upon God to provide it ? have you told him in prayer ? are continuing to pray in faith that will provide it ? if you are ..... watch out........

miracle are soon to follow. Form @sandrazeal11

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It is very true that the true faith does not rest on what we want, but on what GOD can do for us. He says the word he used when he was in the boat. The Apostles Peter told him to go to the sea for a moment. suddenly began to undid when I remove the look of JESUS his faith trembled. that is why we do not have to take our eyes away from our GOD and LORD and all things will go well with us, there is no wall that does not fall when he is before us and we live under his grace. blessed day ... success


Yes, you are right, God perform His miracle in most unexpected way, We just have to believe and have faith in Him alone, He can never let us down. thanks for reading @coverpalm

God is the one who does all the miracles, he acts at the precise moment. We just have to let him grab, he will take care of everything.
Ask and you will receive.


exactly @nayibe, thanks for stopping by.