The Great News: Steemchurch Telos

Good News

The expansion and growth of the largest Christian community of the moment has arrived and can not stop being a BOMB news, and it is up to each of us to reach everywhere this ingenious strategy led by Sirknight (the most famous blogger of the block chain of Steem).

This is why our faithful parishioners from all over the world must support the expansion, since it is a majestic movement and that implies a very elaborate and detailed logistic, for now the board is occupied in the creation of telos accounts, and our Leader @ Sirknight has proposed the challenge that each one at least for this week we will be able to annex the new Steemchurch Telos community, to two people, since with this we would be reaching the proposed goal for the confrmation of the community.

Do not miss out and go fast and sign up for the new Steemchurch expansion: STEEMCHURCH TELOS.

 Sign up here: 


All SteemChurch members who join us for the expansion will receive:
A new personalized SteemChurch Telos account (ending in .jc)
Gift of 10 TLOS.
Gift of 0.1 ACORN.
10 kilobytes of RAM.
8 delegations of CPU TLOS.
1 delegation of TLOS NET.

This initial gift will allow each member to successfully execute his account in the telos chain of blocks.

Starting in a new chain of blocks can be daunting, where do you start? The following links will help you get on track.

Telos Central - everything about Telos in the one place. Block explorer - EOSX Portal - another means to access and manage your account, claim airdrops etc. - the Swiss Army Knife of Telos. - read more about Telos here. 


Excellent brother Ruben, thank you for sharing the good news of the SteemChurch Telos expansion

Resteem by: EC

Invite your family and friends to be part of SteemChurch Telos
Register in our community.

Read the latest publication of @sirknight Here

We have a station in Telegram where we can interact. Join us if you have not done it yet!


Greetings, nice publication. telos village is a place for all parishioners

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